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Mass Effect 3 War Assets Guide (Missions, Storyline, Scannable Assets)

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:25

Even as epic as he is, Commander Shepard can't fight the Reapers by himself. After all, he's only human - try as they might; even the toughest of humans can't punch out Cthulhu alone. In Mass Effect 3, this 'help' takes the form of war assets. An old friend come to lend their gun to the fight, a powerful, ancient warship, a bloodthirsty army of mercenaries…all of these bring Shepard a little closer to victory, and a little farther away from catastrophe. Gathering them isn't always easy, however - some of them require quite a bit of legwork to obtain, while others are exceptionally well-hidden.

Mass Effect 3 War Assets Guide (Missions, Storyline, Scannable Assets)

With this guide at your side, you'll be able to collect all the assets in no time, and then focus on what's important - saving the galaxy from certain death.

Note that if you're scanning a system that's in a sector under Reaper control, there's a good chance you'll catch the attention of the ancient machines - scan sparingly; else The Normandy might well end up as a casualty of war.

If you're looking for something specific, you can jump to one of these sections by going to the proper page.

  • Scannable Assets (Page 1)
  • Main Storyline Assets  (Page 2)
  • Mission-Based Assets  (Page 3)
  • Other Assets  (Page 4)

Scannable Assets

Scattered throughout the galaxy are planets on which valuable artifacts, forces, and supplies are hidden. While some of these are added to your war assets the moment you scan them, others will have to be turned in as quests. We'll include notes so that you know which is which.

Valhallan Threshold

  • Paz System
    • Garvug: Prothean Data Drives. These can be handed in to a soldier in Docking Bay D-24. Note that he only appears after Priority: Citadel 2. You'll gain 40 MS, 15000 credits, and 5 reputation. This is an alliance asset, and will be added to "Alliance Engineering Corps". 
  • Micah System:
    • Elohi: Emergency Fuel Pods. These will immediately grant you an additional 30 military strength.  Crucible Asset.
    • Farlas: Element Zero Converter. This is yet another asset for The Crucible. It's worth 50 MS.

Hourglass Nebula

  • Faryar System
    • Alingon: Shadow Broker Starship Tech. Grants an additional 50 MS. Crucible Asset.
  • Sowilo System
    • Hagalaz: Shadow Broker Support Team. Grants an additional 40 MS. Alien Asset.
  • Ploitari System
    • Zanethu: Terminus Freighters. Worth 30 MS. Crucible Asset.

Nimbus Cluster

  • Agaiou System
    • Carcosa: After completing Priority: Citadel 2, head to Purgatory, and talk to the Asari Military Trainer near the bar. She's looking for the Library of Asha. Once you've located and scanned in on Carcosa, return to her to gain 40 MS. The Library of Asha is an Asari asset. 

Athena Nebula

  • Parnitha System
    • Tevura: Asari Cruiser Cybean. Worth 30 MS. Asari Asset.
  • Orisoni System
    • Egalic: Asari Research Ships. Worth 35 MS. Asari Asset.
  • Tomaros System
    • Pronoia: Asari Cruiser Nefrane. Worth 30 MS. Asari Asset.
  • Vernio System
    • Polissa: Hesperia Period Statue. After Priority: Citadel 2, go to the bank area of the Presidium Commons. You'll find an Asari lounging nearby, talking about a statue. Retrieve it, and return it to her to add 40 MS to the Alliance Engineering Corps.
  • Lalessa System
    • Trikalon: Asari Engineers. Worth 30 MS. Asari Asset.

Silean Nebula

  • Kypladon System
    • Hanalei: Dr. Jelize. Worth 25 MS. Asari Asset.
  • Phontes System
    • Oltan: Elcor Flotilla. Alien Asset, 40 MS.
    • Dekuna: Code of the Ancients. Turn in to the Angry Elcor in Purgatory for 5 Reputation, 15,000 Credits, and 40 MS.  In doing this, you'll also complete the side mission "Elcor Extraction".
  • Teyolia System
    • Nevos: There's an Asari physician in Huerta Memorial who shows up after you complete Priority: Rannoch. Bring the Rings of Alune to her in order to add 40 Military Strength to the Citadel Defense Force War Asset. You'll also gain 5 reputation and 15,000 credits. 

Krogan DMZ

  • Dranek System
    • Rothla: Shadow Broker Wet Squad. Alien Asset, nets you 25 MS.

Aspien Crest

  • Castellus System
    • Castellus: Banner of the 1st Regiment. In Purgatory, there's a Turian officer near James. Listen in on his conversation; then make your way to Digeris in the Castellus System. Return the banner to him to gain 15,000 credits, 5 reputation, and add 40 MS to the Turian 7th Fleet.
  • Pheiros System
    • Gemmae: Turian 79th Flotilla. Grants you 40 MS. Turian Asset.

