The Walking Dead — Episode Three: Long Road Ahead Walkthrough

TIME :2022-07-03


Episode 3 starts with Kenny asking your opinion on staying at the motor inn or bugging out.  Your choice here affects Kenny’s loyalties.  After speaking your mind, Lee and Kenny come upon an old semi, upon Kenny scrambling up the ladder, said ladder breaks, forcing you to look for an alternative route up.

Walk to the jeep that is sitting amidst the rubble.  Go to the front of the jeep and aim your cursor at the front at the chain that is connected to the grill.  Lee will pull out the chain and drag it to the semi.  After lee and Kenny exchange words, aim the cursor in between the tires and press the action button.  Then return back to the jeep and press the action button.  Lee will flip a switch, pulling the jeep to the semi.  Climb on top of the jeep, Kenny will ask a question, then offer a hand up to the semi. Aim the cursor at his extended hand and press the action button. Kenny will try to pull you up, but drop you.

After crashing back into the jeep a woman will run into the streets, screaming bloody murder, you can either shoot her or let her draw the walkers from you and Kenny.  After the girl is dead the walkers will start to chase you.  Lee and Kenny run into an abandoned store.  Here you will have to gather supplies.  Supplies are in the trash can, two on the left hand shelf, one on the right hand shelf, and four items on the floor.  If you press the left analogue stick to the right there’s a box with three items in it, one to the right of the box, and three in the shelves above the box.  To the left there’s a cabinet with one item above it and couple inside.

After gathering supplies, aim the cursor at the counter and hop over it.  The door to the store will bust off its hinges and fall on Lee with a couple of walkers.  Button mash the action button to lift up on the door.  Kenny may help you or you may have to button mash again to escape.  Then aim the cursor at the nearby fridge and topple it over to escape.  After that, head for the Kenny, only to be grabbed by a walker.  Aim the cursor at the walker and press the action button twice to escape its grasp, then button mash the action button to escape.


Motor Inn

Upon return, you will be in the middle of a Kenny and Lily fight.  Tension is at an all-time high for the group.  After the fight is over you can walk around and talk to different people in the motor inn. To advance in the game you will have to speak to Lily in her room.  Upon coming out, Duck with ask to help you with your mystery, encourage him or discourage him as you will.

Bandit Attack

Walk around Kenny’s RV to the far corner of the motor inn.  On the pavement you’ll see Clementine’s sidewalk drawings.  Aim your cursor at them and press the action button for Lee to discover the broken glass from the flashlight Lilly found.  Then, walk around the corner of the motor inn and examine the “X” chalked into the wall.  Ask around about the chalk, eventually Duck will call you over to tell you he found the pink chalk by the gate.  You will have the option to give Duck a high five, then investigate the chalk marks on the ground.

After looking at the chalk aim the cursor at the gate and go outside.  Walk to your right until you finally come across a vent. Use the action button on the vent to open it and again to find a bag of supplies inside.

You will bring the evidence to Lily, who will offer up her extreme opinion.  She will be interrupted by shouting bandits.  After Lily runs to a vantage point, you will have to keep the bandits talking.  Soon, she’ll snipe their leader and you’ll have to clean up the rest.  If you don’t kill the remaining two bandits quick enough, it will turn into an all-out war in the motor inn.  You will have to shoot bandits as they approach. Watch your left, as they will attempt to move from cover to cover trying to flank you.  Move in and out of cover to avoid being shot.  There are two stages to this shoot out, the first you protect Carly/Ben, then protect Katjaa and the children.  In the second stage, the bandits will be trying to flank you on your right.  Don’t try to shoot them as the move cover-to-cover, instead wait for them to pop up and try to shoot you.

As Katjaa and Duck make their escape a walker will grab them.  Aim at the walker’s head and shoot it to save them.  Now walkers will flood into the motor inn and you will be forced to hold them back. Remember to always shoot them in the head.  You will have to move between the front and back of the RV using the left analogue stick.  After shooting all the walkers (three approaching the front of the truck and four coming from the back) everyone will pile into the RV and Kenny will drive off.


Now that there’s a moment to talk, Lily is back on the warpath.  She will start throwing accusations around about who has been stealing supplies for the bandits.  After an unscheduled stop, you will either choose to join Lily in her accusations or try to be a calming presence.  Either way, it doesn’t end well and, in a change of events, you will have to decide if you are going to leave Lily behind or take her with you.

Once you are back in the RV and moving, Katjaa will call you to the cab and tell you that Duck has been bitten.  You will have to break the news to Clementine.  After a talk with her, you will have have nightmare that involves a quicktime sequence.


Eventually Kenny will pull up to an abandoned train.  Everyone will file out and it will be up to you to get the train running again. Walk to the train car on the left and press the action button to open the car door.  Lee will get in and investigate. In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a bottle of water that you can give to Katjaa for Duck. On the ground of the car, next to the left wall is a clipboard of the train route.

Next, exit out the door in the back of the rail car which leads to the engine.  Walk alongside the engine to the conductor’s cab. When entering the cab, Lee will notice a walker sitting in the conductor’s chair.  Take it out using a weapon, only for Lee to discover it has long been dead (like dead-dead). Kenny will enter and look at getting the train moving.  The instructions are on a hook, right in front of Kenny.  Have Lee look at them, but he will comment that he needs a drawing tool to be able to read them.

Exit the cab and a walker will try to grab you. However, it’s harmlessly buckled in the car its trying to attack from.  Walk to the car, and then open up the car door to give Lee an idea how to kill the walker silently.  Then aim the cursor at the seat belt buckle and press the action button.  After unleashing the walker, aim the cursor at the car door and press the action button to slam the walkers head to bits.  Once the walker is dead, aim the cursor at the box of animal crackers in the car and pick them up.

