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Shotgun vs Zombies Game Review & Walkthrough Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Shotgun vs Zombies

Genre: Shooter, Upgrades

Game Review
Shotgun Vs Zombies, I guess by reading the title you guys already figured out what is going on. Yes, you're right! The flash game is about a cool protagonist upgrading his sweet shotgun to kill all the cute and adorable zombies. On the last level, meet the super duper ultimate badass invincible boss and defeat him. It's not easy to be frank.

I will start off talking about my first impression towards Shotgun Vs Zombies; It reminds me closely to Stop GMO 2 quickly for some reason. Both games share great similarities in terms of graphics. I felt they looked a lot alike together with its general gameplay. If you played Stop GMO 2 before, I'm pretty sure you can adjust to Shotgun Vs Zombies easily. In the game, you will be mindlessly shooting zombies and progress by killing enough zombies. Every kill will earn you some money to upgrade your all-in-one shotgun and of course, along the way there are 8 different powerups to help you.

In my opinion, this would be a great game except for the fact that zombies carry weapons like guns or grenade launchers and they fall right above your head. It's frustrating when you find a good spot to do some killing but forced to move away after a few rounds of shooting. A little warning forehand when a zombie will drop on your head would be nice. I died countless times because a zombie dropped on my head... It can be very repetitive though, but definitely not a terrible zombie shooter. Be warned that the game contains some cartoon violence which includes blood, gore, limb, bones, skull, ribs, lungs, brains, and so on... ^^

Shotgun vs Zombies Guide
List of Upgrades in Shotgun vs Zombies
Health - Increase the player's HP by X points.
Damage - Damage per pellet increased by X points.
Accuracy - Increase the shotgun accuracy by X%.
Fire Rate - Reduce delay between each shot by X ms.
Number Of Pellets - Pellets per shot increased to X.
Ammo Capacity - The gun's magazine can store X shotshells.
Reload Speed - Reduce delay when reloading by X ms.
Bayonet - Add bayonet to the gun that will increase melee damage by X points.
Grenade Launcher - Install grenade launcher to the shotgun.
Rocket Launcher - Install rocket launcher to the shotgun.
Increndiary Pellets - Add incendiary magazine mod to the shotgun, that will do an additional damage.
Ice Pellets - Add ice magazine mod to the shotgun, Will add a chance to freeze the zombies.
Poison Pellets - Add poison magazine mod to the shotgun, will do a substantial damage over time.
Healing Pellets - Add health magazine mod to the shotgun, heals player when the bullet hit any zombies.

Recommended Build for Shotgun vs Zombies
1. Reload Speed
2. Fire Rate
3. Accuracy
4. Number Of Pellets
5. Ammo Capacity
6. Damage
7. Health
8. Healing Pellets
9. Repeat!

There is a reason why I never go for full upgrade... It is because zombies gets tougher to kill whenever you get a upgrade. To win the game, your upgrade must stick to a bare minimum. So, try not to upgrade anymore after you max out 1 to 8.


Melee Build for Shotgun vs Zombies
1. Bayonet
2. Health
3. Repeat!

Alternatively, you can one hit kill all types of zombies using melee attack by upgrading bayonet and health first. Then save up another 24k to buy all the upgrade at once upon reaching the boss level.