Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

TIME :2022-07-03

Dead Rising 2 Walkthrough

After whetting our appetites with Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, legendary designer Keiji Inafune is ready to release Dead Rising 2 on the unsuspecting public, and boy does it look awesome.

Combining hair-raising, shuffling-zombie action with a tongue-in-cheek presentation and a lot of zany creativity, the game is sure to provide hundreds of hours of fun, as gamers guide protagonist Chuck Greene through an infested version of Vegas.

The emphasis this time around is on weapon crafting, and Greene is able to find and concoct all manner 0f zombie-killing apparati on his quest to save his adorable daughter for the ticking time bomb of zombification that runs through her veins.

A new multiplayer mode adds spice to the proceedings, as players compete American Gladiator-style to see who can lay waste to the most zombies in the most entertaining manner possible. The colorful psychopaths from the first game will also no doubt return, along with legions of helpless survivors.

Check back in this space on the day of release for comprehensive, step-by-step walkthrough coverage, alerting you to everything worth doing in the world of Dead Rising 2.

Title: Dead Rising 2
Developer: Blue Castle Games
Publisher: Capcom
Rating: M
Platforms: Xbox 360, PS3
Release Date: 9/28/2010

The Walkthrough

  • Terror is Reality
  • Case 1
  • Case 1-2 Through Case 1-4
  • Case 2
  • Case 2-2
  • Case 3
  • Case 3-2
  • Case 4
  • Case 5
  • Case 5-2
  • Case 6
  • Case 6-2
  • Case 7
  • The Facts
  • Overtime Mode

Terror is Reality

  1. As the cutscene ends, hit the Right Trigger to gas the bike. Just continually drive it through the crowds of zombies, and try to aim for the ones with the pink lanterns over their heads. They’ll explode and take a few extras with them.
  2. Brake with the Left Trigger to make tight turns and try to keep slamming through the zombies.
  3. After the event, take a break with another cutscene. You’ll be quickly versed in the workings of the Guide Arrow, then you can start heading down the hall.
  4. At the end of the hall, you’ll hit a Bathroom, where you can save your game. Once you’re done with it, turn right and take the elevator.
  5. You can stop and talk to Amber along the way. At the elevator, you’ll get another cutscene.
  6. Time to fight zombies. There’s a bat in front of you on the ground — snag it with X and start cutting a path. You want to continue down this hall, then bear right down when it corners. Follow the guide arrow.
  7. Keep an eye out for more weapons as you go — you’ll need them. There are side rooms you can explore, but they mostly have more of everything — more weapons, or snack foods that you can eat to restore health.
  8. You’ll see the green room door before long, on your left. Open it with B and another cutscene triggers.
  9. Now carrying Katey, you’re weaponless, but you can still kick. Go with the Guide Arrow and follow it out of the arena. You’ll see zombies everywhere, and a few you’ll have to kick out of the way, but for the most part they won’t bother you too badly.
  10. Another big cutscene. After it’s over, leave the security room and grab a fresh weapon, like an ax — there are several on the walls.
  11. Follow the Guide Arrow past the survivors and down the stairs until you get to a ventilation shaft with a door on it. You can open the door to get out of the shelter and back into Fortune City using that vent.
  12. At the other end of the vent, you’ll find yourself in the maintenance area of the mall. Stick with the arrow and it’ll lead you out into the mall proper, which is full of zombies. It’s a bit of a mess.
  13. Wade through and avoid fighting as best you can, especially if you’re weak (or, conversely, do a lot of fighting because it’ll help you build your stats). Eventually, you want to follow the arrow through the mall to the pharmacy.
  14. TIP: You’ll pass a magazine stand kiosk early on when you enter the mall section. Snag the magazine off the front and read it with X for a stat boost. Then toss it with Down on the D-Pad.
  15. It’s a hike to the pharmacy, so protect yourself. Keep an eye out for handy things to use as weapons along the way.
  16. Inside the pharmacy, after a cutscene, you’ll go up against three human looters. They’re pushovers — wail on them with whatever weapon you have and they should go down without much struggle at all.
  17. After those guys are finished, you can loot the store yourself — smash the cash registers by throwing them to get some quick cash — then hop the counter and talk to the woman there. She’ll join up with you.
  18. Now go through the door behind the counter to locate some Zombrex for Katey.

Survivor: Denyce

  1. Time to get back to the Safe House. Grab a weapon or two as you leave the pharmacy and make sure you snake any health items you need in the pharmacy before you leave.
  2. When you run out, Denyce will follow you. She doesn’t carry a weapon, but she’s pretty decent at keeping clear of zombie entanglements. You can keep running and she’ll follow you — just listen for her to get into trouble and save her if necessary. Be careful not to club her with anything, though.
  3. Hike all the way back to the door to the Safe House, making sure to keep Denyce safe until you get there. Don’t go through the door with her too far behind, or you’ll lose her out in the mall and have to go back.
  4. After you deliver Denyce back safely, check your watch. If it’s not quite 7 a.m. yet, you can head back into the mall to explore a bit and do some zombie-killing to maybe raise your stats. Or shop a little.
  5. At 7, return to Katey and administer her booster shot. She’s good for another day.

Case 1

  1. Things start picking up. You need to go back out into the mall. Stop by and talk to Sullivan at the entrance to the vent. He’ll give you the maintenance room key.
  2. When you get into the mall maintenance area, after a cutscene, you’ll get a chance to make your first combo weapon. Set the bat on the work bench and add the box of nails to create the Spiked Bat. You’ll get a combo card and a new weapon.
  3. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Needs More Chainsaw” Achievement (or Trophy, if you’re playing on a PS3) is unlocked after you complete your first combo weapon.
  4. TIP: Try to use and make as many combo weapons as possible. They’re drastically better than the other, normal weapons in the game for the most part, and they earn you bonus PP every time you kill a zombie with them, which means leveling up faster.
  5. Right before the maintenance room, you got a couple of calls on your transponder. Check those messages and you’ll get two new missions.
  6. Before you select one, leave the maintenance area and you’ll see a survivor at the coffee bar ahead. Clear the tunnel as you go.

Survivors: LaShandra and Gordon

  1. This one’s a freebie. Clear the zombies around LaShandra as you approach.
  2. Speak with LaShandra by pressing B. After a few rounds, she’ll join you.
  3. Check out a store called Casual Gal, to the right of the maintenance tunnel entrance. You’ll hear a man sobbing inside.
  4. Clear a path and talk to the man — it’s LaShandra’s husband, Gordon. It’ll take a few seconds to get all the way through the conversation, but after a moment, Gordon will join up too.
  5. Guide him back to the vent hatch and take him to the Safe House. You’ll get a PP bonus for both survivors.
  6. Double-back to the mall and select your first mission as you leave the tunnel. Grab any supplies you need.

One Man’s Trash

Survivor: Chad

  1. You have to fight your way out of the mall and onto the Fortune City streets to get to this mission. There’s more to do when you arrive, however,
  2. Pound through the zombies and follow the Guide Arrow toward the pawn shop. When you get there, you’ll see a man with a shotgun fighting his way through some zombies.
  3. Get over there and help clear the man out of his predicament. That’s Chad. Talk to him and you’ll find he’s missing someone and wants a hand in retrieving her.
  4. To finish Chad’s mission, you’ll need to go to the Arena. Before you do that, though, walk over to the pawn shop and talk to the looter behind the metal gate.
  5. Talk to the looter a few times and you can enter the pawn shop. Buy stuff if you want (if you have the money, you might want Zombrex. You’ll be purchasing it eventually anyway, but it’s expensive). Then pull up your map and set your Guide Arrow to go with the mission “Lost…”


Survivor: Doris

  1. Follow the Guide Arrow with Chad in tow to get down to the Arena.
  2. Fight down to the kiosk where Doris is standing on top, shooting down at zombies. She’ll climb down as you approach.
  3. Speak with Doris a few times to get her to join up with you and Chad. The great thing about the two gun nuts is that they can very much take care of themselves.
  4. Run for it. You don’t need to stop or deal with many, or any, of the zombies between here and there. Check your map as you go and make for the security room. To get there, you have to go back through Royal Flush Plaza.
  5. It shouldn’t be any sweat to get Doris and Chad back to the Safe House with their weapons. Once your done with them, make some new weapons in the maintenance room and head back Royal Flush.
  6. COMBO CARD: Your reward for all that work is the Pole Weapon combo card. It’ll earn you additional PP when you build the combo weapon it describes. More Combo Cards become available from saving survivors, defeating psychopaths, and building weapon combinations.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Find 25 Combo Cards and the “Half Deck” Achievement (or Trophy) is yours. Get all of them and you earn the “Full Deck” Achievement.  You’ll also earn the “Life Saver” Achievement for getting all the cards from survivor rescues; the “Tough Guy” Achievement for getting all the cards for killing psychopaths; and the “Curiously Inventive” Achievement when you get all the cards from building all the combinations you can.

