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The Last Of Us - Artifacts Guide (It Was All Just Lying There Trophy)

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:06:43

Naughty Dog's survival game The Last Of Us features 85 artifacts that expand on the main storyline, giving players a little more insight into the post-pandemic world.  These photographs, notes, diaries, and maps must be found in order to get the silver trophy "It Was All Just Lying There".  The artifacts also count toward the gold "Scavenger" trophy.

The Last Of Us Artifacts Guide (It Was All Just Lying There Trophy)

The Quarantine Zone

Boston Quarantine Zone Map 

You get this automatically when picking up your backpack and supplies.

Military Pamphlet 

You get this automatically also, when picking up your backpack.

Note To Brother 

In the building with spores, after fighting or sneaking past the runners, the note is upstairs in a side room before you cross the planks to go back outside.

Drafting Notice

When you are in the small refugee area with Tess, after you pass through the bus, look for the notice on the ground.

Wanted Poster

In the refugee area, look for a closed gate with two people looking at it.  The poster is on the wall to the left.

Warehouse Key

The warehouse key will be picked up as part of the storyline.  You will need to kill some of the men near the docks to get it.

Shipping Manifest

The shipping manifest is found in the docks area.  Go right from where you entered the area and look along the guard rail bordering the water.

Docks Note

The docks note is inside of the building in the docks area, on the ground near the center guard rails. 

The Outskirts

Tess' List

Before you leave the apartment with Tess and Ellie, grab the list from the end table next to the couch.

Patrol Routes Map

When you go down the lift, run to the opposite side of the room to find the map on the ground.

Evacuation Leaflet

After you go through the sewers to escape, look for the leaflet on the ground near a street light to your right.

Field Ops Log

Heading towards the Capitol building, you will enter a building with a staircase and a dead solider.  Climb the stairs and search the other dead body for the log.

Firefly Map

Go into the subway and find the dead body with molotov cocktails.  From here, go up the stairs and find the map.

Note To Derek

While in the subway station, look for the convenience store.  The note will be in a drawer in the back, by the cash register.

Medical Pamphlet 

After you climb over a truck with Tess and Ellie, turn around and look in the back of the truck for the pamphlet.

Firefly Orders

After you have a conversation about the view, go down all the nearby flights of stairs and find the orders at the bottom near a body.

Smuggler Note

In the flooded subway tunnel, look for the platform that Ellie walks along to find the flashlight.  The note will be at the end of this walkway.

Bill's Town

Pills Note

After you enter Bill's Town, search the first nearby building.  The note is on the floor, near the desks.  

Note To Bob

At one end of the main street, there is a barbed wire barricade.  The note is at this end.

Perimeter Note

This note is inside the music shop, on a desk.

Note To Rachel

After you get the bow and cross some rooftops, Ellie will stop and say she heard a noise.  Go into the nearby building and find the note.

Bill's Map

When you meet Bill, this map will be in the back of the restaurant.

Fences Note

The fences note is in the side room of the area where you meet Bill, on an end table near an armchair and television.

Hunter's Note

After leaving the area where you meet Bill, go back upstairs and find this note on a kitchen table.

Bombs Note

When you enter the church, look for a room to the right.  The note is on a table with some bottles.

Boy's Diary

Enter the house that you need to cross through to reach the school. The note is on the second floor in a bedroom.

Note From Frank #1

In the house with the truck, find this note in a side room.

Note From Frank #2

After receiving the first note, go and talk to Bill.  Bill will read the note and throw it on the ground.  Pick it back up.

Siphon Hose

This is given to you automatically by Bill as the chapter ends.


Tourists Manifest

After you fight off the first group of hunters, go through the garage door.  The note is in the garage on a cart to the side.

Ambush Map

In the building where you fight the first group and crash the truck, go upstairs and into the room at the end of the hall.  The map is on the wall.

Lost Hill Note

After the part where you and Ellie must climb over a bus, turn around and look to your right for the note.  It is at a military checkpoint area.

Traitors Flyer

This note is found near the bookstore, a big building in the next large area after crossing the bus.  The flyer is on a wall outside, near the center.

Abandon Zone Note

Inside the bookstore, find an office in the back.  The note is on a desk.

Applicant Checklist

Find the back of a staircase on the first floor.  The checklist is under the stairs in some rubble.

Lost Areas Map

In the bookstore, go up to the second floor.  Find a secret door that you must open with a shiv.  The map is inside.

Mother’s Letter

In the flooded area, look to the left for another shiv door with a red X on it.  The letter is inside on a chair.

Stash Note

After going through the flooded area, enter the coffee shop.  Go up to the second floor and look for the note on a small counter.

Note To Staff

In the hotel lobby, find the ladder to go up to the second floor.  Then, go to the right and shimmy across a broken staircase to find the note in a suitcase. 

Hotel Keycard

In the basement of the hotel, when you are trying to meet back up with Ellie, the hotel keycard will be found in the security room on the upper floor.

