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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Achievements (Xbox 360) and Trophies (PS3): How to Unlock Them All

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:36

Usually, it's pretty clear what one has to do in order to gain an achievement or trophy. Everyone knows what they actually need to accomplish, so people can focus on making guides that center on actually acquiring them. Square Enix apparently decided it'd be cute to make their Final Fantasy XIII-2 trophies absolutely cryptic, and rather difficult to decipher. To that end, here's a guide to help you figure out exactly what you're supposed to do. And when you're done, don't forget to check out GameDynamo's Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Alternate Endings, Easter Eggs, and Unlockables for additional content.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Achievements (Xbox 360) and Trophies (PS3)

Anomalous (30 GP/Silver): This one's unlocked by witnessing all 8 Paradox Endings. See the Unlockables Guide below for more information on how to accomplish this- you'll need to beat the game before you can shoot for this one, and you'll also need to unlock the secret ending.

Beast Tamer (90GP/Gold): To unlock "Beast Tamer", you'll need to befriend a creature known as Don Tonberry. This rare monster appears in Bresha Ruins (AF100) a little to the west of where you fought Atlas in 005. As with other rare monsters, you'll see a void in the area where you encounter him.  "Battle Mania" is a good way of increasing your chances of finding him, and "Monster Collector" will up your chances of befriending him.

If you have trouble befriending him, you can always turn the difficulty down to Easy and try again.

Big Game Hunter (30GP/Silver): In order to obtain this trophy, you'll need to defeat four boss monsters in Archylte Steppe. Once you've acquired the ability to ride Yellow Chocobos in the area, you should be able to start unlocking missions to defeat each of the four bosses. You'll need to use the Weather Manipulation Machine in the Chief's Hut in order to find the four of them. They are, in order:

  • Invincible: Spawns to the Southeast in cloudy weather.
  • Long Gui: Spawns to the East when it's sunny out.
  • Ochu: Spawns to the West when it's raining.
  • Yomi: Spawns to the Southeast in a thunderstorm.

Defeat all four bosses in order to obtain their respective fragments and unlock the achievement/trophy.

Budding Hunter (30 GP/Silver): The achievement says you need to defeat an "armies worth of enemies." In actuality, you only need to defeat around one hundred or so enemies. This is another trophy that should come naturally as you progress through the game.

Cerulean Medal (14 GP/Bronze): Beat down Demi-Fal'Cie Adam in Episode 4 with a rank of five stars. Unfortunately, if you're going for this trophy, you'll have to fight him again to actually get 100% completion, since his third form will never appear if you trounce his first and second forms thoroughly, and succeed on both Quicktime Events.  If you find yourself having trouble accomplishing this, you can always lower the game's difficulty to Easy- you'll still get the achievement.

Choco-boco-holic (14 GP/Bronze): This one's pretty simple- all you need to do is spend a total of 100,000 Gil in the game's various shops. Chocorina's Shop and the currency Exchanger in Serendipity both count towards this achievement/trophy. If you don't have enough Gil by the time you've beaten the game, you can always try selling off all your gear, spending all the Gil you receive for it, and then loading a previous save. You'll gain either 14 Gamerpoints or a Bronze trophy for doing so.

Chronosavior (90 GP/Gold): Five star the final boss. Easier said than done, isn't it? You should probably set the difficulty to Easy if you have even the remotest doubt in your abilities.

Clock Stopper (15 GP/Bronze): This'll be a bit of a pain. In order to unlock Clock Stopper, you need to perform one hundred pre-emptive strikes in a row. If you miss one, you need to start over. The same is true if the counter runs out. Archlyte Steppe and Oerba Village (AF200) are two prime locations to work towards this one, since both of them feature fairly non-aggressive enemies. 

Defragmented (90GP/Gold):  To unlock this one, you'll need to gather every single one of the 160 fragments in the game. It might feel a little overwhelming at first, but fortunately, the Historia Crux features counters that show you how many fragments you've collected/how many fragments you're missing for each area. We'll be posting a Fragment and Wild Artifact guide in the near future.

Early Riser (15 GP/Bronze): This one's story-related. Don't even worry about shooting to unlock it, you'll get it for playing through the game- it unlocks at the beginning of Episode 1.

Epic Finisher (90 GP/Gold):  You'll unlock this trophy/achievement for beating the game. So long as you beat the final boss, this one's yours.

Fair Fighter (90 GP/Gold): To unlock this one, you'll need to defeat a rare monster that lurks around Oerba Village in AF400, named Atilla. Keep wandering around Oerba village, and you should eventually see a void at the top of the staircase that leads down to the beach. Make sure you've got your party beefed up to the max before fighting this guy, because he's tough. Also, you need to fight him on Normal Difficulty- if you fight him on Easy, you won't get the achievement.

Fragmented (30GP/Silver): This one's pretty self-explanatory. Gather all of the fragments for a single area of the timeline, and you'll unlock Fragmented. You'll unlock this on your way to unlocking Defragmented, above.

Future Espier (15GP/Bronze): Another story related  achievement/trophy. Just play through the game, and you'll unlock this one at the beginning of Episode 3A. 

Giant's Fist (90 GP/Gold): The description's actually pretty straightforward for this one, for a change. You need to hit like a tank, dealing 99,999 with a single strike- multi-hit attacks don't count. The writer of PS3 Trophies did this one by getting Noel up to 825 attack power, using Futsuno Mitama(a fragment weapon gained by trading the "Chaos Crystal" fragment to Hope), and 3x power wrists, along with the Impact Break and Break Burst Skills(obtained from the Crystarium). Set Noel to the role of "Commando" and have him attack a monster right as they recover from being staggered. 

Just make sure you're fighting a monster that can survive long enough to be hit by the attack.

No Retreat (16 GP/Bronce): No Retreat's another simple one. Just win somewhere around one hundred battles in a row, without running or using "retry."  There's not much else to it.

Obsidian Medal (14 GP/Bronze): To obtain the Obsidian Medal, defeat Paco Amethyst and Paco Stellite in Episode 5 with a rank of five stars. In order to do this, you'll need to defeat the both of them more or less simultaneously, or the one that's left alive will resurrect their defeated companion.

Past Gazer (15 GP/Bronze):  Yet one more storyline achievement. You'll unlock Past Gazer at the beginning of Episode 3B.

Promise Keeper (15 GP/Bronze):  As with past Gazer and the others of its ilk, Promise Keeper is impossible to miss. You'll unlock it at the beginning of Episode 6.

Quick Draw (15 GP/Bronze): Like Clock Stopper, Quick Draw requires that you perform somewhere around one hundred pre-emptive strikes. Unlike clock stopper, they don't all have to be consecutive- if you try for a pre-emptive strike whenever you get the chance, you should unlock this fairly early in the game.

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