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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Wild Artefact Locations and Requirements (How to Get Them)

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:27

If you've been working hard trying to find those Wild Artefacts in Final Fantasy XIII-2, look no further! Here's a comprehensive list including all 10. Note that virtually all of the Wild Artefacts require the learned skills "Moogle Hunt" and "Moogle Throw". If you don't have either of these skills, you aren't going to be able to sniff them out.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Wild Artefact Locations and Requirements (How to Get Them)

Wild Artefact 1

Location: Bresha Ruins (005 AF)

Requirements: Moogle Hunt

Instructions: This is probably the easiest of the artefacts to obtain. It's in the second area you enter in the Bresha Ruins. You'll find yourself in a courtyard with several soldiers milling about. Walk to the Western edge of the map, and active Moogle Hunt. The artefact'll be sitting right in front of you, in plain sight.

Wild Artefact 2

Location:  Sunleth Waterscape (300 AF)

Requirements: Moogle Throw

Instructions:  In the Sunleth Waterscape, hop down onto back of the large creature on the animal trail. As you ride along, keep your eyes peeled, and face to the right (east). Eventually, you'll see something sparkling off to the side. Use Moogle Throw to collect your artefact.

Wild Artefact 3

Location: Bresha Ruins (300AF)

Requirements: Iridium Ring Sidequest Completed

Instructions: Once you get to the Bresha Ruins in 300 AF, go to the Lamentable Rest area (near the spot where the battle with Atlas occurs). There'll be an NPC there that's surrounded by a blue glow. Speak to him to begin a sidequest- once you've completed it, you'll receive the Iridium Ring fragment, and an artefact will appear where he was originally standing.

Wild Artefact 4

Location: Oerba (200 AF)

Requirements:  Moogle Throw

Instructions: In Oerba, go towards the northwestern section of the Village Proper. You should find yourself at the edge of a balcony. Look straight ahead, and use Moogle throw, aiming for the wall to your left. Boom, you've got your fourth artefact.

Wild Artefact 5

Location:  Archylte Steppe

Requirements: Cloudy Weather, Access to Clearwater Marshes, Moogle Throw

Instructions: Once you're in the Clearwater Marshes, straight to the northwest corner of the map. Throw your Moogle off the cliff there, and he should return with a shiny new artefact.

Wild Artefact 6

Location: Yaschas Massif (100 AF)

Requirements:  Book of Shambala Temporal Rift Completed

Instructions: Before you can obtain this artefact, you'll need to complete every single mission in Yaschas Massif, in order to obtain the Book Of Shambala Fragment. Once all the missions in the area are finished, simply go to the Paddraean Archaeopolis, in the northern area of the Massif- the rift will be there sitting pretty. Activate it in order to close it, and obtain the fragment and an artefact.

Wild Artefact 7

Location: Academia (400 AF)

Requirements: Moogle Hunt

Instructions: This one's hidden in an alley towards the southeast corner of Grand Avenue. Just use Moogle hunt in front of the door that sits at the eastern edge of the map here, and you'll have your artefact.

Wild Artefact 8

Location: Augusta Tower (200 AF)

Requirements:  Moogle Hunt,Moogle Throw, "Tower Artefact"

Instructions: This one's a touch more complicated. First, that you'll need to have obtained the Tower Artefact from Zenobia in New Town (Academia 400 AF). Defeat him, and use Moogle Hunt on the area where he died. You can then use it on the blue gate in New Town to unlock Augusta Tower.All you need to do is climb up to the 50th floor of the tower; then go towards the northwest edge of the circular, central walkway. Throw your moogle, and there's your artefact. 

Wild Artefact 9

Location: A Dying World (700 AF)

Requirements: Moogle Hunt

Instructions: Once you've finished all the missions in the area, return and make your way to the Farseer's Relic, in the northeastern section of the area. Approach the goddess statue, and perform a Moogle Hunt. Examine the object in front of the statue, and the artefact should appear in front of you.

Wild Artefact 10

Location: Serendipity

Requirements: 10,000 Casino Coins

Instructions:  This one…will be a bit of a pain. You'll need to collect 10,000 Casino Coins in order to gain access to this artefact. Although you can use the "Deflation" fragment to cut that price by 25%, 7,500 coins is still a pretty tall order. Work the slots, or win at the race track. Either way, you'll need to raise those coins. Have a look at our achievement guide if you need any help raising the cash to acquire the item.