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Dark Souls 2 – How to Get Havel’s Armor

TIME : 2015-12-10 17:10:13

If you played the original Dark Souls game, then you likely remember Havel “The Rock”.

He was that guy in the crazy heavy armor, with a ridiculous shield, and an even crazier giant tooth for a weapon.

Dark Souls 2 - How to get Havel's Armor


Remember now? I thought so..

You can actually get Havel’s Armor in Dark Souls 2. Getting it is a bit tricky though, and requires you to get the Forgotten Key to open one of the Forgotten Doors.

Getting the Forgotten Key

In order to get Havel’s Armor, you’ll first need the Forgotten Key, which unlocks the three Forgotten Doors in the game.

To find the Forgotten Key, travel to Black Gulch. Go to the Hidden Chambers Bonfire, which is by a ledge near the entrance to Rotten’s Arena.

At the bonfire, go to the ledge overlooking a deep pit. Use a torch and follow the ledge to the right. You’ll find a lower platform that you can drop down to.

On this first platform is a Forgotten Door that you can’t unlock yet.

Drop down again to a second platform, where you’ll find a cave entrance. Defeat the two giants in this cave to retrieve the Forgotten Key. You’ll also find a chest in the back of this area.

Tip to beat the giants easily, run to the back and through the door where the chest is. The giants can’t get through this door, so you can range them to death pretty easily.

Now to Find the Armor

Go to The Gutter. Starting at the first bonfire, go ahead through a door and drop down in the next room. Turn to the left and you’ll see two vases that kind of point to an area below you can jump to.

Defeat the enemies out on this platform you jumped to, and look for a ladder leading up. At this point you’ll want to equip any anti-poison equipment you have.

Run quickly through the poison spitters and unlock the Forgotten Door. There will be a lot more poison spitters though, so dodge roll a lot and break the ones in the center, and break the vase to retrieve Havel’s Armor.