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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Fragment Locations and How to Get Them

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:27

So, who's up for hunting for some collectibles? In order to go for 100% completion and gain access to the "Defragmented" achievement / trophy in Final Fantasy XIII-2, you'll first need to collect every last fragment- broken "pieces" of time which, when used, unlock new skills and abilities. While many of the fragments are fairly simple to acquire, others will necessitate a fair amount of legwork and effort, and others will need to be hunted down and drawn out. Here, organized by area, is a guide to all 160 of the fragments in the game. Note that each fragment also provides a small amount of CP, and some also grant Artefacts.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Guide - Fragment Locations and How to Get Them

New Bodhum (003 AF)

Gogmagog Fragment Alpha: You'll obtain this one simply by playing through the story. Go to the Meteorite in New Bodhum, and Gogmagog will attack you. Defeat it, and you'll obtain Fragment Alpha. 

Heart's Prism: First thing's first, examine the mirror in Serah's room, and you'll acquire the Giant's Artefact. Once you've done that, go and beat down Gogmagog's first form. Finally, talk to Nell in the area to the Northeast of the town square. He'll task you with obtaining a med-kit from the beach. Go there, and it'll be at the top of a wooden ramp. Turn it in for the Heart's Prism Fragment.

Gogmagog Fragment Beta: Simple defeat Gogamagog for the second time to gain this fragment. You'll get it by playing through the story, just like Fragment Alpha.

Graviton Core Alpha:  Go to the "Tidal Shallows" area and use Moogle Hunt. Boom, there's your fragment.

New Bodhum (700 AF)

Cartesian Board: Towards the entrance of the area, you'll find a square container surrounded by roots. Check it out for the Cartesian Board Fragment.

Laplacian Board: In the southwest corner of town, there'll be a container behind a stone and some bushes- activate it for the Laplacian Board Fragment.

Noel's Message: Once you've beaten the final boss of the game, return here, and you'll find this fragment on the Western Wall.

Serah's Message:  Same as Noel's message, but this one'll be on the southeastern wall.

New Bodhum (??? AF)

Vanille's Fruit: Once you've spoken to Vanille, search around the crater. The fragment should be sitting there, in a container, near the "Fang's Crown" Fragment.

Fang's Crown: Once you've spoken to Vanille, search around the crater before you leave the area. This fragment should be right near "Vanille's Fruit" in the crater area.

Transcript: Fate and Freedom:  To unlock this fragment, simply unlock the "Fate and Freedom" paradox ending. See our Paradox Endings Guide for more details.

Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky:  To collect this fragment; unlock the "Beneath a Timeless Sky" Paradox Ending.  See our Paradox Endings Guide for more details.

Bresha Ruins (005 AF)

Atlas Fragment: You'll get this one simply by playing through the game. Just defeat Atlas when you fight him in the Bresha Ruins.

Ghast Fragment: In order to obtain the Ghast Fragment, you'll first need to complete the Ci'Eth Quest. In the Echoes of the Past area, you'll find a soldier standing in the Southern Tunnel. Talk to him, and you'll receive the quest.

Delicate Crystal: You should get this one as part of the main storyline, as well- all you need to do is solve the Tile Trial at the temporal rift outside of the machine you use to weaken Atlas before fighting him. 

Vita Lyrica: First things first, you'll need Moogle Throw to get this one. In the central area of the ruins (just above Atlas's hand) there's a treasure sphere- throw mog to collect it in order to receive the Holding Cell Key. Next, go to the excavation site and talk to Morris-accept his quest. Use the Holding Cell Key on the area behind Morris, and simply follow the path. Grab the communicator- it's to the northwest- and return it to Morris to receive this fragment.

Anima Miseria:  Go to the graveyard, and talk to Jed in order to start the Silver Petal quest. You'll need to go to Jed's location in (Bresha Ruins 300 AF) to find the item he wants. With the petal in hand, return to Jed in 005 AF to receive the Anima Miseria Fragment.

