How to Get the Whirligig Saw in Bloodborne: The Old Hunters Guide

TIME : 2015-12-12 15:05:14

Whirligig Saw is the choice of the old hunter Valtr, the Beast Eater. Its main power is to slice, disc and spinning rapidly to flesh the Beast into fine pieces. To use such a power weapon, you must find it the Bloodborne Map and with this DCL guide we will help to locate the exact location where to find the Whirligig Saw.

Whirligig Saw

How to Get the Whirligig Saw

As we mentioned above how deadly and powerful weapon is the Whirligig Saw which can be acquired in the game. So you need to begin your search from the Nightmare Church lamp and from there take the right to see some stairs which lead down. As you reach near the stairs you will be attacked by few blood-addled hunter and be careful of that hammer they carry as they provide a quite a damage.

After Eliminating the hunters, you see some NPC summoning sign so you can use it(if needed). Now head down and keep following the river of blood and as you pass some of the areas you encounter a bunch of crows to be taken care of. Defeat all the crows then collect the blood vials from the corner and keep heading towards the river of blood.


Now Simply head straight as there are no more enemies in this area to be worried about. You will come across a slope and a dead body atop a stone tablet which is a few inches away. Go to the dead body and search for the Body in order to obtain the weapon. This weapon is none other than the Whirligig Saw. Go ahead and have your hands on another fancy weapon in the Bloodborne: The Old Hunters.