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LEGO Jurassic World – Cheats

TIME : 2015-12-14 17:04:06

The newest LEGO game brings gamers to the world of dinosaurs! Based on the movie, LEGO Jurassic World plays like the other LEGO games in the series. In this world of bricks, there are cheats that you can use to give yourself some neat advantages. In order to unlock these cheats, you must find the corresponding Red Brick, and then buy it with studs. Ready to see what you can unlock? Just look below!

LEGO Jurassic World

8-Bit Music

This brick will change the game's music to an old retro style. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Amber Brick Detector

This cheat will give you an arrow that points you to an Amber Brick. It costs 200,000 studs. 

Attract Studs

This cheat will make you a stud magnet – studs will fly to your character. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Collect Ghost Studs

This cheat costs 100,000 studs. It will allow you to pick up the translucent blue studs in levels.

Compy Mode

This cheat will make all the characters smaller. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Destroy on Contact

With this cheat, all you have to do is walk into LEGOs in order to destroy them and get studs. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Fast Build

This useful cheat will let you build LEGOs faster! It costs 100,000 studs. 

Fast Interact

This brick will let you use control panels much faster. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Gold Brick Detector

The 200,000 stud cheat will give you a gold arrow that will lead you to Gold Bricks.

Helium Voices

This cheat gives all the characters a high-pitched helium voice. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Hybrid Disguises

With this cheat, all of the characters will dress up like dinosaurs! It costs 100,000 studs. 


With this cheat, nothing can hurt you! This one costs 5,000,000 studs.

Minikit Detector

This 200,000 stud cheat will give you a white arrow that leads you to Minikits. 

Nerdy Disguises

This brick will put all of your characters in Hawaiian shit. It costs 100,000 studs. 

Red Brick Detector

This cheat will give you a way to easily find all of the Red Bricks in the game. It costs 200,000 studs. 

Score x8 

This costs 4,000,000 studs. It will increase the amount of studs you get by eight times.

Score x10

This cheat costs 5,000,000 studs and it will give you ten times the amount of studs you pick up