Battlefield 3 Beta Tips and Tricks

TIME :2022-07-03

battlefield 3 tips tricks

The Battlefield 3 Beta is available for everyone who picked up Medal of Honor awhile back, and will be open to the public in just a couple of days. With only a single map to play--Operation Metro--players have begun learning the ins and outs of all that it has to offer, myself included.

Judging from what I’ve experienced so far, veterans of the Battlefield series will feel right at home with Battlefield 3. With the exception of the new revive system, the gameplay is largely unchanged at its core, and improved for the better. The new Frostbite 2 engine and its accompanying movement system feels slick, allowing players to vault over obstacles with relative ease. It even puts Brink--a “parkour” based game--to shame with the fluidity it offers.

I’ve spent half a day playing Battlefield 3 since the installation completed and I’m taking a short break to reflect upon my experience with the game, and to share a few of the tricks I’ve learned during my short time with the game.

  • Bind the firing mode toggle (burst fire, single shot, full auto) to an easily accessible key or mouse button, if you own one of those newfangled Logitech or Razer gaming mice. Single shot will allow you to accurately perform headshots on enemies at a distance without losing sight of them. Switch back to full auto or burst during CQB (close quarters battle).
  • Spot your enemies and objectives with the Q (context) button. It will allow you to keep track of where your enemies are, and you’ll even earn a spotter bonus for doing so.
  • Always support your team with ammunition and medpacks, depending on the class you’re playing. You’ll quickly rack up points this way and support any offensive or defensive action.
  • Revive your fallen comrades whenever you can. They will support you--rather well, I might add--with their handgun until they can get back up on their feet.
  • When you’re on offense, use rocket propelled grenades (as an Engineer) to dismantle enemy fortifications. The less cover they have, the better your chances of advancing forward.
  • Support your teammates’ advances by laying down covering fire. Unlike the previous Battlefield games, you’ll actually earn support points for doing this instead of simply wasting ammunition.
  • Always vault over obstacles instead of running around them. Hit the space key to vault over them like a pro.
  • When playing the Support class, deploy your squad assault weapon with the bipod while behind cover for increased accuracy. Remember the Waffen SS machinegunners who repelled waves of Allied marines at Omaha Beach? You’re one of them now.
  • And finally, remember that Friendly Fire is on by default. Watch where you’re shooting and mind where you throw your grenades.