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Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:07:08

Dead Space 3 from Visceral Games and Electronic Arts gives players access to dozens of weapons, but gamers will have to do a bit of crafting to get access to the vast majority of them.

We've put together an exhaustive list of weapons you can create in DS3 by combining frames, tools, and tips in our Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Guide.

Dead Space 3 Weapon Crafting Guide

Dead Space 3 - Weapon Crafting Guide

Weapon Frame Tool Tip Anchored Bolas Heavy Tesla Core Directed Suspension Field Arc Welder Compact Tesla Core Default Assault Rifle Heavy Military Engine Compressor Blowtorch Compact Pneumatic Torch Default Bolas Cutter Heavy Tesla Core Repeater Bouncing Bolas Heavy Tesla Core Compressor Carbine Heavy Military Engine Default Compact Suspended Ripper Compact Rip Core Default Contact Beam Heavy Plasma Core Precision Tip Cryogenic Torch Heavy Pneumatic Torch Precision Tip Chain Gun Heavy Telemetry Spike Diffraction Torus Chain Lightning Gun Heavy Tesla Core Diffraction Torus Detonator Mine Heavy Survey Charge Directed Ejection Field Flamethrower Heavy Pneumatic Torch Default Force Gun Heavy Plasma Core Default Galvanizer Heavy Military Engine Directed Suspension Field Grenade Launcher Heavy Survey Charge Default Ground Diffractor Heavy / Lower Slot Plasma Core Diffraction Torus Heavy Ripper Heavy Rip Core Directed Ejection Field Heavy Suspended Ripper Heavy Rip Core Default Hydraulic Eviscerator Heavy / Lower Slot Hydraulic Engine Default Hydraulic Hammer Heavy / Lower Slot Hydraulic Engine Conic Dispersal Hydraulic Knife Compact / Lower Slot Hydraulic Engine Default Incendiary Grenade Heavy Survey Charge Diffraction Torus Javelin Gun Heavy Telemetry Spike Default Javelin Repeater Heavy Telemetry Spike Repeater Kinetic Projector Heavy Plasma Core Compressor Knockback Detonator Heavy Survey Charge Rail Accelerator Line Gun Heavy Tesla Core Default Line Gun Mine Heavy Survey Charge Compressor Magnesium Afterburner Heavy Pneumatic Torch Compressor Plasma Cutter Compact Plasma Core Default Plasma Disperser Compact Plasma Core Compact Conic Dispersal Plasma Repeater Compact Plasma Core Compact Directed Ejection Field Pulse Rifle Heavy Military Engine Repeater Revolver Compact Military Engine Compact Directed Ejection Field Ripper Compact Rip Core Compact Directed Ejection Field Rivet Gun Compact Telemetry Spike Default Rivet Shotgun Heavy Telemetry Spike Conic Dispersal Rocket Launcher Heavy Survey Charge Directed Suspension Field Seeker Rifle Heavy Military Engine Precision Tip Shotgun Heavy Military Engine Conic Dispersal SMG Compact Military Engine Default Tesla Beam Heavy Tesla Core Precision Tip