Case 1-2 Through Case 1-4

  1. Set your Guide Arrow and run through Royal Flush back outside. You don’t have to go far — just across the Platinum Strip – to make it to the Fortune City Hotel.
  2. After a cutscene, stick with Rebecca as she heads to the security room. Follow her. She’ll drop you by a bathroom so you can save along the way.
  3. Watch along the sides of the hotel walkway for weapons and items — sledgehammers, two-by-fours, and, near some scaffolding, a chainsaw. You’ll need them.
  4. You’ll reach the end of your journey some time later, and watch another quick cutscene. Stick with Rebecca and pound your way through another batch of zombies.
  5. Up around the corner, you’ll hit the security room. Open the door to start up another cutscene.
  6. Time to return to the Safe House. The Guide Arrow will take you back through Americana Casino. Look for a wheelchair and use the moving walkways to expedite your trip. Dodge zombies along the way to move quickly.
  7. You don’t have long to get back, so try to avoid entanglements. It shouldn’t be hard to get there without hitting too many enemies along the way.
  8. Get back to the Security Room when you return to the Safe House. You’ll get a new cutscene when you arrive.
  9. That wraps up Case 1. Now it’s time to finish up some loose ends out in Fortune City before Case 2 starts up.

Welcome to the Family

Survivors: Kenneth and Doug

  1. To rescue these two guys, you have to cross to the opposite end of the map, and the clock is ticking. It can be tough, but set your Guide Arrow and head for Palisades Mall.
  2. Avoid entanglements along the way and you should get to the two survivors with a little time to spare. They’re in a bad way, so help them fight off the horde of zombies they’re dealing with.
  3. Once the hunting store they’re in is clear, you can start talking with the two men and convincing them to come. Talk to the man with the knife, Kenneth, first, then to the man with the helmet. When they both sign on, you’re ready to leave.
  4. TIP: Before you go, check the wall to the left of the checkout desk — there’s a broadsword on the wall, and it’s one of the finest weapons in the game. You’re going to want that for the long walk back.
  5. With the two men in tow, set your Guide Arrow to Case 2 and truck it back to Royal Flush. It’s a helluva walk, but for their part, your two survivors are decent at getting out of zombie messes. Don’t lead them into anything too hairy and they’ll keep your pace.
  6. Slice through anything that gets in your way or looks like it’ll be irritating to your two followers. Head all the way back to the Atlantic Casino, then you can cross the strip into Royal Flush.
  7. From there, it’s easy. Just truck it back to your maintenance tunnel and turn these two guys in.

Short Sighted

Survivor: Esther

  1. Time is short to get Esther, and she is actually not as close as she seems when you leave the maintenance tunnel.
  2. As you come out of the maintenance tunnel, the Guide Arrow will take you all over. You’re looking for a flight of stairs up to the upper level, and there are a few.
  3. Keep your eyes open and make your way up to the top level. You want to get to Children’s Castle, a store above the round rotunda stairs.
  4. It takes a crazy amount of convincing to Esther to join you. Just keep talking to her and killing the zombies around her.
  5. After you finally get Esther to join up, you’ll realize she’s insanely slow. You’re going to have to carry her. Pick Esther up with B. You can move fast while carrying her, but you can’t fight — you can only kick zombies out of your way.
  6. That’s okay because you don’t have far to go. Bypass the rotunda stairs and head left –  you should find an escalator closeby. Take that down to minimize the hassle of getting back to the ground floor and you should be well on your way back to the Safe Room.
  7. The rest is just zombie-dodging, and you should be getting good at that. You can set the Guide Arrow to Case 2 — it shouldn’t have started just yet, if you’ve been moving fast — to help guide you back to the Safe House.
  8. TIP: If you do go down the rotunda stairs — which is tough, as they’re flooded with zombies — look for a wheelchair. You can stand it up and put Esther inside it, then run behind it and plow through zombies. You actually run faster when pushing a wheelchair than you otherwise would.
  9. Back at the vent hatch, just head through to the Safe House while carrying Esther to take her back. Accept her thanks, then get back out into Fortune City — you probably don’t have long before the next set of survivors expires.

Case 2

  1. Get back to the Safe Room before 7:30 p.m. to start the next case.
  2. You’ll watch a short cutscene and need to get over to Palisades Mall for Case 2-2, but in the meantime, there are a few survivors you can save before you go over there.
  3. The first set are the closest to expire, so make for Americana Casino, which is connected to Royal Flush.

Worker’s Compensation

Survivors: Stuart and Brittany

  1. Note that nighttime zombies are faster and more aggressive than daytime zombies. Blaze through and past them and make for the casino.
  2. You’ll find survivors Brittany and Stuart behind a barricade, destroying slot machines. Grab some money but avoid being smacked by Stuart.
  3. Talk to Brittany. She’ll side with you. After that, knock Stuart down and he’ll stop attacking you. Talk to him again and he’ll join up.
  4. Now talk to Brittany one more time and she’ll join up as well. Time to run back to Royal Flush.
  5. Note that it’s tougher to get back to the Safe House because you don’t have a reliable Guide Arrow — make sure you don’t accidentally follow the one telling you to keep working on Case 2. Use the map and make your way back to Royal Flush and safety.
  6. Don’t worry too much about Stuart and Brittney, as they’re generally pretty capable.
  7. Drop them off and get ready to head back to Americana, as you’ve got several more missions there.
  8. NOTE: If you don’t mind dragging Stuart and Brittany around, you can try to do “Lush-ious Lady” while you’re here. It’s more or less on your way, and the survivor you get there you have to carry anyway.

Lush-ious Lady

Survivor: Kristin

  1. Set your Guide Arrow and you’ll find this one right away inside Americana Casino — it’s right around the corner from the path into Royal Flush. In fact, it’s pretty convenient and quick to do it while you’re already in American for “Workers Compensation.”
  2. The Arrow will lead you to a closed personnel door. Open it and go inside, then go through another door to find Kristin puking like crazy. She’s in no shape to move.
  3. Talk to her until she’s convinced to join, then pick her up (she’ll want something to drink — booze from the nearby Americana bar is fine. Hair of the dog!). You’re carrying her back to the Safe House.
  4. It’s actually easier to carry her. The Safe House is right around the corner from here, so just haul it back there and drop her off. Easy PP.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: The “Saving the Day” Achievement unlocks after you bring back this batch of survivors.

Barn Burner

Survivors: Elrod and Trixie-Lynn

  1. You’ll probably get this notification around when you’re doing either “Workers Compensation” or “Lush-ious Lady,” but once you do, you’ll want to wrap up whatever you’re doing and head that way quickly.
  2. You’re headed to the Arena, the most direct route is through Americana Casino.
  3. Getting through the casino is easy — the Arena is packed with zombies, however, and it’s a mess. Push through them and make for the back of the Arena.
  4. After you hammer through the zombies, go into the hallway and clear the area around the fire that’s in the doorway of the dressing room. When you’re not threatened by zombies, take the fire extinguisher off the wall and use it to put out the fire. Aim by holding LT and fire it with RT.
  5. Once you’ve cleared the fire, get into the room and kill the zombies after Trixie-Lynn. Speak with the two survivors a few times and they’ll join up with you.
  6. Getting Elrod and Trixie-Lynn through the arena is a huge pain. You might want to consider picking up as many weapons as you can and just killing most of the zombies on the center arena stairs — or just trying to run through as fast as you can, mostly along the highest section of the arena steps.
  7. Either way, you need to get across the Arena to America Casino. Once you’re clear of the arena, things should get a little easier. Keep moving fast and hug the walls. Keep an eye on the map and get into Royal Flush.
  8. Back on your home turf, drop off your survivors. You shouldn’t have anything pressing for a bit now, but the next item on the agenda by deadline will be Case 2-2.

