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Grand Theft Auto V – Assassinations Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

As you are going through the single player story in Grand Theft Auto V, you can make a lot of money using the stock market. One surefire way to choose the right stocks is to complete Lester’s side assassination missions. There are five missions total, and each one will make the selling price of a certain stock skyrocket. Buy these stocks beforehand, and you’ll sell them at a huge profit.  Want in? Check out our guide.

To start these missions, switch to Franklin. He is the only one who can complete the missions. However, each character can benefit. Purchase the right stocks with all the characters to get a big financial boost. Investing more money in each stock will give you a bigger return when you sell.

Grand Theft Auto V (PS3, X360) Guide Screenshots

Assassination #1

After you get the call from Lester after completing the “Fame or Shame” mission, an “L” will appear on the map. Go there to meet Lester and get the details. He wants you to take out Brett Lowry, who’s working with a pharmaceutical research group. Before you start, go ahead and purchase stocks in Betta Pharmaceuticals. Go to the hotel and assassinate the target. Then wait around a bit – the stocks in Betta Pharmaceuticals should peak at about an 80% profit. Sell, sell, sell! More a little more money, you can also buy Bilkington stocks when they are very low and re-sell them when they rebound. This won’t net you as much, though.

Assassination #2

After you complete “The Merryweather Heist”, Lester has another mission available. This time, you need to take out some jurors for a Redwood Cigarettes lawsuit. Before you start the mayhem,  buy Debonaire stocks. Kill the jurors and then wait for Debonaire stocks to reach a profit of 80% before you sell. You can also purchase Redwood stocks low, and sell them later when the company is back on its feet.

Assassination #3

Another “L” will pop up on the map, and this one involves Jackson Skinner, who works at Façade. Before finding him, buy stocks in Fruit beforehand. Kill Skinner and then sell the stocks when they hit about 50% profit. You can also stand to make a good chunk of change by purchasing Façade stocks low, and selling them when the company starts getting better.

Assassination #4

After you finish the above mission, Lester has another guy for you to pick off. This time it’s Isaac Penny. To start, don’t purchase any stocks! You need to wait until after you kill Penny. After you take him out, purchase stock in Vapid while it’s low. In a few days, sell it at a 100% profit. 

Assassination #5

The last assassination requires you to kill Enzo Bonelli, a real estate developer. Before you find him, invest in Gold Coast stock. Find him and take him out carefully at the construction site, then sell your stocks when they reach an 80% profit.