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Troll Tale Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Troll Tale

Genre: Puzzle

Troll Tale Guide
Solution to Troll Tale
1. Click the little guy, then click the hat hanging on the umbrella.
2. Click the little guy twice.
3. Click the sign board 3 times until it is pointing upwards, then click the little guy twice.
4. Click the little guy twice.
5. Click the frog, then head left.
6. Click the cloud first, then click the hut. Now, click on the little guy.
7. Pick up the wand, and head right.
8. Click the little guy and head right.
9. Open all the presents and pick up the metal jaw, then head right.
10. Click the little guy.
11. Click the tree, then click the snow white sign.
12. Click the little guy, then pick up the key. Head back up, and now the snow white sign again.
13. Click the pile behind the little guy, then the hat on the scarecrow. Now, click the door.
14. Pick up all the bread in the bowl, then click on the window.
15. Click the little guy.
16. Click the lump of shit.
17. Click the mole, then proceed right.
18. Click the broken pipe, then the bowl and the plank. You can proceed to the right now.
19. Pick up the phone, then click the granny and head right.
20. Click Rapunzel, then slide down with her hair.
21. Click the frogs in the order of 2, 1, 4, 3. Head right.
22. Click the little guy, then the angry swarm and go right.
23. Click the mole, then the little guy. Pick up the magnet.
24. Pick up the magnet and click the little guy. Now, head up.
25. Click the little guy, then the gate twice.
26. Click the little guy, then the sleeping beauty.
27. Click the little guy and the switch. Once done, click on the boulder hanging on the cliff.
28. Click the boulder again, then the small gap between.
29. Click the center of the bridge.
30. Click on the stopper, then the little guy.
31. Go right.
32. Click on the door.
33. Click the flower which grows inside the tyre, then click the switch twice.
34. Click the house, then enter.