Fallout 4 Guide: PC Performance INI Tweaks

TIME :2022-07-03

PC gamers have yet another tweak they can make to their Fallout 4 experience. Redditor /u/Kodix has discovered something interesting: the Fallout: New Vegas INI tweaks still work on the new game.

If you open your Fallout 4 configuration folder (located in Documents/My Games/Fallout4), open the Fallout4.ini file, and look under the [General] section, you can add this section of code to increase your FPS from 30 to a more stable 60:

uInterior Cell Buffer=12

uExterior Cell Buffer=144









You can also use this code to remove stutter without affecting FPS:


/u/Kodix notes that these settings are unique to their laptop (i7-3630QM, 8 GB RAM, Radeon HD7970M, 1920x1080) and that anyone wishing to modify for their PC should use a guide, such as this one. However, they reported no loss in graphic fidelity.

To those who aren’t completely confident with modifying INI files, make sure to back up the original file to restore from in case anything goes wrong.

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