Unio Mystica:  In the Echoes of the Past area; talk to Captain to receive the capsule quest- he's near Chocolina. You'll find capsule one on the main road to the West of your immediate area (you'll need Moogle Hunt to obtain it).  The second capsule's in a treasure sphere towards the top of a staircase, also to the west.

Ars Symphonica: You'll need Moogle Hunt for this one. Talk to Cordelia at the Excavation site, then go to the room where Morris is standing and use Moogle Hunt. You should find the notes- return them to her for the fragment.

Graviton Core Beta:  You'll need a Chocobo for this one, as well as Moogle Hunt. It's on a patch of grass near where the battle with Atlas takes place. You'll need to ride a Chocobo to the top of the stairs, jump off and fly off to the side- if you did it correctly, you should sail over the broken wall and into the area where the fragment's located. Use Moogle hunt to collect it.

Bresha Ruins (100 AF)

Palladium Ring:  You'll find a weapon master named Pat near the entrance of the ruins. Speak to him to start the "Weapons Material" quest.  You'll find a Treasure cube in the Echoes of Past area- it contains the item you're looking for. Return it to pat for your fragment.

Ruthenium Ring: Go to the Echoes of Past area, and speak to Walter. He'll ask you to pacify a nearby mercenary (Raymond). Speak to Raymond, and flatter him three times consecutively. With Raymond pacified, return to Walter to collect your fragment. 

Osmium Ring: To get the Osmium Ring Fragment, speak to the Professor outside the Southwestern tunnel of the Echoes of Time area. Go into the tunnel, and use Moogle hunt when you see a golden ring to find the professor's assistant. Return his notes to the Professor for the fragment.

Rhodium Ring: Word is, to start this quest, you'll first need to have the Palladium Ring, Ruthenium Ring, and Osmium Ring fragments.  Once you have all three, go to Lamentable Rest, and talk to Ronan. He'll mention something about a nearby device that he can't seem to find. Go to the same area in 300 AF, and you'll find a stuffed Carbuncle. Examine it for Ronan's device, and return to him in 100 AF- note that you'll need an Artefact to unlock the gate to 300 AF, just as you needed one for the gate to 100 AF.

Adamantite Ring:  Once you've acquired all the other rings (including the rings in 300 AF), talk to Porter, who's standing next to the Atlas Control Device. He'll inform you that he requires two passwords. In other words, it's time for a bit of legwork.

For the first password, travel to Yaschas Massif (100 AF) and enter the Leader's Tent to speak to Uma. He'll give you Thorne's Information. Next up, travel to 110 AF, and find the dead end to the southeast of town- you'll find a man there, who's apparently lost.  Use Moogle hunt to reveal him, and speak to him to receive the password. 

The second password's a lot simpler to obtain. Just travel to Bresha Ruins (300 AF) and talk to the government agent near the Atlas Control Device. Solve the anomaly, and you'll get the second password.

Finally, return to Porter, and he'll give you the Adamantite Ring.

Kalavinka Fragment: Once you've obtained the Adamantite Ring, talk to Porter again to receive the Kalavinka Quest. You'll find the monster you have to defeat- the Kalavinka- in the southeastern area of the ruins. Watch yourself, this one's pretty nasty- bring some lightning resistance, and make sure you've got some way of dealing with its powerful physical attacks. Defeat Kalavinka, and there's your fragment.

Bresha Ruins (300 AF)

Iridium Ring: Go to Lamentable Rest, and use Moogle Hunt to reveal Lex. Talk to him, and accept his quest to find his buddy in the ruins.  The buddy's in the tunnel to the southwest of Echoes of Past. Talk to him, and respond with three consecutive puns. Bring the notes he gives you back to Lex to get the fragment.

Platinum Ring:  To the north of the main gate, there's a set of stairs. You'll need to talk to a fellow there named Jonah. He'll ask you to retrieve a communicator for him- it'll be in the Echoes of Past area, near a Chocobo. Use Moogle Hunt to find it. Return the communicator to Jonah for the ring.

