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Hackers Escape Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Hacker's Escape

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Game Review
Hacker's Escape is, as the title would imply, is an point and click escape game made by Pine Studio. I really enjoyed it. One of the better escape games. There are codes hidden around the room, but you'll find a lot of electronic equipment you'll need to put to good use if you ever want to find your way out. It took me trials and errors to figure out how to get a fingerprint to switch on a computer with a broken screen, which required a bit of logical thinking. I was also a little worried, because everyone complained about the math, but the hexadecimal is actually not too difficult if you just look at the example on the paper and follow that exact same pattern. This one make you think, and everything makes sense. Then, the last puzzle equation was surprisingly simple yet a little daunting at first. Once I figured out how it moved and using the objects I enjoyed it and finished without any help. No random clicks to find abstract objects in this one, you actually have to find objects that must be used together in a realistic way. And the text gives you some idea of what needs to be done with various things. Overall, I will say it is pretty challenging for those who seldom play this type of escape games. Smooth graphics and progression! A must try, it's free for iOS and Android, download the game if you are using a smart phone now.

Hacker's Escape Guide
Solutions to Hacker's Escape
- Use Force on Lens.
- Click on the Trash Can.
- Get Can.
- Get VR Headset.
- Examine the Grey Hat and note the number: 6
- Get Letter.
- Read Letter.
- Get Ink Cartridge.
- Turn Left.
- Get Cable.
- Move the Pillow.
- Get USB.
- Examine the Poster in the middle: 0xB..
- Exmaine the Poster on the right: 0x..D
- Examine the White Hat and note the number: 7
- Click on the Drawer.
- Use Force on Drawer.
- Get Key.
- Exit.
- Turn Left.
- Examine the Black Hat and note the number: 2
- use Key on Padlock.
- Get Mouse.
- Get Powder.
- Turn Left.
- Examine the Poster: 0x.A.
- Click on the Worktable.
- Get Camera.
- Get Paper.
- Exit.
- Get the Crumpled Paper.
- Read Book Fragment.
- Use Power Cord on Power Plug.
- Click on the Computer Case.
- Get Knife.
- Turn Right.
- Use USB on Laptop.
- Click on the Laptop.
- Examine Letter and notice all the letters that are upside down.
- Enter "ETER" to access the Laptop.
- Click on HolidayTrip.jpg.
- Click on "Enhance Option".
- Note the code "1827" and the wintery background with trees.
- Exit.
- Click on Printer.
- Get Magnifier.
- Use Ink Cartridge on Printer.
- Use Paper on Slot for Paper.
- Combine Powder with Can.
- Combine Camera with Can with Fingerpint.
- Use Camera with Fingerprint Photo on Cable.
- Get Paper.
- Combine Knife with Paper with Fingerprint.
- Exit.
- Turn Left.
- Click on Worktable.
- Use Fingerprint on Fingerprint Scanner.
- Use Mouse on Mousepad.
- Exit.
- Use Force on Magnifier.
- Combine VR Headset without Lenses with Lenses.
- Use VR Headset on PC.
- Click on Left Terminal.
- Recall the numbers seen on the hats and enter them in the order they appear.
- Enter "267".
- Exit.
- Click on Middle Terminal.
- Consolidate the three poster codes into 0xBAD and convert this to decimal.
- Enter "2989".
- Exit.
- Click on Right Terminal.
- Recall the code found on the Laptop.
- Enter "1827".
- Exit.
- Exit.
- Get Key.
- Turn Left.
- Use Key on Keyhole.
- Win!

Hacker's Escape Walkthrough