Now return to where the group is, outside of the train, and talk to Clementine.  She will give Lee and idea on how to get the train moving.  Give the animal crackers to Katjaa, who will express her thanks.

To the right of the group is the RV, enter it and look at the dashboard.  Look at little closer and you will find a pencil. Now return to the cab and use the pencil to see the instructions. Then follow the instructions to start the engine.  If you’re having trouble finding the “9” panel, it is in the far left of the cabinets on the side of the train.  Open up the cabinet next to it to grab the wrench.

Head back into the engine cab.  Here, Kenny will let you try to move the train, only to find that it is still stuck.  Head back to the railcar and exit out the far side.  Go to the back of the car and you’ll find the latch that is keeping the train in place.  Use the wrench to pry it off and now the train is ready to roll.  Now return to the group and you will meet a vagabond named Chuck.

After talking to Chuck and the group walk back to the train and Kenny will be ready to go.  Duck’s condition is getting worse, you can choose to voice or concern or keep it to yourself, either way Kenny will insist on delaying the inevitable.  Only moments after the train gets going Katjaa will have you wipe blood from Duck’s face and tell Kenny to stop the train.

Train pt 2

Kenny is not thrilled about stopping the train.  You can try and talk some sense into him.  After that you can try to pound some sense into him.  While fighting with Kenny, aim the cursor at his hands to duck his punches, then do the quick time sequences to subdue him.  After three times, he will finally come to his senses.

Once the train is stopped the question will become not whether Duck can stay alive, but how to kill him so he doesn’t become a walker.  You can volunteer to do the deed, suggest Katjaa do it, or suggest Kenny do it.  No matter happens, Katjaa will kill herself before Duck can die.  Now, you’ll get a chance to go back on your original decision, or stand strong.  Either way, someone will have to shoot Duck.

You’ll be back on the train now.  You can use this opportunity to talk with the people of your group and see how everyone is doing.  Once in the rail car, there’s a green bottle sitting on a box, next to the right wall of the room that you should grab.  Also be sure to get the scissors out of the green backpack next to Clementine.  When you get talk Clementine, you will have to have some shooting lessons, watch where her shots hit and have her make the necessary adjustments.  You will also have to cut her hair and make a plan for once you get to Savannah.

In order to form a plans with Clementine, bring the bottle of whiskey to Chuck.  He’ll offer some to you and also tell you to invite others.  Start with Kenny so that you can get to the maps he’s been sitting in front of.  On the way back to Clementine Ben will confess to being the one who gave the supplies to the bandits.  Continue to Clementine and discuss a plan.

Kenny will cry out from the front of the train.  Once you get out of the train Kenny and Chuck will assess the situation, but they will be interrupted by a couple of stragglers who call down to you from the overpass.  When you go up to meet them, they will introduce themselves as Omid and Christa.  Once you are done talking to them, look in the back of the “Federal Rescue Service” van.  Inside you’ll find a roll of tape.  Then descend the ladder and introduce them to your group.


After the introductions are done, head over to the train station.  Walk around to the front door of the station where Lee will scold Clementine for trying to open the front door.  The door won’t budge but if you aim your cursor at the window above it, Clementine will mention she could look inside.  Point cursor at her and press the action button to have Clementine scout inside for you.  She will unlock the door and you will be able to enter the train station.

Once inside, aim the cursor at the door and use the wrench to prop the door open.  Aim the cursor at the blowtorch, just beyond the cage door and press the “look” button.  Then, aim at the top of the cage and press the “look” button again.  Point the cursor at Clementine and press the action button to hoist her through the gap at the ceiling.  No sooner does she get over the wall, then Lee is attacked by walkers.  Back toward the wrench, using the left analogue stick, then press the action button to pick it up.  Aim at the walkers and use the action button to bash their brains in.

Train Station

Lee will note that Clementine was ready to shoot.  As soon as she has settled down, a walker will come for her.  She will bring you the keys, aim at the keys, and press the action button to take them from her.  Then aim at the lock and use the keys to unlock the door.  Don’t be fooled, the game will make you press the action button after all of this, to open the door for Clementine.  After she’s out, aim the gun at the walker and shoot it.


Christa will arrive and scold you for bringing Clementine along.  After she’s gone, aim at the blowtorch and press the action button to pick it up.  Talk briefly with Clementine, then exit the train station.

Clearing the Wreckage

When you return, Omid will offer to help you with the wreck.  Go up the ladder to the overpass.  Once up there, aim at the wreckage and use the blowtorch.  Lee will comment there’s a hole in the hose of the blowtorch.  Aim the cursor at the blowtorch and use the tape to cover up the hole.  Then aim at the wreckage and press the action button again to get started clearing the wreck.

The wreckage will start to slip and Omid will pull you out of the way.  You’ll need some help to finish the job.  Point the cursor at Omid and press the action button.  Lee will dangle Omid over the edge of the overpass so that he can finish clearing the wreckage.  Once the wreckage is out of the way, Kenny will start the train.  Aim the cursor at the far side of the overpass and press the action button to prepare to jump on the train.  Omid will be a little hesitant, but some coaxing will get him off the overpass.

Unfortunately, he’s not a good jumper and will bounce off the train, hurting himself.  Christa will go after him and
you will have to help them back on, choosing either to save Omid first or Christa.  With everyone on the train and safe, you can leave the walker herd in the dust. A final talk with Kenny and a scary call over the walkie-talkie will end the episode.