Mythril Ring: To obtain the Mythril Ring, talk to Thurston, located east of the Chocobo in the southwestern ruins. He wants you to speak to his commander. Go to the southeastern area of the map, and locate the commander where there was a portal in 005 AF. Talk to him to get his report, and bring it back to Thurston for the ring.

Control Device Password 2: Talk to the Government Agent next to the Atlas Control Device, and solve the Temporal Rift. You'll get this fragment while pursuing the "Adamantite Ring" Fragment.

Bresha Ruins (??? AF)

Transcript: A Giant Mistake: To collect this fragment, do everything required to get the "Giant Mistake" paradox ending. See our Paradox Endings Guide for more information.

Yaschas Massif (010 AF)

Aloeidai Fragment: You'll acquire this fragment by playing through the main storyline. Simply defeat the Aloeidai monster.

Pathos Jewel: In the Paddraean Archaeopolis area, you'll find a Fal'Cie's head. Use Moogle Hunt in front of that head to reveal a hidden treasure cube; then use Moogle Throw to obtain the cube. Inside, you'll find the Pathos Jewel.

Misery's Bead: After you receive the Hollow Artefact (view the Oracle Drive Recording), you'll find a woman named Brenda near the entrance of the ruins, in the Pass of Paddra area. She'll ask for a Feral Behemoth fang. Wander off the lighted area of the path into the dark, and walk around a bit to encounter a behemoth. Defeat it, and bring the fang back to Brenda.

Amur's Sphere: After you receive the Hollow Artefact, go to the Paddraean Archaeopolis and talk to Cole- he's near the base of the ramp that leads to Hope's tent. He'll ask you to find an old battery. Travel to 01X AF, and return to the area where Hope's tent was located. Swing around behind the crates there, and you'll find a Treasure sphere containing the battery. Return it to Cole for the fragment.

Innocence's Sacred Sphere:  After you receive the Hollow Artefact, talk to a woman named Shannon in the Padraean Archaeopolis area. She'll tell you she lost her watch. Travel to Yaschas Massif (110 AF), and go to the northwestern corner of the Pass of Paddra near a narrow cliff. Toss Mog off the edge, and he'll return with a watch. Go back to Shannon, and she'll give you the fragment.

Yaschas Massif (01X AF)

Gorgyra Fragment: First, speak to Duncan in the Paddraean Archaeopolis. Once you've done this, travel to the Pass of Paddra, and go to the southwest to find Gorgyra. Defeat it to obtain the fragment.

Orb of Clotho: Here's yet another fragment obtained through a sidequest. Go to the Paddraean Archaeopolis, and speak to Marlow. He'll ask you to find a Tablet of Paddra for him. Travel to 010 AF, and look around in the Pass of Paddra, just southwest of Chocolina.

Sword of Lachesis: You'll need a Chocobo for this one, in order to reach the questgiver. Once you've got one, talk to Bridget, who stands on a cliff southwest of the ruins. She'll ask you to find a fruit of Fenrir. Travel to 010 AF, and work your way up to the same cliff. You'll find the fruit there. Return to Bridget in 01X AF for your fragment.

Mirror of Atropos:  Go to the Research camp in the Paddraean Archaeopolis, and speak to Lester.  You'll need to locate three stars, and return to him with all three. The first one is in the crater in the front of the Pass of Paddra's Western gate- use Moogle Throw to obtain it. The second is in a chest in front of the Pass's southern gate. Finally, the third is in a chest in the southeast corner of the Pass of Paddra.

Yaschas Massif (100 AF)

Helmwige's Nighshade: Talk to the Red Orb (a soul named "Karl") in the Research Camp in order to start "Karl's Picture Frame." The item you need to find is just south of where you received the quest.  Use Moogle hunt to reveal the Treasure cube, grab the frame, and return to the soul to complete the quest and receive the fragment.

Siegrune's Spiritbloom: Once you've acquired Helmwige's Nightshade, talk to the soul next to the Chocobo in the northeastern area of the Pass of Paddra (south of the camp). Once you've gotten the quest, swing over to the Padddrean Archaeopolis' Command Center and use Moogle Hunt to reveal the item you're looking for. With the bulb in hand, return to the soul for your fragment.

