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Assassins Creed Rogue – Weapons Guide

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:04:08

Like the other entries in the AC series, Shay from Assassin's Creed Rogue has plenty of weapons in his arsenal for taking out enemies in any way you please. Some of them are traditional, like the typical assassin's hidden blade, to some newer weapons like throwing knives and grenades. Want to know which weapons are available, and what's best for certain situations? Check out our list. 

Assassin's Creed Rogue

Air Rifle

This weapon can fire two different types of ammo: darts and grenades. There are different types of ammo. For darts, you can fire sleeping darts to put enemies to sleep, berserk darts to turn an enemy against his allies, and firecracker darts to use as a distraction. For grenades, there are berserk grenades to turn multiple enemies against each other, sleep grenades to put multiple people to sleep, and shrapnel grenades to do massive amounts of damage!


The harpoon is used to hunt certain sea animals. Throwing the harpoon will start a mini-game and then the hunt is on! Before you start hunting, you'll probably want to work on some upgrades so that you are as prepared as possible.

Hidden Blades

These are the staples of the AC series. These are best used when you are being stealthy and going for the sneak attacks. They are not suited for head-on combat. 


You can throw money as a distraction. Citizens will run to grab up as much of the money as possible, getting in the way and keeping the enemies from getting to you!


Pistols are a long-range weapon, and Shay can dual-wield them. They are powerful, but they are also very loud, so don't use them if you are looking to remain stealthy. 

Rope Dart

This weapon is really only effective if you are up against one opponent. You can use it to trip them up or hang them by their neck. 

Smoke Bomb

Throwing a smoke bomb can allow you to escape while your enemies can't see. You can also use the cover to perform some quick assassinations!


These weapons are excellent for close combat. If you find yourself surrounded, these are probably your best bet. Use the counterattack to get the most bang for your buck. Remember, certain weapons are better than others, so find one you are most comfortable with and go ahead and upgrade. 

Throwing Knives

Throwing knives are useful to getting a long range kill. However, you can only carry one of these bad boys are a time. If you are looking for more, steal one from a downed guard. 


You can fight unarmed, but it's not usually recommended. Chances are, if you go up against an armed enemy with only your fists, you'll get overpowered. One good thing is that you can counterattack and steal your enemies weapon, if you get the timing right. Still, it's probably better to just be armed in the first place.