Comet Crash review

TIME :2022-07-03

Innovation is typically thin on the ground in tower defense games. Under the hood, very little changes: you’re still protecting your base - typically in a top-down perspective - by placing turrets and obstacles in the path of oncoming enemies.

Well, Comet Crash innovates. You still do all of the above, but you do it while controlling a spaceship. It’s more exciting than simply guiding a cursor, and it comes with an additional function: you can grab roaming asteroids with your gravity beam. Bring these within shooting distance of turrets and they’ll break it apart, revealing precious Thorium, which you use to build structures. The other novelty is the ability to construct your own attacking units and direct them to the enemy’s base. Indeed, that’s how you clear the game’s stages.

These are strategy elements dropped recklessly into a tower defense game, but they gel superbly: the controls are intuitive and the action fast, making this a satisfying PSN title.

Oct 29, 2009