Rosweisse Skyblossom:  There's a red orb in the northwestern area of the Pass of Paddra- find it and talk to it for your next sidequest. You're going to be looking for a table this time around. It's inside the Archaeopolis, hidden amongst several crates at the base of the Fal'Cie Head statue. Return to the soul with the table in hand for the fragment.

Schwertleite's Flower:  This one's only available after obtaining Helmwige's Nighshade, Siegrune's Spiritbloom, and Roseweisse Skyblossom. In the southeastern Pass of Paddra, you'll find a soul who talks about how she forgot to text her friend one last time. She wants you to find her comm. device so that she can rectify the issue. The device is right next to Chocorina- use Moogle Hunt to reveal it. 

Book of Shambala: Once you've acquired Helmwige's Nighshade, Siegrune's Spiritbloom, Roseweisse Skyblossom and Schwertleite's Flower, a Time Paradox will appear in the ruins. Follow the waypoint to the rift, and enter it to solve the Hands of Time Puzzles. If you're having trouble with the puzzle, you can use this online app to help you through it. Once you're done, you'll receive both the fragment and a wild artefact.

Book of Valhalla: Same deal as the Book of Shambala, except that this rift'll show up in the southern area of the Pass of Paddra. Solve the puzzle to close the anomaly, and you'll get your fragment. Use the app if you're having issues.

Graviton Core Epsilon:  This is probably the easiest fragment in the area. All you need to do is wander into the northwestern Pass of Paddra, and use Moogle Hunt. Boom, there's your fragment.

Yaschas Massif (110 AF)

Gerhilde's Blossom:  One of the soul orbs in the Achaeopolis by the name of Maria will tell you she misses her sister. Said sister is wandering around south of the Archaepolis. Use Moogle Hunt to reveal her, and talk to her to receive a gift. Bring that gift to Maria, to receive Gerhilde's Blossom.

Waltraute's Flower:  Before attempting to obtain this fragment, first ensure that you've acquired Gerhilde's Blossom. At the base of several ramps in the Archaeopolis, near the gate, there'll be a red orb. Talk to the orb to receive a quest to talk to a nearby Technician.  First, go to the Command Center and use Moogle Hunt to reveal a hidden Treasure box. Open it to obtain a Service Manual. Next, find the technician in the Pass of Paddra by riding a chocobo to the raised platform he stands on to the Northwest. Talk to him, and inform him that you were taught by the Manual. He'll give you his notes- return to the orb with them to receive the fragment.

Ortlinde's Bloom:  First things first, make sure you've got both Gerhilde's Bloom and Waltraute's Flower.  Once you've obtained both of those fragments, talk to the red orb on top of the ruins.  She's convinced that terrorism's afoot, and will ask you to find proof. Travel to the Northest corner of the Pass of Padra to find a large hole with a metal rod protruding from it. Use Moogle Hunt to reveal a phased out container next to the hole. Search it to find the proof the orb's looking for - return it to her to receive Ortlinde's Bloom.

6. Book of Avalon (Complete Ortlinde's Bloom. Interact with spacetime distortion in southwest part of Pass of Paddra. Solve four Hands of Time puzzles.)

Book of Avalon: Guess what? You get to do more Hands of Time puzzles! Once you've collected Ortlinde's Bloom, time distortions will start appearing in the Southwestern area of the Pass of Paddra. Solve all of them to receive the book. As with the others, you can use the clock puzzle app if you're having trouble.

Ugallu Fragment:  This'll be the last fragment you'll go for in Yaschas Massif. You'll need Ortlinde's Bloom, Waltraute's Flower, Gerhilde's Bloom, and the Book of Avalon.  You also must have closed every Temporal rift in the area. Once you've fulfilled all of these requirements, a waypoint will appear North of the pass of Paddra. Travel there to do battle with Ugallu for the Ugallu Fragment.