Ted and Snowflake

Psychopath Fight

  1. At some point before the end of the first night, head over to Yucatan Casino. It’s at the far end of the city.
  2. Bring food and some strong combo weapons. If you’ve found dynamite and a bow (which is in Royal Flush in the tobacco shop), you can make a Blam Bow, which is an effective ranged weapon to use against Ted, the psychopath you’re dealing with.
  3. You’ll also want a couple healing items on-hand, and a few good melee weapons. Ted is not too difficult, and a concerted effort to level him will do just that.
  4. So when you get to Yucatan, you’ll see a cutscene of Ted and Snowflake — a freaking tiger. Ted’s trying to feed you to Snowflake, and Snowflake is pretty angry in general. The loose tiger also is part of this fight.
  5. Ignore Snowflake except to try to dodge her. The cat is huge and will knock you down, and it’s also really fast. If you can get out of the way, you should.
  6. Meanwhile, get close to Ted and pound him. He’s not a great fighter. You may need to heal, but even at fairly low levels, you should be able to just pound on him and dodge his attacks by stepping clear.
  7. Upon beating Ted, you’ll get another cutscene — but Snowflake is still running around, mauling zombies and attacking you. You can fight and kill her, but it’s not the most beneficial approach.
  8. Instead, run over to the rocks where you first saw Ted and Snowflake. Quickly jump up to the higher rocks — you’ll see objects up there that you can grab. You’re looking for a couple of steaks up here.
  9. Don’t eat those steaks. Instead, you need to feed three of them to Snowflake. There’s another one to the right of the rocky area if you’re standing on it and looking out into the casino. Look for a small rock with the third steak on it.
  10. To feed Snowflake, you need to use yourself as bait. Put a steak on the ground in a relatively open area — you might need to hack through some zombies to clear space, as they distract Snowflake and cause her to miss the steaks.
  11. Now stand around 10 or 12 steps back from the steak, so it’s between you and wherever Snowflake is. Eventually she’ll come bounding in your direction. If you’re too close to the steak, she’ll ignore it and go for the squirming meal you represent. You want her to come toward you, but see the steak first. You can also try calling her with Y to get her moving in your direction.
  12. Snowflake will see the steak, walk up to it slowly, and eat it if she’s not distracted or attacked. She’ll get a little health back. Repeat this process three times and suddenly, you’ve tamed the cat. You can treat her like any other survivor.
  13. TIP: If you need more steaks, check Baron Von Brathaus in Yucatan, and the Food Court that’s attached to the casino in the grille restaurant. Both contain steaks as backup. It takes three to win over Snowflake.
  14. ACHIEVEMENT: Getting Snowflake on your side unlocks the achievement, “The Skill to Survive.”
  15. Once Snowflake joins you, you can return her to the Safe House. Feel free to bring the tiger with you as you round up a few more survivors, however, as the cat is more than capable of taking care of itself.
  16. Back at the Safe House, you get a PP bonus for rescuing Snowflake. Instead of leaving again, go to the Security Room and hit B to “talk” to the tiger.
  17. Now you’ll give Snowflake as a gift to Katey. This goes toward your “Father of the Year” Achievement. You can’t get it any other way.

Case 2-2

  1. Time to head to Palisades Mall. Go outside from Royal Flush and make your way across the strip. You’ll remember the route from last time.
  2. Inside Atlantic Casino, you should have a really easy time avoiding battles. In fact, jumping over chairs and hugging the walls should make it really easy to dodge through the zombies as much as you want. Keep an eye out for money while you go.
  3. It’s a similarly easy story inside Palisades. Keep moving through to the back of the mall, and look for zombie bodies on the floor near a door. Pop that open and go into the Underground beyond.
  4. Follow the hallway to the back of the area to trigger a cutscene.
  5. You’ll have to fight your way out of the room, with three gun-wielding mercenaries battling you. They don’t fire constantly, though, so pull an agile weapon like a bat and lay into them.
  6. Dodge the mercs’ fire by strafing them, and look for the one that’s separated from the others by shelves. Run up and whack him in the face with a bat or something to knock him down.
  7. Now spin around and do the same to the two other mercs who are moving to assist the guy you just pelted. Hit them fast before they can take aim, if you can.
  8. If the mercs don’t come after you, wait patiently and finish off the one you were fighting. Grab his gun when he drops it and use it against the other two mercs. Killing all three triggers another cutscene.

Catch the Train

  1. Gun the bike’s engine. You’re immune to zombies while at speed here, so just keep it up and use this opportunity to mow a few down and raise your PP for hitting a milestone like 500 or 1,000.
  2. Your goal here is to use a ramp to jump your bike onto the train. Ramps pop up on either side of the train every now and then, so shoot for the open area and just avoid dying until you find one. You’ll need to be pretty close to the train to trigger the cutscene that comes with a successful jump.
  3. The trick is not to get blown up or shot in the meantime. There are two mercs on the train, and one of which throws junk at you while the other opens fire. The junk is more dangerous, because it bounces along the ground and is hard to see through all the zombies.
  4. Do your best to watch for throws and avoid getting too close to the train, while keeping your speed up. The quicker you get pretty close to alongside and hit a ramp, the sooner you’ll get through this section.
  5. There are no major barriers between here and there, except time. Watch for an upcoming ramp — generally any structure up ahead on the tracks is a good indicator – and get your jump when the train comes close to one.
  6. When you’ve hit the jump, Chuck will get onto the back car of the train. Quickly make your way to the left of the car and hide behind the boxes there. The mercs won’t be able to shoot you, and one will obligingly come looking for you.
  7. Wail this first guy in the face with a weapon (or shoot him if you still have a merc machine gun), then use his gun to shoot the other merc, who’s further down. When you’ve dealt with both, you can grab a healing item like orange juice from the ground to your right.
  8. Head forward. You’ll run into more mercs — exercise the same strategy, staying out of their line of fire. Kill the one closest with the gun you have, take his gun, and kill the next one. Repeat this until you’re to the front of the train.
  9. Gather up all the weapons you can — these machine guns are useful for combos with the wheelchair and robot bear, and will be good to fight psychopaths with. Then head to the front of the train and open the door — after you’ve healed up, of course.
  10. That’s another cutscene down. When you get off the train, you’ll still be in the Underground, and can use the tunnels as a (somewhat) fast means of getting around. Get in the golf cart beside the ramp near where the train stopped and you can drive it to another exit point. Your next goal is to procure Zombrex for Katey.

Code Blue

Survivor: Sven

  1. This mission might be a line on some Zombrex for Katey (or for other missions). You need to go to Silver Strip to get to it.
  2. When you get outside, follow the Guide Arrow to One Little Duck Bingo.
  3. Start talking to Sven and keep doing so until he listens to you about coming back. Eventually he’ll join up.
  4. TIP: Check the counter near Sven for a magazine that will give you a skill boost.
  5. Knock out any zombies that are coming into the room and then get back outside. You need to run down the strip to your right, all the way back to Royal Flush. Luckily, this is easy and Sven is capable.
  6. Stick to the walls and bypass the zombies until you get to the plaza entrance. Clear a hole and pop inside when Sven gets back to you. Once you’re in there, just lead him back to the Safe House quickly.
  7. Your reward for finishing this one is Zombrex. It’s probably getting close to 7 a.m. — you’ll want to hang onto this hit of Zombrex to deal with Katey when that happens. But you also need more if you want to save another survivor.

Once Bitten

Survivor: Jared

  1. This guy is on the second floor of Royal Flush, right above the Safe Room. He’s injured, and y0u’ll need to get him some Zombrex in order to move him.
  2. You can purchase Zombrex from any pawn shop – there’s one on the second floor of Royal Flush, actually, and right near Wily Travels, where you’ll find Jared. You’ll need $25,000, however.
  3. TIP: If you need spare cash, you can go online and play the Terror is Reality multiplayer mode. All the money you earn there is taken back into the single-player game with you.
  4. Take to the casinos if you need cash, as there’s a lot lying around and you can play slots or destroy machines to get more. If you’re pressed for time and only need a little money, go store to store in Royal Flush, destroying the cash registers. You’ll get between $300 and $500 for each register you break.
  5. After you’ve got the money, head to the second floor and into the Pawn Shop, Just in Time Payday Loans. Purchase the Zombrex and take it to Jared.
  6. With the Zombrex in-hand, Jared joins up. He’s slow and useless, however. You’ll need to assist him.
  7. COMBO CARD: Jared will give you the Hacker combo card after you save him, which requires a computer case and flashlight.
  8. Give Jared your shoulder by pressing B. You can help him move, but you won’t be able to fight — just as if you were carrying him. You can still kick, though.
  9. Make your way back to the escalator and then down to the Safe House. It shouldn’t take you long and you just have to dodge the zombies between you and there.

