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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Alternate Endings, Easter Eggs, and Unlockables

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:29

There's a lot to Final Fantasy XIII, including several alternate endings and a couple of easter eggs. Also, depending on which version you're playing (Xbox 360 or PS3), you'll have access to a couple different rewards as well. Figure it all out below! and if you're a completionist and are looking to unlock all achievements or trophies, take a look at our Final Fantasy XIII-2 Achievements (Xbox 360) and Trophies (PS3): How to Unlock Them All guide. Without further ado, let's get to it. Select one of the options below:

  • Alternate / Paradox Endings
  • Easter Eggs
  • PS3 Unlockables
  • Xbox 360 Unlockables

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Alternate Endings, Easter Eggs, and Unlockables

Alternate / Paradox Endings

In order to view any of the alternate endings in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you'll first need to obtain the Fragment skill Paradox Scope." You can obtain it from the Mystic in Temptation Plaza(Serendipity Timeline), after you've defeated the final boss.  If you turn it on, you'll gain access to alternate versions of several battles throughout the main story- play them to unlock their respective Paradox Ending at the Historia Crux, as well as a reward. The endings are as follows:

  • Fate and Freedom: Simply tell The Woman on The Pier "I accept this world" during the Live Trigger Conversation with her during Episode 5 in New Bodhum. You'll receive the ending, a New Bodhum Fragment, and 1,500 CP. To continue playing, initiate the conversation again and choose the other option.  To continue your game, return from Hollow Seclusion in the Gate Matrix area, and go for the opposite choice.
  • A Giant Mistake: In Bresha Ruins in 005 AF, don't bother using the control device to weaken Atlas before fighting him- just forge ahead and wipe the floor with him. Doing so will unlock his respective paradox ending, and net you his Paradox Fragment. Note that you'll need to have the "Scars" gate seal before attempting this one.
  • Vanille's Truth: Turn on the Paradox Scope, and then head to Oerba 200 AF- make sure the time gate is closed before you do so. Return to the Deserted Schoolhouse, and defeat Caius on the Northwest Rooftop while the paradox scope is active. He'll be more powerful than he was when you last fought him here, so be wary.
  • Mog's Marvelous Flan Plan: For this ending, you'll be returning to Sunleth Waterscape in 300 AF. As Snow, defeat the Royal Ripeness. Once the boss is beaten, turn around and attack it again to unlock the ending. You won't need to have the Paradox Scope active for this one, but you will need the Time Gate Seal.
  • Test Subjects: For this ending, travel to Augusta Tower (200 AF) with the Paradox Scope active. Climb to the top floor, and defeat Proto fal'Cie Adam. That's pretty much all there is to it. Note that, like Caius, he'll have received a considerable buff since you last encountered him here.
  • The Future Is Hope: In 4XX AF, travel to Academia. With the Paradox Scope active, talk to Hope and Alyssa to be tasked with retrieving all of the Gravitron Cores. Do so. Once you've gathered together all five, give them to Alyssa and refuse her offer when she tries to give you the Vagebond artifact.
  • Beneath a Timeless Sky:  Yet another ending in Academia 4XXf. With the Paradox Scope off, close the time gate of Academia 4XX AF, then replay through the area until you reach the edge of the Void Beyond. Turn on the Paradox Scope, and dive in to fight Caius at the Throne of the Goddess- again, he's much stronger than he was on the first go-around. Once you've defeated him; you'll gain access to the Paradox Ending and a New Bodhum XXXAF Timeline in the Historia Crux.
  • Heir to Chaos: The third of the Paradox Endings set in Academia 4XX AF, this is also the most difficult to complete. First things first, turn the Paradox Scope off, and play all the way through Academia. Fight Caius in TheVoid Beyond, defeat him, and keep following the story until New Bodhum. Once you do, activate the scope, and keep playing until you get to A Dying World (700 AF). From here, you're going to want to fight Caius in Noel's Dream Version of the Dying World, with the scope active. Noel's gonna have to be pretty beefy to actually survive this encounter, so make sure you've leveled him up until he has at least 5000 HP.

Secret Ending - The Goddess Is Dead: Once you've gathered together all of the one hundred sixty Paradox Fragments and unlocked every single Paradox Ending, defeat the final boss at AF500 Academia. After the credits, you'll be treated to a secret ending for all your hard work- and can finally say you truly beat the game.

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Easter Eggs

If you've got a Final Fantasy XIII save on your hard drive, you'll gain access to a bunch of additional goodies. You'll find an Eternal Crystal (in your key items- no one's quite sure what it does yet), a Lightning Mask (in Serendipity, just right of the entrance), and a Serah Mask (near the 2nd Yeul in the Void, on your third visit). You'll also receive a Lightning Gamer Picture (Xbox 360) or a Lightning Theme (PS3).

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PS3 Unlockables

Aside from the Lightning Theme detailed above, the following rewards are also available on the Playstation 3:

  • Alternate Lightning Theme: Unlocked for obtaining all Trophies and gaining the "Master of Time" Platinum Trophy as a result.
  • Mog Theme: Unlocked via the "Fair Fighter" Trophy.
  • Noel Theme:  Unlocked by gaining the "Chronosavior" Trophy by getting a five-star rating on the final boss. 
  • Serah Theme: Unlocked by gathering all the fragments and thus gaining the "Defragmented" Trophy.

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Xbox 360 Unlockables

Aside from the Lightning Gamer Picture detailed above, the following rewards are also available on the Xbox 360:

  • Alternate Lightning Gamer Picture: Unlocked for obtaining all achievements and gaining the "Master of Time" achievement as a result.
  • Mog Gamer Picture: Unlocked via the "Fair Fighter" Achievement.
  • Noel Gamer Picture:  Unlocked by gaining the "Chronosavior" Achievement by getting a five-star rating on the final boss. 
  • Serah Gamer Picture: Unlocked by gathering all the fragments and thus gaining the "Defragmented" Achievement

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