How to Copy and Paste Even Faster in Word

TIME :2022-07-03

Copying and pasting are integral parts of using a computer, especially when working with text in Microsoft Word. If managing your clipboard is too annoying a task to bother with, here’s a useful shortcut for Word that removes the middleman.

To Cut and Paste: In Word, highlight some text that you want to move to another location and press the F2 key. Next, place the cursor where you want that content to end up. Finally, press Enter and the highlighted content will be cut and pasted to your cursor position.

To Copy and Paste: Press Shift + F2 instead of F2 on some highlighted text, then press Enter to paste it like before.

Note that these shortcuts don’t actually place any text on the clipboard. They’re basically just quick ways to move text from one place to another inside Word, and while F2 than the traditional way, it’s not actually performing those shortcuts for you.

So, don’t press F2 on some text that you want to paste on the Web somewhere, because you won’t have anything to paste! Learn how to strip the formatting when you copy and paste text if it’s getting in your way.

Do you find the F2 shortcut useful, or is copy/paste still better? Weigh in below!

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