Aethon Cluster

  • Aru System
    • Irune: Book of Plenix. After completing Priority: Tuchanka and before Priority: Citadel 2, you'll find Barla Von in the bank in the Presidium Commons. Talk to him, and he'll ask you to recover the Book of Plenix. Recover it to add 40 to the "Citadel Defense Forces" Asset. 
    • Cherk Sab: Volus Fabrication Units. Worth 45 MS. Crucible Asset.
  • Esori System
    • Solu Paolis: Volus Dreadnought Kwunu. Worth 50 MS. Alien Asset.
  • Satu Arrd System
    • Nalisin: Volus Engineering Team. A Crucible Asset worth 50 MS.

Sigurd's Cradle

  • Watson System
    • Skepsis: Javelin Missile Launchers. A Crucible Asset worth 50 MS.

Hades Nexus

  • Hekate System
    • Asteria: Alliance Frigate Hong Kong. Alliance Asset. Grants 15 MS.
  • Hoplos System
    • Kopis: Obelisk of Karza. After completing Priority: Rannoch, you'll find a researcher in the Presidium Commons looking to recover the obelisk. Deliver it to him to add 40 Military Strength to the Alliance Engineering Corps. You'll also receive 15,000 credits and 5 reputation.
  • Pamyat System
    • Dobrovolski: Alliance Frigate Leipzig. Adds 15 MS to the Alliance First Fleet.
  • Sheol System
    • Gein Hinnom: Prothean Sphere. Recover this artifact for a refugee in Bay E-28 (Point 4 on the map) in Docks: Holding Area after completing Priority: Rannoch. You'll gain 5 rep, 15,000 credits, and another 40 points for the Alliance Engineering Corps.  

Nubian Expanse

  • Kalabsha System
    • Yamm: Alliance Marine Recon Unit. Adds 25 MS to the 103rd Marine Division Alliance Asset.
  • Qertassi System
    • Norehsa: Alliance Frigate Trafalgar. 15 points for the Alliance First Fleet.

Attican Beta

  • Theseus System
    • Feros: Exogeni Scientists. 40 points for the Crucible.
  • Hercules System
    • Eletania: Interferometric Array. Adds 45 MS to the Crucible Project.

Argos Rho

  • Hydra System
    • Canrum: Haptic Optics Array. Worth 50 points. Crucible Asset.
  • Phoenix System
    • Pinnacle Station: Turian Spec Ops Team. Turian Asset worth 40 points.
    • Intai'Sei: Fossilised Kakliosaur. At some point after Priority: Geth Dreadnought, you'll hear a Salarian Scientist in the Presidium Commons (outside Apartment 90) talking about how he needs to find something to help the Krogan do battle on toxic worlds. Bring him the Kakliosaur Fossil for 15,000 credits, 5 reputation, and 40 MS for the Krogan Clans.
  • Gorgon System
    • Camaron: Advanced Power Relays add 50 MS to the Crucible Project.

Gemini Sigma

  • Ming System
    • Parag: Alliance Cruiser Nirobi adds 25 MS to the Alliance Third Fleet. 

Hades Gamma

  • Plutus System
    • Nonuel: Special Ops Team Zeta adds 25 points to the 103rd Marine Division Alliance War Asset.
  • Farinata System
    • Juntauma: Alliance Frigate Agincourt will net you an additional 15 points in the Alliance First Fleet.

Exodus Cluster

  • Zion System
    • Utopia: Prothean Data Files. This Crucible Asset will net you a hefty 75 points to your Military Strength.
  • Asgard System
    • Tyr: Alliance Naval Exploration Flotilla. An Alliance Asset, this will grant you 75 points when it's found.
    • Terra Nova: Alliance Cruiser Shanghai will give the Alliance Military an additional 40 points of strength.
    • Loki: Alliance Spec Ops Team Delta, found in the Asgard system, is worth 35 MS.

Kite's Nest

  • Harsa System
    • Khar'Shan: In Area C of The Docks Holding Area, there's a Batarian Preacher. Morale among his people is at an all-time low, and he needs you to retrieve the Pillars of Strength from Khar'Shan in order to help him keep his people hopeful. Once you do, you'll receive an additional 40 Military Strength for the Batarian Fleet War Asset, 15,000 credits, and 5 reputation.
  • Vular System
    • Vana: The Black Market Artifacts are a part of the "Aria: Blue Suns" Questline. You only need to seek out these items if you're pursuing the paragon option for the mission. Otherwise, you can simply order the hit on Oraka.

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