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Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

Crysis 3 from Crytek Studios and Electronic Arts is all about the power of Prophet's Nanosuit. In order to get the most out of the game, you'll need to collect as many Nanosuit Upgrade Modules as you can. Heck, you might as well get them all!

With that goal in mind, we've devised the following Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide in order to make that task a lot less of a chore.

While collecting Nanosuit Upgrade Modules, it's a good idea to use them wisely. As such, be sure and check out our Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules and Packages Guide.

Note: The Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide is organized by kit number for clarity. While most kits are easily collected in the order presented, some modules are more efficiently gained simply by reading through the entire mission entry first. 

Crysis 3 Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations Guide

Nanosuit Upgrade Modules Locations

Kit Number(s) Crysis 3 Mission Name Upgrade Module Location 1-4 Welcome to the Jungle Within the complex inside the Liberty Dome 5 Welcome to the Jungle You'll notice a CELL weapon pod secondary objective just past the small marsh. Hack the pod to get the Module 6 Welcome to the Jungle Near the mission's end, just before your Visor malfunctions, zipline your way across the subway platform. After landing, turn around and search the ruined train car behind you for the Module 7 The Root of All Evil In the North Tower of the dam, you'll find the Nanosuit Upgrade Module inside the generator room 8 The Root of All Evil After the dam objectives are complete, follow the CELL Locator Beacon secondary objective to the Module 9 The Root of All Evil Pass the CELL team after collecting the previous module. Swim through the underwater cave. Emerge from the water and collect the kit and other goodies inside the second cave 10 The Root of All Evil At the back of the Facility-X base, you'll find the Module submerged in a few feet of water near the weapon pod 11 The Root of All Evil The Nanosuit Upgrade Module is inside a small shack in the center of the Facility-X base 12 The Root of All Evil Early on in the mission, go toward the dam through the main gate. You'll find this Module inside the first corridor by hacking the pod 13 Safeties Off At the beginning of the mission, you'll see a building situated between a Sentinel and two mine placements. Jump up to the second floor of the building to find the kit 14 Safeties Off Follow the primary objective to a zipline. Before using it, search the rooms there for a Nanosuit Upgrade Module and a Datapad 15 Safeties Off Sneak into the Skinning Lab where you'll find the Module inside a shack 16 Safeties Off This Nanosuit Upgrade Module is out in the open at the bottom of the Skinning Lab 17 Red Star Rising On top of the mission's third rooftop, scan for the kit. Jump onto the damaged portion to the left and hop through the openings to access the room below for the Module 18 Red Star Rising Before arriving at the Ceph Mindcarrier, search a building above the device. You'll find the kit on the lower level 19 Red Star Rising Just after hearing that Claire needs assistance, look toward the far side of the convoy for the Nanosuit Upgrade Module 20 Red Star Rising Near the end of the mission, an aerial defense system will be marked as a secondary objective. Search the base of the objective for the upgrade kit 21 Only Human Upon arriving at the first primary objective, search a room there for the Module 22 Only Human An ammo dump and the upgrade kit are on a path leading to the second Ceph battery. Use your Visor to scan whilst climbing up to the location 23 Only Human After freeing the trapped ICV and recovering two mines, search the cave demarcated by the secondary objective. There you'll find the Nanosuit Upgrade Module as well as a Datapad 24 Only Human Search the crashed VTOL for the secondary objective. You'll find the kit inside of the wreckage  25 Gods and Monsters Bust your way into the Ceph caverns. You'll find the Module near a weapon pod