Persona 4: Golden Status Improvements Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

The simulation elements of Persona 4 Golden play an important role in the game. Your main character, aside from battle stats which depend on the currently equipped persona and level, has 5 more stats: Courage, Diligence, Understanding, Expression, Knowledge. Each one of them is important for a few reasons: to unlock certain Social Links you’ll need a certain rank in a specific stat, some answers during Social Link events will only be available if one of these stats is good enough and you can also receive some awards in special cases. In this guide we’ll cover everything each stat unlocks and how to improve it.


  • Courage

Courage has 5 ranks: Average, reliable, brave, daring and heroic. There are many ways to improve courage: you can read the Man Series books, have a meal at Aiya, eat the bad food in the fridge in the evening at home, fight the final boss of each dungeon again after defeating him and work part-time at the hospital. Leveling Courage will allow you to initiate two social links: at rank 3 you can start the Moon Social Link, at rank 5 you can start the Fortune Social Link.


  • Diligence

Diligence also has 5 ranks: Callow, persistent, strong, thorough, rock solid. To improve Diligence you can have a meal at Aiya, partake in the Sports Club activities, pasting enveloped as a part-time job and read the “Witch Detective”, “Fun with Numbers”, and “Who am I?” book series. Improving Diligence will allow you to take the janitor part time job and initiate the Devil Social Link at rank 3. Diligence will also increase the times you can fish, with 1 more try per rank.


  • Understanding

Understanding levels are basic, kindly, generous, motherly and saintly. To increase your Understanding you can take the baby sitting and paper crane folding part-time job, have a meal at Aiya and read the Timid Teacher book series. Improving Understanding to rank 3 will allow you to start the Hanged Man Social Link while reaching rank 5 will allow you to start the Tower Social Link.


  • Expression

Just like the other stats, Expression has 5 ranks: rough, eloquent, persuasive, touching and enthralling. Your expression rank will increase by partaking in the Culture Club activities, working as a part-time translator, reading the application series, give your classmates the right answers during lessons and pat the kitty located near the Dojima’s Residence. Improving Expression will unlock quite a few things: other than initiating the Hierophant Social Link at rank 2, it’ll allow you to unlock Social Links events for the Hierophant (up to rank 4), Justice (up to rank 5) and Hermit (rank 5) Social Links.


  • Knowledge

The final stat is ranked in informed, broad, expert, professor and sage. You can improve your Knowledge by studying at the library with a bonus on rainy days, study at home, read the application,
“Guide to Pests” and “Fun with Numbers” book series, have a meal at Aiya, listening to lessons and answering questions correctly. Once Knowledge reaches rank 3 you’ll be able to start the Empress Social Link; at rank 5 the Fortune Social Link will finally be available.