Meet the Contestants

Psychopath Fight

  1. TIP: Try to bring a bowie knife to this fight. You can sometimes find them on zombies wearing bluish shirts with dark hair.
  2. Go down to the front of the Arena, where you’ll trigger a cutscene. Once you do, this fight stays live until you kill Leon, the psychopath, so if you have other stuff to do (or items you’d like to bring), feel free.
  3. Once you have the bike key, grab the bike behind you and ride it down the strip to Fortune Park. There you’ll find Leon, who will try to strafe you with his bike and knock you down with his chainsaws.
  4. You’ll get absolutely pummeled by this thing if you’re not careful, so the trick is to stay clear of Leon and not let him annihilate you with the blades.
  5. After Leon passes you and makes an attack, or runs into something, he stalls on his bike for a minute. This is the key moment to attack him — you can do serious damage here. But you need a proper weapon.
  6. Take that bowie knife you brought and check the map for Fortune Park. See that maintenance room? You want to go there — fast. Drive up to door and get inside, where you’ll find a pair of boxing gloves.
  7. Combine the gloves with the bowie knife to make the Knife Gloves. These things are mean and very powerful. They’re going to be your weapon of choice against Leon.
  8. Get back outside and jump on the bike. Find Leon and try to get him to attack and miss. When he stops, get over to him, hop off the bike, and wail on him with the Knife Gloves.
  9. You should do serious damage. Three or so rounds of this and Leon will go down under the strain, triggering a new cutscene.

Chuck the Role Model

Survivor: Vikki

Psychopath Fight

  1. TIP: Bring good combo weapons, and specifically ranged weapons like firearms, to this fight. It’s no fun otherwise. Also, food like Orange Juice from the Safe House cafeteria is extremely important.
  2. Cut through Americana Casino and go toward the arena. When you see the moving walkway, go to the bathroom on the right side wall, then head all the way left.
  3. You’ll get a cutscene of your first psychopath, Brandon. This guy is super-irritating — he’s fast with that shiv and will spend his time hidden among the stalls, trying to ambush you as you move around in the bathroom.
  4. Meanwhile, if you stand still, Brandon will launch a monkey-style jumping attack against you that not only hurts, it sends you flying. Even if you do manage to stand your ground and nail him with a bat or something, he’ll keep coming and still hit you.
  5. The worst of Brandon’s arsenal is a jump attack if he lands it on your back. When this happens, he pins you to the ground and knifes you like crazy. Avoid that at all costs.
  6. Brandon will fall under any serious attack from a combo weapon, but the trick is to get him to do his jump attack — and miss. This is no easy feat, but you can accomplish it with a quick move sideways out of the way to get clear.
  7. You can also try jumping when Brandon looks like he’s about to land a jumping attack on you. You still take the damage, but this has the effect of neutralizing Brandon’s ability to send you spinning into the distance. He also still reacts as though he missed, hitting the ground and pausing there a moment.
  8. TIP: There’s a crappy food item in the back corner, just to the side of the door you entered through, if you need a little boost.
  9. After you make Brandon miss his jump move, he’ll pause on the ground before standing back up. This is a key moment — lean into him when this happens with the Knife Gloves or something of similar power, or even the Spiked Bat or Defiler combos. You need to seriously hurt him.
  10. Three or so rounds of tearing Brandon apart when he misses attacking you and you’ll kill him. You’ll probably need a serious heal between now and then, so bring extra food.
  11. Afterward, speak to Brandon’s hostage, Vikki, to get her to join up with you. Give her a spare weapon — there are a few things lying around.
  12. You just have to lead Vikki back to the Safe House, which should be easy because she’s fast and has a weapon now. There’s also a wheelchair just down the hall in front of the maintenance room on the way back into the casino, which makes you move even faster. Getting back should be no problem.

Case 3

  1. You need to be back at the Safe House security room at about 10:30 a.m. to trigger another cutscene.
  2. When you’re done watching it, you’re free to go about your business for a while. Meantime, you’ll get a message when you get back to Royal Flush saying that merc groups are working in Americana, Yucatan and Slot Ranch casinos. If you go through them, you’ll be attacked, so be careful and leave a wide path until you’re ready.
  3. You have lots of time to complete Case 3-2, so feel free to go do other things first.

Industrial Fashion

Survivors: Willa and Terri

  1. You’ll need to cross Silver Strip to get down to South Plaza, where you’ll find the construction workers. The workers are right next to an Underground access point, if it’s easier to go through there from where you are.
  2. If you go through Fortune City Hotel, which is the way the Guide Arrow takes you from Royal Flush, look for a wheelchair right when you enter South Plaza. Bring it with you to the survivors, but try not to trash it by running over too many zombies.
  3. When you find the construction workers, quickly kill the zombies surrounding Terri. When she’s in the clear, climb up on the scaffold and talk to Willa, the other worker.
  4. Willa joins up immediately. Climb down and get her to come with you, then talk to Terri and get her to join. When you’ve got both with you, get your wheelchair and get Willa to sit in it.
  5. Now it’s a simple matter of pushing Willa back through South Plaza to the door that leads outside to the strip, back in the Fortune City Hotel. If you don’t crash into anything that’s too tough or break the wheelchair, it’ll last you that whole time. Otherwise, you have to carry Willa.
  6. The quickest way back is through South Plaza, through the hotel, across the strip to Royal Flush. When you get to the strip, you can probably just carry Willa the rest of the way back — Terri takes care of herself.
  7. Once you’re inside Royal Flush, if you feel you need it, stop and snag a wheelchair from a zombie on the left side of the rotunda. You can put Willa in that and run her back to the Safe House.
  8. Drop off both Terri and Willa for a big PP boost.
  9. COMBO CARD: The Ripper Combo card is yours either at Level 16 or for finishing this mission. It has you combining a saw blade and cement saw to construct it.

Wilted Flower

Survivors: Linette

  1. Time to make the long trip to Palisades Mall. Stock up on weapons and food for the journey.
  2. Head to Palisades, following your Guide Arrow. If you come in through Atlantic Casino, the Guide Arrow will take you to the second floor, then down through the sporting goods store. Keep track of this, as it’s a handy way back up in a second.
  3. The Guide Arrow will take you to the tanning salon, and you’ll find Linette in the back, near the tanning beds. Talk to her and she requests a drink.
  4. You’ll find coffee back in the store proper, if you need it. Bring it back to Linette and give it to her and she’ll join you, but she can’t walk.
  5. Linette also knows an amazing shortcut between Palisades and Royal Flush, located on the second floor of Palisades in a store called Brand New U. Go to your Watch or Map and set the Guide Arrow to “Linette’s Passage.”
  6. Head back to the sporting goods store — it was one or two store fronts to the left as you leave the store in which you found Linette — and take those stairs back up. Follow the arrow or check the map to get to Brand New U. You’ll find the shortcut in one of the changing rooms.
  7. ACHIEVEMENT: Inside Brand New U is a robot bear, on the back wall of the median island, next to the changing rooms. If you snag it at a later date, you can bring it back to Katey and give it to her to unlock the “Father of the Month” Achievement. Give her all the gifts available in the game to get the “Father of the Year” Achievement. Here’s our list of all the gifts and their locations.
  8. Using the shortcut, you arrive in the bathroom closest to the Safe House entrance in Royal Flush, which is just spectacular — remember that, you’ll want it for later. From here, just carry Linette back to the Safe House to collect your PP reward.

