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Grand Theft Auto V – Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:06:12

There are plenty of ways to make money in Grand Theft Auto V.  One way to earn yourself a nice chunk of change is by finding all the hidden packages throughout the game. There are 12 packages in the game, and each one is worth between $8,000 and $25,000, and all of them will add up to $150,000. Hidden packages look like glowing briefcases. Chop, Franklin’s dog, can help you sniff out hidden packages, but they can still be tricky to find. Use our guide to get their exact locations and earn some money!  

Grand Theft Auto V – Hidden Briefcase Packages Locations Guide

Grand Theft Auto V Package / Briefcase Locations:

Package 1

This package is found underwater, off Paleto Bay’s west coast.  Look for a crashed plane.  The package is by the tail.

Package 2

Find this package in the water south of the South Los Santos port.  Find a shipwreck and look near the hull for the package among some seaweed.  

Package 3

Another underwater package, this one is off the east coast of Mount Gordo.  Look underneath the wreckage of a crop duster.

Package 4

Off the west coast at Fort Zancudo, look for the package in a sunken cargo plane.  

Package 5

After getting the above hidden package, head to the south to find a tugboat.  The package in on the top deck.

Package 6

To get this package, find the sunken tractor trailer off the east coast of San Chianski Mountain Range.  The package is near the back, inside a crate.

Package 7

Go to the southern coast by the Great Ocean Highway.  Look for a sunken container.  The package is near the hatch.

Package 8

Head to the port in Los Santos and head north.  The package is in the shallow canal on top of a barge.

Package 9

After getting the above package, head east.  Look for a small island with a wrecked airplane to the south.  The package is near one of the plane’s wings.

Package 10

Go to the National Office of Security Enforcement.  Dive off the coast to the east and look for a shipwreck.  The package is here, in a hole on the side of the ship.

Package 11

After getting the above package, head south to a bay shaped like a U.  Find the wreckage of a steam boat and look under a wooden wheel for the package.  

Package 12

The last package is the only one on land.  Before you can get it, you will need to bring three hitchhikers to the Altruist Camp at Mount Chiliad.  Prepare for a firefight on your way out.  Once you finish this, the gate will open and you can go inside.  The package is on the porch of the building.