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Wolfenstein: The New Order – Letters Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:04:44

The new Wolfenstein game has a lot of new features, including many new collectibles for players to find. One such collectible in Wolfenstein: The New Order is letters, scattered throughout the world. There are ten letters total, and they all give the player some more information into The New Order. Finding all of the letters nets you the bronze trophy or 30 point achievement The Lives of Others. Want to find them all? Check out our guide.

Wolfenstein: The New Order

Letter #1

This letter is in Chapter 1. After the first cannon on the cliffs is destroyed, go up some stairs and follow the long mine cart tunnel. Go up more stairs on the right and find a room for sleeping. In the back right corner, grab the first letter from the bunk.

Letter #2

This letter is in Chapter 2. Go down the stairs and through the reception office. Head up the next flight of stairs. Look for some cracks in the steps about halfway up. Shoot through them to open a secret door back in the reception office. Go in to find a letter. 

Letter #3

This letter is in Chapter 3. You can find it inside the garage with a Nazi prisoner. It is underneath the chainsaw, in the area where you find the goggles.

Letter #4

This letter is in Chapter 4. At the start of the level, jump onto the roof from the balcony. Keep going until you find an open door on the left side. Go inside and get the letter from the table.

Letter #5

This letter is in Chapter 7. When the level starts, look for the letter on the bed where Bobby was sleeping, near the table.

Letter #6

This letter is in Chapter 8. Find the bunkroom in the camp. There are a man and a woman together in a bed. If you speak to them, they’ll ask you to find medicine. The medicine can be found in the guard barracks. After you escape the furnace, go up the stairs and turn right to go into the medical office. Bring the medicine back to the people to get the letter.

Letter #7

This letter is in Chapter 9. Go to the meeting room for the resistance. There is a cabinet at the end of the bed with a letter. 

Letter #8

This letter is in Chapter 10. Progress until you enter the underground prison. After you use the laser, stay to the left and look for a small cave. You need to get out of the vehicle in order to fit. Swim inside and follow the passage to reach a small area. Get the letter on the ground.

Letter #9

This letter is in Chapter 13. Get past the lab and through the scanner. Reach a medical room and go upstairs to reach the second floor laboratories. In the second lab, the letter is on a desk to the left of the door.

Letter #10

This letter is in Chapter 15. It is found under Max’s bed.