Shortcuts To Earn Quick GMP in MGS V: The Phantom Pain

TIME :2022-07-03

In The Phantom Pain, Money(GMP) is also an important factor to upgrade your Mother Base, Weapons, and Platforms, also it takes a lot of strategy and pain to earn GMPs. This guide will provide all the detail on how to make quick GMP, tips and tricks on how to play the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 

MGS V: The Phantom Pain

Few Tips to Make Quick GMP:

  • As you Built new Platforms at your Mother base, you see the different training areas and diamonds scattered all across the Base. You should collect these diamonds and training can do. 
  • Keep Repeating the training areas which are easy to do and complete it successfully.
  • Interrogate with the Diamond Dog Men's to locate the Diamonds on the new platform.
  • Extract anything you are able to during your missions like vehicles or gun emplacements and selling them gives a good source of income and also increases the bonus to the mission. 
  • When you'll start having your men going out on their own missions it better to keep at least 1 different type of vehicle.

Easy GMP in Mission 9: Backup, Back Down
This Mission is one of the most shorted and easiest ways to earn quick GMP. No Need to complete every objective in the mission also, you'll be needing some important tools to make as easy as possible.

To Begin with you need D-Horse with the Deficit command, Fulton Extraction capable of lifting vehicles and Stealth Tranq Weapon for this mission. Select your landing zone north of Yakho Oboo @1800 then ride south until you reach north of the small fork. Tranq and extract men which you find useful, avoid detection in this mission(C4 the power supply so the lights are out). Simply head into the outpost courtyard to extract your first vehicle, your second vehicle you will steal is around 200-500m away. You need to keep D-horse in the road and hide behind the crates under the tents waiting for the vehicle. Extract this vehicle and repeat this for every vehicle that comes(except the jeep with the prisoner).

After the extraction is complete, make your D-Horse poop on the road where you have kept him. This poop will force the Jeep to spin out and make the driver and passenger dizzy. Do the extraction and always extract the tanks and missile launcher vehicles first and make the road clear except the D-Horse. The next is the truck with more firepower, Tranq the driver, grab the missile launcher, extract truck, and guard if you need him. Just wait for the tank that's coming and extract it. Now you're going to ride south through Yakho Oboo down Rt 8 and wait for the second tank and extract it the same way. After this cross the bridge you passed and head south till you get to the guard post and take out the third tank.


  • As long as you are behind the vehicle and you are extracting. Just try waiting for the vehicle itself to pass you so it doesn't spot you.
  • If you get seen or combat alerted, then combat vehicles can and will attack you, making this mission almost impossible.
  • When you shoot down the Gunship, you will be spotted, but it usually doesn't really matter as they are dead anyway.

Bonus Objective:
Extract 4 soldiers searching for the escaped prisoner as per one of the mission objective. You can find them between the mountains that lie between guard post 15 and 12. The more mission objectives you complete you'll get more money.

Easy GMP in Mission 15: Footprints of Phantoms
This is the simplest mission of all to earn easy GMPs. All you can to do is extract a few walker gears as well as trucks. This is so easy that you'd like to repeat this again and again. To make it easier you can call your Buddy Quiet with her Guilty Butterfly which will attack the town and you have to do hardly anything other than extract Gears and soldiers you may want.