Fireflies Note

After you leave the hotel and enter the Financial District, look for a trail of blood.  Follow the trail to a sub shop on the other side of the plaza and the note is in the freezer.  

Final Attack Note

After you go into the office building, head up to the second floor.  The note is under a desk in a room with a computer.

Mob Attack Note

As you start the area with the patrolling enemies and you see the tank, go into the building on the opposite side of the street.  Go upstairs and look for some desks by a staircase.  The note is under the desk.

Truck Note

After continuing through the building with patrolled enemies, you will get to a dead end.  From here, you will enter the bank Savings and Load.  The note is on a table in the middle of the bank.

Trial Note

Go inside Henry and Sam’s safe house.  Inside, there will be a conference room.  Look on the table for the note.

The Suburbs

Boat Note

After you wake up on the shore, run down to the wrecked boat and find this note inside the cabin.

Sewers Note

In the sewers, after you split up to look around, go to the right and have Ellie climb through the vent to unlock the door.  The note is inside on the table.

Trading Note

In the flooded area, swim under the gate after you unblock it.  There is a door here with two clickers behind it.  Go inside to get the note on the floor.

Rain Catcher Note

After you get attacked in the sewers, go right and up the stairs.  Find a room with blue barrels and pick up the note by the jug.

Cornered Note

After proceeding from the rain collection room, find a small room on the left hand side.  Get the note on a bench next to the body.

Kid’s Drawing

After you and Ellie get separated, continue through the large room with infected.  You will come across a playroom.  Look for the note near a bookshelf.

Looting Note

Go into the first house after you leave the sewers and head upstairs.  Find a bedroom with the note on an end table.

Father’s Note

Go into the house across the street from the ice cream truck.  The note is in a bedroom upstairs.

Survivors Note

Go into the last house on the dead end street.  The note is in a bedroom on the first floor.


In the same house as the Survivors Note, go all the way upstairs and find the artifact on a desk next to a computer.

Tommy’s Dam

Power Plant Map

Before going to the entrance of the dam, enter the security kiosk nearby and grab the map from the wall.

Plant Schematics

Get this artifact in the control room, on top of a center table, after the raiders attack.

The University 

Sniper’s Nest Log

Before you jump over the first barricade with your horse, go right and enter that building.  You will find a balcony off the second floor – the note is here.

Wall Panel Note

You will need to use a generator in a building to open a closed gate.  Next to the control panel by the gate is the note, stuck on the wall.

UEC Campus Map

Enter the dormitory building next to the second closed gate.  The map is on the table in the room you first enter.

Student’s Journal

In the dormitory, go upstairs to the second floor.  Go into the second dorm room, Room 202, and find the journal in a drawer.

Newspaper Clipping

After you fall through to an area with spores, go up another staircase to get back to the second floor of dorms.  Go into the first room to the right and find the clipping on a mini-fridge.

Office Recorder

Go into the science building and head upstairs to the third floor laboratories.  Go into the first room on the left and find the recorder on a table by the window

Fungal X-Rays

This artifact is found after you go through the decontamination hall, near the medical tent.  Look for the x-ray by the window. 

Lab Recorder

After you find the x-rays, continue on until you find the room with the monkey cages.  The recorder is on the central table.  

Firefly’s Recorder

You will automatically receive this recorder before the chapter ends.

Lakeside Resort

No Pun Intended

When you are playing as Ellie, open the collectibles menu and view the artifact.  Make sure she comments on it for it to count.

No Pun Intended: Volume Too

Same as the previous artifact, look at it in the menu so Ellie comments on it.

To Get To The Other Side

Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.

Riley’s Pendant

Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.

Sam’s Robot

Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.


Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.

Note From Mom

Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.


Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.

Joel & Sarah Photo

Look at this artifact in the menu until Ellie says something about it.

Lake Resort Map

Acquired automatically during the chapter.

Ellie’s Backpack

When Joel is looking for Ellie, he will find this automatically on a shelf in the freezer.

Meat Ledger

In the same room as the backpack, on the shelves.

Bus Depot

Family Photograph

As you are traveling down the highway, look for a mobile home you can enter.  The photo is inside.

Note To Wife

When you are inside the bus station, look for a pile of suitcases near the ticket machines.  The note is on the ground.

Salt Lake Q.Z. Map

After the cutscene with the giraffes, you will see a white medical tent to the right of a bus in the triage area.  It is in the tent on a table.

Firefly Lab

Surgeon’s Recorder

Go up the stairs after escaping from the Firefly.  The recorder is on a table in front of the first door you go through.

Marlene’s Recording #1

Find the secret door on the second floor of the hospital.  This recording is in the room to the left of this door, on a desk.

Marlene’s Journal

Keep progressing until you reach an area with a big quarantine tents.  The journal is inside the tent, next to a microscope. 

Marlene’s Recorder #2

You will barricade another door and come to a long hallway with windows.  Go into the first room on the right here to find the recorder on a table.