Control Device Password 1: You'll receive this fragment while pursuing the Adamantite Ring quest. Talk to Thorne on the easternmost side of the Pass of Paddra (southeast of the town), using Moogle Hunt to reveal him. 

Oerba (200 AF)

Time's Stardust: You'll obtain this one simply by playing through the game. Solve the first anomaly in Oerba, and you'll receive the fragment.

Time's Shell: You'll obtain this one simply by playing through the game. Solve the second anomaly in Oerba, and you'll receive the fragment.

Time's Coral: You'll obtain this one simply by playing through the game. Solve the third anomaly in Oerba, and you'll receive the fragment.

Giant Egg: This one's located immediately left of the gate near where you first enter the area. Use Moogle hunt to reveal it.

Graviton Core Gamma: The last fragment in Oerba (200 AF) is located on top of the building behind Chocorina. Use a Chocobo to get on top of the structure, then use Moogle Hunt to reveal the fragment.

Oerba (300 AF)

Spinning Moonstone: Oerba (300 AF) consists of…puzzles, puzzles, and more puzzles. To get the Spinning Moonstone Fragment, close the anomaly to the west of the village by completing the Hands of Time Puzzle.

Sparkling Runestone: This one's linked to an anomaly southeast of the village gate. You'll need to complete  a Crystal Bonds puzzle to unlock it, however.

Astonishing Limestone: This one is south of the stairway on the beach. There's a Tile Trial puzzle standing between you and the fragment. You know what to do.

Thrilling Milestone: Situated to the south of Chocolina, you'll need to complete a Crystal Bonds puzzle to close the anomaly and claim your fragment.

Lovely Starstone: South of the deserted schoolhouse is a Hands of Time puzzle. Complete it, and you'll receive your fragment.

Bubbly Stone: To the north of the stairwell on the beach, there's yet another rift, this one lined to another Tile Trial puzzle. Completing it will close the anomaly and grant you the Bubbly Stone fragment.

Scorching Firestone: To acquire the Scorching Firestone Fragment, complete the Hands of Time puzzle in front of the village's western gate.

Dewy Bloodstone: The Dewy Bloodstone Fragment will be yours if you can complete the Crystal Bonds puzzle, connected to the rift near a tree to the north of the village.

Mossy Rosetta Stone:  The final fragment in the area, the Mossy Rossetta Stone, is a reward for solving a Crystal Bonds puzzle to the far south of the map.

Oerba (400 AF)

Bittersweet Chiffron: Bittersweet Chiffron is a reward for completing the Crystal Bonds puzzle next to the village windmill.

Tremulous Muffin: Next to the village billboard, there'll be an anomaly. Complete the Tile Trial puzzle to close it and claim the Tremulous Muffing Fragment.

Beloved Cinnamon:  The Beloved Cinnamon Fragment will be yours if you can complete the Hands of Time puzzle on the northeastern stretch of the beach.

Selfish Pancake: Selfish pancake is located in a temporal rift to the southeast of the deserted schoolhouse.

Farewell Madeleine:  East of the village gate is an anomaly with a Tile Trial puzzle. Close the anomaly, and you'll receive Farewell Madeleine.

Teatime Mont Blanc: On the roof of the deserted Schoolhouse, there's a Hands of Time anomaly. Close it, and Teatime Mont Blanc is yours.

Dishonest Mille-feuille: Tired of puzzles yet? Dishonest Mille-feuille is the reward for completing the Crystal Bonds puzzle in the house to the southeast of Chocolina.

Pink Parfait: This is the last puzzle you'll have to solve here. It's near the steps on the beach.  Breathe a sigh of relief, and take a long, long break from puzzle solving.

Graviton Core Zeta: North of the Chocobo on the beach is a treasure box. Within is Graviton Core Zeta.

Oerba (??? AF)

Transcript: Vanille's Truth:  To obtain this fragment, fulfill the requirements for the Paradox Ending "Vanille's Truth." Refer to our Paradox Endings guide for more information.

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