Tastes Like Chicken

Survivors: Cinda, Jasper

Psychopath Fight

  1. Set your Guide Arrow and head over to Slot Ranch. There’s a restaurant on the first floor, and it’s your destination. Save before you get there, as this is a tough fight.
  2. TIP: You’ll want to bring a fast, reliable combo weapon. I had decent success with the Driller, which is made with by combining a hand drill and a spear. You can find a spear near the moving walkway in Royal Flush.
  3. It’s not too bad a hike, and if you come from Royal Flush, you’ll cut through the casinos to get there. Bring some good combo melee weapons, as you’re about to get into a fight.
  4. When you arrive at the restaurant, Antoine, the chef, will attack you. He’s formidable, but not as bad as the other psychos you’ve fought up to this point. Bring your usual compliment of extra food — there’s some in the restaurant — and strong weapons and you should be okay.
  5. You’ll see Antoine’s attack pattern right after you trigger the fight — he throws cutlery and pans at you, then runs around eating to restore health. When he’s eating, he’s also vulnerable, and that’s when you want to attack with your Driller if you have it, or a comparably fast combo weapon if you don’t.
  6. Try to stay close to Antoine, but be ready to put objects between you and him following every time he eats — this is routinely when he throws things as you move away from him (distant proximity seems to trigger the throw when he’s not running away from you). The vertical columns are especially convenient. They separate the kitchen from the dining room.
  7. Antoine runs from the kitchen to the dining room, eats, runs back, and eats again. You have to do more damage than he restores every time he eats, so as soon as he runs from you, pursue him. Be careful you don’t get too close, as he’ll come after you with his pan if you do.
  8. When Antoine stops to eat, get to him fast and give him a pair of Driller stabs. You should be able to execute two stabs fast, then back away to avoid his pan counter-attack swing.
  9. Time to run. Antoine is now coming after you, and will chase you to hit you. He’s faster than you, so he’ll close the distance and go into the swing animation. If it’s the slower, wider swing, step back and give him the Driller right afterward. Be careful of the one-two combo swing he likes to do. It’ll knock you down.
  10. Once you’ve gotten out of the way of the pan counter attack, it’s time to run for the nearest corner to avoid getting smacked in the head with a thrown object. These will usually knock you on your back, which is annoying as well.
  11. Right after Antoine throws pots at you, he runs to the next food stop. Meet him there and pummel him with the Driller and repeat the process. Use any pan swings he tries to hit you with on the trip as an opportunity to stab him an extra time or two.
  12. You’ll have to repeat this process a few times before Antoine goes down, so be careful to conserve your health. Spend some time learning Antoine’s attack timing and getting clear of his moves, and learning how fast you can attack him before running. Speed is your best weapon here, as well as your best defense.
  13. When Antoine finally dies, go check the walk-in freezer to find your first survivor, Cinda. She won’t come with you, though, until you locate another one — Jasper.
  14. You may have heard Jasper shouting at you when you came into the Slot Ranch food court. He’s around — in fact, if you check your map, you’ll find him on top of the restaurant called Hamburger Fiefdom.
  15. To get up to Jasper and talk to him, go to the snack machines alongside Lombardi’s. You can climb on those machines, then jump to the awning above Lombardi’s to reach Jasper. Talk to him to get him to join up, then go back down the same way.
  16. Double-back to Cucina Donnacci and pick up Cinda. Time to return to the Safe House. Make sure you outfit both your survivors with weapons.
  17. Now you should be free to run back to the Safe House with the survivors. Go through Americana Casino and you’ll have little difficulty.

Case 3-2

  1. This case will have been running for a while even though we’ve been covering some other side missions. The best way to deal with it is just to stop by the mercs who are drilling the vaults and kill them on your way to completing other missions.
  2. Drop by Americana Casino and you’ll find the first set of drilling mercs right around the corner from the door from Royal Flush, on your left. The first two are a little distracted by zombies — run up and hit them with a melee weapon to take them out.
  3. Snag an assault rifle from one of the merc bodies and use it against the mercs inside the vault vestibule. Just keep hammering them with a gun until it’s empty, and grab a fresh one off the guy you just killed.
  4. When you’ve murdered all the mercs, go to the big drill and smack it with a weapon. A few hits and it’ll explode, signalling job done. Time to go to the next casino.
  5. You’re next destination is the Slot Ranch. If you’ve got “Tastes Like Chicken” to do, this is a good one to handle on the way over, or immediately afterward.
  6. Repeat the process from Americana. If you have a gun at the outset, it’s even easier — blast the mercs on the outside, get new weapons, and repeat the process. Use the wall and doorways for cover and you should be able to kill both the mercs outside, then the three inside, while taking minimal damage.
  7. Trash the drill. That’s two down. The next stop is in Yucatan Casino, which isn’t far from Slot Ranch.
  8. The Yucatan guys are set up slightly better, and you might have a harder fight dealing with them because there are more in one place at a time. These mercs cover each other better, simply because they’re bunched up more.
  9. Clear out Yucatan and you’ll get a last assignment — there’s a group of mercs outside Americana Hotel. You need to head to the strip.
  10. Follow the Guide Arrow and you’ll discover the mercs guarding an armored car. They’re irritating, but you should be able to use the car and the zombies to isolate and kill them.
  11. There are about six, so try to get in close and finish a few off fast. If you have an assault rifle from your last pillage, use it to thin the enemy out from a distance. Watch out for all those zombies though.
  12. Kill off the mercs and you can destroy the car. Use any melee weapon (there are also propane tanks nearby you can blow up, but they’re less than extremely effective) and just smack it until it explodes to end the case.

Stuart’s Scheme

  1. You’ll get a message at some point saying that things at the Safe House are getting a little problematic.
  2. When you’re headed back to the Safe House anyway (but before the time expires), stop at the top of the steps and speak with Stuart.
  3. If you get back in time, you should be able to talk with Stuart repeatedly and dismantle the mutiny before it becomes a problem, wrapping up the mission.

Par for the Course

Survivor: Luz

  1. Easy one — she’s right around the corner from the Safe House. Set your Guide Arrow and go find Luz in the sporting goods store.
  2. She’s under heavy attack from zombies, so get over there and save her.
  3. When the zombies are dead, speak with Luz and she’ll join up after two chat sessions.
  4. That’s it. Head back to the Safe Room for your PP reward.

Everybody Knows Slappy

Psychopath Fight

  1. When you head down to deal with Case 4, it’s a good time to go handle Slappy. The two events are close together both spatially and temporally. Bring a spare combo weapon, like the Defiler, although just about anything that’s fairly strong will do the job.
  2. Enter Palisades Mall and climb to the second floor. You’ll stumble on Slappy before long as you follow the Guide Arrow — he’s waiting just outside a toy store.
  3. After the cutscene, Slappy will attack you with his two flamethrowers. He also roller skates, which makes him totally irritating and really hard to fight.
  4. Here’s the trick to this battle: if you throw something heavy at Slappy, or jump up and kick him in the head as he glides by, you can knock him down. You can also make him slip by throwing a liquid like wine down in front of him, then run up and hit him to knock him down.
  5. When Slappy’s on his ass, he’s totally vulnerable for you to pummel. Run up with your favorite combo weapon and just lay into him. When he gets up, back off quickly, as he responds with a spinning flamethrower attack.
  6. To deal with Slappy’s attacks, try to keep an eye on him. Specifically you need to avoid his ranged gun shots, which will knock you down. The rest of the time, just try to kick him as he skates by, and deal with the small amount of flamethrower damage you take.
  7. If you get into trouble, go two stores down to the wine store and snag a bottle. There’s also some wine toward the back of the art gallery right next to where Slappy fights you. Both these locations offer a lot of cover, so you can hide out, heal up, and get back in the fight.
  8. If you have to stop and drink enough that Chuck pukes (three drinks), try to do so in the art gallery. You can hide out in the back of the store until his nausea wears off, so you don’t get destroyed from alcohol poisoning during the fight.
  9. COMBO CARD: You’ll pull down the Flamethrower card for defeating Slappy.
  10. ACHIEVEMENT: Around now you should be getting your “Vigilante Justice” Achievement, depending on when you beat Slappy and Amber and Crystal. It rewards you for taking down 5 psychopaths.

Case 4

  1. You’ve gotta head all the way to the far end of the map, to Shoal Night Club in Yucatan Casino. It’s a bit of a walk, so bring proper weapons and so on.
  2. You’re walking into an annoying trap — be ready with strong combo weapons and spare food, like orange juice. In fact, bring at least three major health items. You may want to save right before the battle as well, to shorten your walk.
  3. Be aware that when you arrive, you’re going to have to fight the twins, Amber and Crystal. They’re tough and fast, and both have swords.
  4. But there are some options as you approach Shoal. For one, if you check in the Yucatan vault, you’ll find a light machine gun, which can be handy if you want it. Check the nearby restaurant also for a steak, which will completely refill your health. You should have lots and lots (and lots) of health items.
  5. TIP: Check behind the counter, just outside the kitchen, in the Yucatan Casino’s restaurant for a magazine that increases the amount of health you receive from food.
  6. Finally, you’re ready to head up to Shoal. Pound through the zombies in the tunnel entrance. There’s money and some weapons in the little coat check area to the right at the end of the tunnel. To the left is the night club proper.
  7. When you get inside, pick one of the twins and zero in. There’s no finesse going on in this fight — you need to pick a twin and beat her senseless. Only one has to die for you to win, and in fact, you should completely and totally ignore the other one.
  8. Make your choice and pursue your twin. Avoid the women’s rushing sword attacks — they’ll run extra fast at you, dragging the blade past as they go to hit you. If you need some distance, give them a run for a bit around the outside of the room. You should be able to avoid their attacks, and eventually they’ll back off so you can heal.
  9. For combat, try to stick with your twin even when she runs away. Crystal and Amber each have a special attack — one jumping in the air, one sliding on the ground — and if you dodge or interrupt them, you’ll make them vulnerable.
  10. Really, though this is a battle of attrition. Stand your ground and do as much hurt as you can. Heal and repeat the process. Kill your twin with brute strength and a good Spiked Bat or Defiler (or similar instrument) for best results.
  11. After the battle, you’ll free Rebecca in a cutscene that resolves Case 4. Before you leave, check the club for a couple of handy katana swords from your fallen enemies. They’re highly effective.

