Destiny The Taken King Guide: 6 Tips and Tricks To Get To 290+ Light

TIME :2022-07-03

Light isn't pivotal anymore in the progression system regarding your Destiny characters, but after The Taken King it basically summarizes the quality of your weapon and gear. So you might want to know how to upgrade your light level in the fastest way possible before TTK raid arrives tomorrow. Here's how you can with a few simple tips provided by the best players out there.

Destiny: The Taken King

Tip 1:
If you want to get to 290 fast, run level 36 strikes until you get to 260, then run heroics until you get to 290. Heroics pretty much go on farm after 270, even with randoms, although having one friend makes a huge difference, and the amount of marks (at first) and engrams you get is insane. Don't even look at the stats for the items, at this point it doesn't matter, all you care about is the highest number for each slot. Keep grinding away, the goal is to get to the highest light level possible as fast as possible.

Tip 2:
As we have already said in previous guides and features, The Taken King goes back to the basis, giving much more importance to quests. Quests are fundamental in order to get legendaries and marks that will help you go through the light level as fast as possible.

Tip 3:
If you want to progress in your light level, you might be willing to sacrifice the pieces of gear you use to equip and get back to those with the highest light gear. Train with them and see if you can figure out how to feel better while playing.

Tip 4:
If you find a blue that has higher light than the legendary you're using, unless it's a weapon or armor piece you're attached to, don't infuse and waste marks, swap out for the blue and dismantle for the marks. If you have motes, use them to level the gear first. You get 5 marks instead of 3 for a fully leveled legendary. You don't have to upgrade it, just level it with experience.

Tip 5:
Don't buy vendor gear for the moment. Wait for Xur to show up, you don't know what's coming once he arrives at the Tower…

Tip 6:
Infusion, when you're capable of it marks wise, doesn't require armor for the same class, only a higher rating and of the same slot. Xur selling an exotic 290 helmet for Warlock and you play a Hunter lucky enough to have a 280 Legendary helmet? Have spare coins? Buy that mofo and infuse it into your legendary helmet.