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Watch Dogs – Weapons Trade Investigation Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:04:28

There's a lot more to Watch Dogs then just the main story. There are plenty of side missions, most with some great rewards and trophies or achievements. One side mission is the Weapons Trade Investigation. Completing these missions will unlock the Saturday Night Special bronze trophy or 25 point achievement. This investigation also counts towards the They Call Him the Vigilante 55 point achievement or silver trophy. Ready to get started? Use our guide and achieve that platinum or 100%.

Watch Dogs

Getting Started

To complete this investigation, you need to find nine weapons crates. Seven of the nine crates have audio logs. You need to find all nine crates in order to unlock the bonus mission, We Hit the Motherlode. Prepare for this last mission by having plenty of weapons and crafting supplies.

Crate 1

This crate is found in Brandon Docks, located on the northern island. This one has no audio log. To get in, hack the camera on the west side of the garage building, up in the northwest corner.

Crate 2

This one is found in The Wards. You need to go it the east and up on the high building to get the crate. There is an audio log here.

Crate 3

This one is located in Parker Square. It's to the north of the previous crate, in the southeast part of the park. There is an audio log with this one. To get it, go around the east side of the building to hack the cameras. Then, follow the data across the street and to the north. The unlock is on a yellow building that has a red awning.

Crate 4

This crate is located in The Loop. It is on the western island. Go to the garage, head east, and look back towards the street. There is a camera on the building to the left, high up. Hack it, then go back to the garage door to unlock it. Grab the crate and audio log.

Crate 5

This one is also in The Loop. It is in the southern part of the area. Go to the area just north of the southern train station, near the bend in the train tracks. There is a camera to hack above the garage door. Point it to an area across from the alleyway to unlock it. Grab the crate and an audio log inside.

Crate 6

This crate is also found in The Loop. Go to the north from the above crate. Find an area where the tracks bend at a 90 degree angle. The unlock box is found to the northwest of the garage door. Use it, follow the data to some wooden pallets, and then grab the audio log and crate.

Crate 7

This crate can be found in the Mad Mile area. Go to the west island and look for a ladder on the east side of the building here. Use explosives to destroy the fence and reach the unlock box. Scan the crate. There's no audio log in this area.

Crate 8

This one is also found in the Mad Mile area. Go to the garage door and then head west, through the outdoor patio of the coffee shop. Find the camera across the street, high on the corner of a building. Go east and back towards the garage to use the unlock box. Grab the crate and audio log here.

Crate 9

The last crate is found in Brandon Docks. Go to the area that is just to the south of the most northern island. Find the garage and head south from the door. Go up three flights of stairs and look for the unlock box to the right of the staircase. Go north to get back to the garage door and scan the crate and grab the last audio log.

Bonus Mission

The last part of this investigation involves a battle against some tough enemies. There will be three waves of enemies. To start, head to the area. You can go upstairs for cover, or find another spot to fight down below. This is a fast-based battle, but with powerful weapon you should do fine. 

There are things you can hack in the area to make the battle easier. You can hack cameras and detonate explosives. You can also distract them. This can make it easier to bunch them up and throw an IED at them, or separate them and pick them off one by one. Your choice! After you defeat all the waves, the investigation is complete.