Here Comes the Groom

Survivors: Danni and Jasper

Psychopath Fight

  1. Here we have one of the easier psychopath battles of the game, with Randy, the resident crazy, being a bit of a pushover.
  2. TIP: Jasper is not actually part of this mission. He’s a survivor you can snag while you’re out on the strip, but you can’t do so unless you’re carrying a gun. Check the casino vaults if you need one — he’s stationed out front of Americana Casino.
  3. First, bring a decent combo weapon or something cool like one of the Twins’ swords. The chapel is out on the strip and is marked with a few dead zombies around the outside.
  4. Pop inside and watch the cutscene. Afterward, Randy will come after you with his chainsaw. He’s fast and can hurt you badly, but if you play this right, he won’t hit you even once.
  5. When Randy guns it for you, hop over one of the walls surrounding the church pews. Suddenly you’re out of his reach. He’ll truck it around to the other side (or try to hit you over/through the wall), and you can just jump over again.
  6. Randy is extremely stupid. He’ll continue to chase you around the church, with you hitting maybe two buttons in order to totally escape him, before he’s completely winded. When that happens, hop over the wall and smack him (or hit him through the wall). He’ll fall down and you get a bunch of free hits on him.
  7. Get clear after a few seconds — Randy comes up spinning with his chainsaw like a top, and that hurts too. Repeat the jumping process until you find him out of breath again, then knock him down, rough him up, and get clear. Three rounds of this should be all it takes.
  8. When you’ve finished with Randy, you can snag a huge chainsaw from over by the altar, as well as recruit the woman he was trying to marry, Danni. Give her a weapon and leave the chapel.
  9. We’re throwing on another survivor who’s out here right now anyway, and he’s easy to handle. As you head back toward the Safe House, go down to the entrance of Americana Casino. (You have to bring a gun of some kind, a real one. If you don’t have one, check in the vault inside the casino for one. You may not want to bring Danni, although you shouldn’t have far to take her.)
  10. You’ll find Jasper standing outside the Americana. Talk to him and he’ll offer you money for your help. You need a gun to recruit him, though.
  11. If you’ve got your firearm, make your way back to the Safe House. An armed Danni and Jasper should do just fine all the way back.
  12. When you do get back to the Safe House, Jasper will reward you with $70,000.

Mail Order Zombrex

Psychopath Fight

  1. You’ll find a mail cart just hanging out in the middle of Royal Flush, right near the Safe House. This is convenient, because your reward in the fight will be Zombrex for Katey, and you won’t have to go far if you’re running late. Note that you can also do the next mission for some quick and easy Zombrex.
  2. Carl comes at you with two attacks: rapid-fire shotgun fire, in three-shot bursts, and throwing explosive packages as he runs away. Neither of these is particularly threatening.
  3. He’ll vary things if you get in too close to attack him, which basically means he’ll hit you with the gun butt in the face, but that’s as bad as it gets.
  4. To avoid Carl’s attacks, just run around him in circles. He’ll consistently miss you with his shotgun, and after three sets of three shots, he’ll have to reload. Get in and wail him a few times. In response, he’ll swing the gun at you, but if you’re quick and get a sense of the timing, you can dodge him.
  5. After taking damage or reloading, Carl goes on the run to a new spot in the area, and he throws a package behind him as he does. Take care to note where this lands and be careful not to let it hit Chuck in the face — it’ll stun him just enough that he’ll be unable to escape the blast, which follows immediately.
  6. Carl’s not great with those bombs and routinely will take damage from his own explosions. If you just steer clear of his last position whenever he moves, you’ll do fine.
  7. If you get into trouble, just leave the fight and head over to the coffee stand right in front of the Safe House maintenance tunnel. It’s full of small health items, like coffee and brownies. You can just run over, health up, and head back to beat on Carl.
  8. Your best strategy is a combination of dodging Carl’s fire, running in a circle to get close to him, and then just pounding him as much as possible with your favorite weapon — the faster, the better. He’ll eventually knock you down, you’ll run from the bomb, and repeat the process. When your health gets low, run over and grab some food.
  9. With this method, it won’t take long to best Carl. He’ll die in a cutscene and give you Zombrex, which you can then immediately take to Katey in the Safe House.

Hunger Pains

Survivor: Richard

  1. Before you set out on this mission, find a food item. The Guide Arrow will take you through Royal Flush and right past some snack machines, just before the exit doors. That’ll work.
  2. Cross the strip down to Dining at Davey’s. The Arrow will show the way down Platinum Strip. Inside, you’ll find Richard.
  3. Talk to this guy and he’ll lament his hunger. Hand over the food to make him join up. Then give him a weapon and you can take him back to the Safe House.
  4. It’s not a long walk across Platinum Strip back to Royal Flush, and Richard is decent with a weapon, if a little slow. You shouldn’t have much impediment all the way back to safety.
  5. Richard will hand over a spare hit of Zombrex as reward for saving him.

Bank Run

Survivors: Woodrow

  1. You’ll find Woodrow in Americana Casino, plundering ATMs. When you speak with him, he’ll ask you to help him finish the job of ripping off as much money during a major disaster as possible.
  2. Next your job is to follow Woodrow around the casino, protecting him while goes to the ATMs. Stand behind him and just swing away at the zombies, trying not to bludgeon him in the meantime. If you have something like a Flamethrower, that’ll work really well here.
  3. Woodrow runs to three or four ATMs in total, and he does okay protecting himself during transit. Stay close behind him and you can be the beneficiary of several stacks of $100 that he drops along the way.
  4. After Woodrow’s plundered all he can from the casino, talk to him again and he’ll sign up for the trip back to the Safe House. He can use the case to protect himself, so you’re free to just run all the way and he should do all right.
  5. Back at the Safe House, you’ll get a money reward of $70,000 for your help.

Chemical Dependency

  1. Eventually you’ll get a message about Jared, the Zombrex-dependent survivor you rescued earlier, needing another dose.
  2. You should have spare Zombrex from the “Hunger Pains” mission, but if not, you can buy some from any pawn shop. There also is our list of hidden Zombrex locations, where you can grab some for free.
  3. Return to the Safe House and drop off the Zombrex to Jared in the cafeteria for a PP boost.

