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Batman: Arkham City Cheats, Hints, and Easter Eggs

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:38

Have you been wandering around Arkham City for a while, not knowing what to do next? Well, the folks at Rocksteady were thinking of you when developing Batman: Arkham City and took their time to hide a few goodies in the game, so you can satisfy your ultimate Batman cravings and curiosity. Check 'em out.


Big Head Mode: To balloon everyone's heads to epic proportions, pull out your cryptographic sequencer and hold down both triggers. (R1 and L1 on the PS3). Rotate the left analog stick counterclockwise and the right analog stick clockwise. Keep going until Batman's head starts to swell!

Batman: Arkham City (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Cheat - Big Head Mode


There are currently no noteworthy beneficial glitches or exploits in Arkham City. 

Easter Eggs:

Celebrate The Holidays With Calendar Man: If you enter Two-Face's courthouse through the back door, you'll find Calendar Man downstairs in a cell. If you interact with him while your system clock is set to a holiday, he'll give you a speech about the holiday. To find out what days he'll celebrate, look to the right of his cell to find a calendar with each significant date circled in red. 

Lost In Gotham: While visiting the Steel Mill for the second time, you'll see The Joker on the big screen. If you stay and listen for a while, he'll start talking about how answers never make anyone happy, concluding his speech with the question "how come it all ended in a church?"- a reference to the series finale of Lost

Batman: Arkham City (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Easter Egg - Lost In Gotham: The Joker in Steel Mill

Killer Croc's Cameo: After defeating Ra's Al Ghul, backtrack through the subway tunnels until you find your path barred by a gate. Throw your Batarang through a gap in the gate's bars, aiming for a switch on the far wall. If you hit the button, you'll be treated to a cutscene with Killer Croc. Note that you have to do this immediately after the fight with Ra's; you can't return to this area later in the game. 

Harley's Pregnant: If you wander into the manager's office while exploring the Steel Mill, you'll find a Harley Quinn Costume on the floor. Taking a closer look will reveal a positive pregnancy test next to it. 

Hidden Messages with the Cryptographic Sequencer: Someone has set up a number of marvelously creepy Numbers Stations set up throughout the city which Batman can tune in on with his Cryptographic Sequencer. Translating the broadcasts is simple - you can either do it manually, or use the cipher "SCARECROW" to have the Sequencer translate them for you. The messages are as follows (some of these might not be available until you've beaten the game):

  • Location: X-700.00, Y-500.00: 9-23-9-12-12-18-5-20-21-18-14-2-1-20-13-14. Decodes to "I WILL RETURN, BATMAN"
  • Location X-500.00, Y-900.00:  5-15-9-7-21-18-18-14-3-5-24-15-12-7-22-3-10-5-15-9-22-3-8-25-26-15-16-25-10-15-17-25. Decodes to "YOU WILL PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO ME." 
  • Location X-200.00, Y-500.00: 3-20-26-18-26-16-24-1-11-4-24-9-3-8-5-2-12-18-6-16-7-11-3-10-17-5-13-4-21-8. Decodes to "FEAR WILL TEAR GOTHAM CITY TO SHREDS." 

Batman: Arkham City (PC, PS3, Xbox 360) Easter Egg - Hidden Messages with the Cryptographic Sequencer

Scarecrow's Secret Hideout: In the industrial district of Gotham, you'll find a boat floating near two cranes. While on board, use the cryptographic sequencer - you'll notice that letters will appear instead of radio stations. Manipulate these letters to spell out "City of Terror" to open up a secret passage leading to a roach-filled room with a fear-serum injected victim, hundreds of roaches, and a medical order addressed to Jonathan Crane.