Slave to Fashion

Survivor: Europa

Psychopath Fight

  1. Europa’s mission is a standard escort. You’ll find her in the hotel. Bring a weapon for her when you finally set off to go get her, but first, you have some stuff to do.
  2. TIP: If you go to a Clothing Locker, like the one in the bathroom of the Safe House, and switch to only underwear,
  3. When you stumble out into Fortune Park to go do other missions, you’ll see a cutscene of several crazy hunters picking off survivors. You’ll fight them one at a time, with the first taking up residence right now, blocking your progress to completing this mission.
  4. TIP: If you can’t really fight these guys, remember that the Underground is a decent, if slightly more time-consuming, mode of travel around Fortune City.
  5. First off, bring lots of food and some good combo weapons to fight Big Earl. The problem with him is that he’ll put fire on you all the way up to his location, then fight you hand-to-hand. You’re going into this fight weakened unless you come prepared and are careful. The speedy Driller was pretty effective for me.
  6. First up, you can get to Big Earl best by trying to keep objects between you and him, and make your way across the strip. There’s a big fountain almost directly in Earl’s line of sight when you leave Royal Flush, so keep it between him and you and you’ll avoid fire.
  7. From there, break straight across the strip to the areas covered in scaffolding just ahead. You’ll be covered and thus clear of Earl’s fire. Now it’s time to climb up and fight him.
  8. When you get up to Earl, try to stay away from him, unless he runs off and pulls his gun — if that happens, close the distance to get him to pull his machete back out. You want him swinging away with that thing.
  9. Watch Earl’s moves for a few rounds. He has a couple of two-swing combos that vary their timing, and one move where he grabs you by the shoulder and runs you through. Repeatedly. You want to avoid that one.
  10. The trick here is to quickly learn Earl’s timing — there’s not that much to learn — and then start dodging his moves and hitting him with the Driller or a comparable weapon, before dancing away again. You should be able to kill him with this method.
  11. Hopefully you brought food, because the arena in which you fight Earl is tight and you’ll take damage even if you’re skilled. There’s a hamburger and some beer on the roof you can snag if you need it. If you get into trouble and need to heal, don’t bother trying to dodge Earl to do it – just hop off the side of the roof you climbed up.
  12. When you’ve healed, quickly get back up and repeat the dodge and weave process against Earl. Pecking away at him should be pretty effective and you won’t have to deal with much but his machete-swinging. Finish him off for a PP spike and you can jump down and follow the Guide Arrow to finish your mission.
  13. Inside the hotel, you’ll find Europa hiding behind some bushes. Talk to her a few times.
  14. Europa will agree to join up if you strip down to the same state she’s in. Problem is, you have to go to a men’s store in the unfinished mall to change clothes. If you haven’t completed “WWJWD,” you’re going to run into the psychopath Seymour along the way, which is a pain.
  15. However, if you show up in your boxers, Europa should join you immediately after you talk to her. Once she gets down from the bushes, though, she realizes it’s cold and asks you to carry her.
  16. More bad news: When you go back outside, another hunter starts taking potshots at you. Ignore him — he’s shooting from further down the strip toward the Arena, and shouldn’t bother you much as you run across the strip to Royal Flush.
  17. The rest is gravy. Run through Royal Flush to get to the Safe House and drop of Europa. Next time you’re outside, you’ll have to fight the next psycho hunter, but we’ll leave that for another mission.


Survivor: Ray

  1. TIP: You should finish this mission before you try to do “Slave to Fashion” if you don’t show up wearing only underwear. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with the psychopath, Seymour, before you can save Europa.
  2. Bring lots of food and of fast combo weapons, like the Driller, to this fight. Seymour is quick on his feet and you’ll also need to be quick to deal with him.
  3. After the cutscene when you arrive in South Plaza, you’ll deal with Seymour directly. Try to stay near him, so that he engages you with the melee attacks he has on the flashlight. He’s a quick draw with his pistol and it’s almost impossible to dodge, so just get him to cut it out by staying close.
  4. First off, if you see Seymour pull out a lasso, quickly move so that something big, like a column, is in between you and him. This attack is infuriating, so avoid it at all costs.
  5. Basically, you’re mimicking your moves from the fight with Big Earl and Antoine. Wait for Seymour to take a swing at you, spin around, and jab him with the Driller. Then run. Repeat the process until Seymour is dead — that’s about all you can do.
  6. If you find you need to heal, just leave the rotunda where you’re fighting and duck around one of the closed doors at one end or the other of the area. Seymour will shoot you — which sucks — but it hurts less than his melee attacks and he won’t bother you when you get behind cover. Then at least you can heal and start after him again.
  7. When you’ve finished Seymour, you’ll be facing down the hallway leading toward the arena. Look for an opening to the left, where you can enter an unfinished store. You’ll hear and see Ray, calling for help and fighting off zombies.
  8. Rescue Ray and speak with him. Now that you’ve killed Seymour, he’ll join up. Take him back to the Safe House by way of Fortune Park, as it’s the quickest. He should be able to fend for himself.

Art Appreciation

Survivor: Randolph

  1. Make sure to bring at least $3,000 when you head over to Palisades Mall for this mission.
  2. Get up to the second floor of Palisades and go to the art gallery, near where you fought Slappy. Randolph is there, upset about his painting not selling. You’ll need to buy it from him.
  3. Pay Randolph the $3,000 and he’ll join you. Hand him a weapon, but don’t forget to take the Fancy Painting, which you just bought. You can give it to Katey as a gift, which goes toward your “Father of the Month” and “Father of the Year” Achievements.
  4. Remember that you’re on the second floor of Palisades, so you can go to Brand New U and use the shortcut back to Royal Flush that’s in the dressing room. Do that, and you’ll have no problem returning Randolph to the Safe House.

Bent Wood

  1. Not much required here. Stop by the lounge when you return to the Safe House and speak with Luz. She requests a new golf club.
  2. Leave the Safe House and go to SporTrance, around the corner on the right side. It’s the same store where you first found Luz. You’ll probably find some looters to kill. Shouldn’t be tough.
  3. Check on the ground in the middle of the store, right where you saved Luz, and you’ll discover a golf club. Snag it.
  4. Return to Luz with the club for a big monetary reward and a PP spike for your kindness.

Case 5

  1. Around 7 p.m., you need to be back in the Safe House so you can go up to the roof. Check the Guide Arrow and it’ll lead you to the elevator that takes you up.
  2. There’s a cutscene, and you’ll have to get to Fortune City Hotel’s roof to stop TK. But you don’t have to do so now, so let’s handle a few more missions before we get over there.
  3. TIP: The battle that takes place at Case 5-2 goes on with the timer for the mission still running. Take too long in the battle, and TK will escape, destroying your ability to continue with the other cases.
  4. TIP: Try to complete as many survivor missions as you can before you head to do Case 5-2, or do Case 5-2 first and deal with everything else afterward. Either way, the clock is ticking before the military arrives.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Survivor: Bill

  1. To get to Bill, a gambling addict survivor playing slots down the strip, you’ll have to go outside. If you haven’t dealt with the snipers yet, this can be irritating.
  2. Note that you’ll need quite a sum of cash on-hand to convince Bill to come back with you. You should have plenty of money from all the survivors you’ve rescued, but make sure you bring $25,000 in total or he won’t join up.
  3. In order to avoid getting shot, leave Royal Flush and turn left toward where the Guide Arrow directs you to, but hug the wall until you get to Shamrock Casino, where Bill is playing. This should keep you clear of sniper fire all the way there.
  4. Find Bill at the slots and knock back any zombies that are around him. Speak to him and he’ll eventually ask for $20,000. Hand it over, and he asks for $5,000 more. Pay that, and he joins.
  5. Give Bill a weapon and return to Royal Flush the way you came. He’s pretty able, so it’ll won’t be tough to get him back to the Safe House in the standard way.

Shell Shocked

Survivor: Dean

  1. Run to Americana Casino to get this one. You can wait until almost right before the time runs out, since it’s so close.
  2. When you arrive in the Americana store, on the other side of the casino from Royal Flush, you’ll find Dean. He’s got a gun, but he’s hurt and refuses your help to carry him. Speak with him, and clear the zombies away, and he’ll join up.
  3. Dean moves way too slow to try to make it back on foot — you must bring him a wheelchair. Luckily, there should be one right next to the store on the left, and another closer to the maintenance room. Snag it and bring it to him and he’ll pop into it.
  4. Avoid running over zombies and this chair will last you all the way back to Royal Flush. Let go of the chair when you get to the door and go into Royal Flush, and look for another chair nearby in the corner to the right. If not there, a zombie reliably pushes a wheelchair on the left side of the slots just ahead.
  5. Use the second chair and you should get Dean all the way back to the maintenance tunnel. You might have to throw him and the wheelchair down the stairs, but once he finally gets to the bottom, you can continue to wheel him to the vent hatch.

Stranded Siren

Survivor: Tammy

Psychopath Fight

  1. This survivor is over in Atlantica Casino, but first, you should take out another of the snipers guarding Fortune Park. Bring a Driller and some extra food.
  2. The way to get to Johnny, your second sniper, is up the ladder near the maintenance room between Royal Flush and Slot Ranch. It’s located on the left wall.
  3. Johnny fights exactly the same way as Big Earl — in fact, he feels less effective. You should be able to simply rock him with the Driller, now that you’re getting better at these psychopath fights.
  4. With Johnny dead, snag a bottle of whiskey from on top of one of the air conditioning towers. Just keep it — you’ll be happy you had it later, when I explain what it’s for.
  5. Climb back down and go over to Atlantica. Time to find your missing survivor. Tammy is wearing a mermaid costume, and can’t move. You get to carry her back to the Safe House.
  6. Grab Tammy and make sure you’re healed up, as you’ve got to run across the strip while taking sniper fire. It shouldn’t be too difficult, but be careful — a hit makes you drop her.
  7. Truck it back to the Safe House to deposit Tammy and be done. Before you leave, though, go up to the Cafeteria lounge and find Sven. Speak with him and he’ll request alcohol to “treat wounds.”
  8. Remember that whiskey we grabbed? Give it to him. Sven rewards you with some PP and some Zombrex.

Two’s Company

Survivor: Royce and Walter

  1. Before heading over to Palisades to do this mission, we’re going to dispatch the last two snipers and clear up the strip for good. Get extra food and another Driller. You’ll also need at least $5,000 when you find your survivors.
  2. You’ll get this mission around 12:30 a.m. There’s also a mission at Palisades that you can do first, on the way, whatever. It’s called “Dead or Alive?” and is listed after this mission.
  3. First, set your Guide Arrow and head to Hot Excitorama. Duck down the alley beside it, the one with the maintenance tunnel, and look for a door on the right. Go through and to the end and you’ll hit a ladder — at the top, you’ll find your third sniper psycho, Derrick.
  4. Derrick handles just the same way as the last two guys, so you should have no trouble. Dodge him, stab him, and repeat.
  5. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill Derrick and you should snag the “Judge, Jury and Executioner” Achievement, for killing 10 psychos.
  6. Go back down and inside Hot Excitorama. Speak with Royce and Walter. You’ll have to judge a joke contest between them — give one the trophy when you’re done, and pay the other $5,000. Both will join.
  7. TIP: There’s a Zombrex sign
  8. Find a weapon for Royce. The “massager” will do the job. Head back out the front and just cross the strip back to Royal Flush. Return to the Safe House.

Case 5-2

  1. It’s about time we go deal with TK. Leave Royal Flush, ignore the last sniper, and head across to the Fortune City Hotel.
  2. Right inside the front door, you’ll find a mess of mercs protecting the elevator, and they’re a big pain. If you can find an explosive of some kind to deal with them, you’ll take a lot less damage. Look for shootable propane tanks on the right side of the hallway, if you have a gun.
  3. Kill off the four mercs on the ground and get over to the elevator. It dings when a fifth merc comes down — hit him fast to neutralize him before he can shoot you. Then get inside and press the button to go up.
  4. You’ll get a cutscene next, and then you get to fight TK’s helicopter. It sound weird, and it is a little bit.
  5. The helicopter starts lower in front of you, winched up. Grab that construction pylon in front of you, or anything really, and just heave it at the helicopter’s rotors.
  6. That’s how you damage the helicopter. Now, quickly move clear of the winch down to the right — the chopper buzzes the rooftop and makes it spin, and you want to be clear of it when it does. Go hide behind some of the machinery on the right, because that big minigun unloads on you next. Watch how it fires, always going from left to right.
  7. Between shots, it’s time to go get to the winch again. If you run to the left and then cut back, away from the helicopter as it fires at you, the shots will miss you. You can see them tracking along the ground, so avoid that.
  8. Quickly get to the winch before the chopper buzzes you. If you have the dodge roll move, you can use it to duck under the crane boom with L3. Hit the winch button and throw something new into the rotors.
  9. If you let the time run out on this case, TK will get away, so act fast. It takes about six objects. If you need to go for speed, just throw everything you have in your inventory.
  10. Defeat the helicopter and you’ll get another cutscene, wrapping up the case. Next on your list of to-do’s is Zombrex for Katey, which you should have if you brought whiskey back to Sven.

Dead or Alive?

Survivor: Andy

Psychopath Fight

  1. Let’s go bag our last sniper. Make a Driller, get some food to take, and heal up after the TK fight if you need to. You’re actually going away from your mission objective here, but you ought to have time to do both.
  2. Head toward the arena. You’re looking for Juggz Bar and Grille. Hug the wall to your right.
  3. Juggz is just at the bottom of the stairs. Go past it and find the alley right beyond. Behind the restaurant you’ll find the ladder.
  4. Kill Deetz. He’s as easy as the others. There’s food in the far right corner of the roof if you need it afterward.
  5. TIP: It may feel a long way off at this point, but if you can handle trucking that sniper rifle around for the rest of the game, it works wonders in the final boss fight.
  6. Okay, time to get the real work done. Leave the roof and go back to Atlantica Casino. Follow it through to the lower floor of Palisades Mall.
  7. You’ll find Andy, your suicidal survivor, on top of some slot machines. Kill the zombies surrounding him and then climb up and speak with him. It takes an irritating amount of convincing, but eventually he’ll join up with you.
  8. Same drill. Leave by way of Atlantica, cross the strip, head to the Safe House. Mission complete.

Ante Up

  1. While you’re here, take care of this mission. Go to the Safe House and find Storage Room 7, way in the back. There’s a poker table there.
  2. Examine the table with B and you’ll join a poker game. You don’t need to do this, but if you eliminate other players, you’ll earn 5,000 PP each. Beat Jack and you’ll receive his Knight Helmet.
  3. You can add the helmet to several other pieces of a suit of knight’s armor you receive later. You need the helmet to complete the suit.

World’s Most Dangerous Trick


Psychopath Fight

  1. After you give Katey her Zombrex (you should have some; if not, you can buy some), you’ve got about two hours to wrap up the last of your missions. For another psychopath fight, we’re headed to Atlantica Casino.
  2. Inside the casino, head to the back to a closed door. Inside are two tiger-training magicians — Roger and Reed. You have to kill both to advance.
  3. Reed is the easier to beat, but Roger is faster and weaker. If you’re Level 30 by this point, like I was, you should be able to ravage these two guys even as they hit you back. Bring enough food to sustain you and you’ll do okay. If you need more food, head to the bar area.
  4. Start with Roger, the sword guy. Reed you can ignore altogether as long as you move away from his rocket launcher.
  5. The biggest trouble with this mission is that you tend to lose Roger. He likes to circle back to the magicians’ performance room, so check there.
  6. Basically, the tactics are the same for both these enemies: Stay close, step back to dodge their melee attack, respond with a Driller stab. Repeat this over and over, on both enemies, and you’ll defeat them. It’s more time-consuming than difficult.
  7. COMBO CARD: Win here and you get the Rocket Launcher combo card.
  8. ACHIEVEMENT: You should also get the “Tough Guy” Achievement for collecting all the Combo Cards held by psychopaths.

Family Feud

Survivors: Camille and Lillian

  1. Head up to the roof of the Fortune City Hotel. There you’ll find Lilliane, who tells you about her mother.
  2. Camille, Lillian’s mother, is located in Atlantica Casino, right inside the front door. Head there and clear the zombies away from her and she’ll join up with you.
  3. Okay, back to Lillian at the hotel. Camille can fend for herself with that bat, but bring a weapon for Lillian.
  4. You’re clear to go back to the Safe House now. I’m sure you remember the way.

One Hit Wonder

Survivors: Alison, Cameron, Juan

  1. There are a few items you’ll need to complete this mission. First, in Royal Flush, pack a beverage of some kind.
  2. Now go toward Slot Ranch and stop inside Modern Businessman, right outside the casino. Pick up a Tuxedo from the rack.
  3. You’ll find some people tied up in Slot City Casino. A cutscene activates as soon as you show up.
  4. After the cutscene, you’ll have to fetch some things for Bibi. First she wants a drink, which you can provide.
  5. Next she tells you to dress up — you’re wearing the tux, so talk to her again.
  6. Finally, you need to draw some zombies into the performance area. There are firecrackers backstage that draw zombies toward them. Get the zombies looking at you, then throw firecrackers near the stage to get them to wander over.
  7. When Bibi says enough zombies are present, hit the switch back stage to start the show and activate a cutscene.
  8. You’re playing a little rhythm game. Wait for button commands to come down the line, and hit the corresponding button when it crosses the green square. It’s not that hard, and when you finish successfully, another cutscene will trigger.
  9. Now you’re leading everyone, including Bibi, back to the Safe House. To get Bibi to join, as she doesn’t do so automatically, you need to kill the zombies surrounding her. Be careful though. You must not hit Bibi, or she’ll immediately defect.
  10. You need to help Cameron with your shoulder. Everyone else should do okay — just sprint back to the Safe House.

Case 6

  1. In order to make it to the next section of the game, you must be back at the Safe House by 9 a.m. Miss this rendezvous, and you can still complete any outstanding missions, but you can’t progress to Case 7 or finish the game’s story.
  2. Get to the Security Room and trigger a cutscene.
  3. Rebecca’s in the Underground, but for the time being, you can complete one last mission.

Fortune City Botany Club

  1. First off, be careful out there. The places that formerly were safe might not be anymore. Right outside of the vent hatch are two of the amped-up Super Zombies, and they take more work to kill than their normal counterparts.
  2. ACHIEVEMENT: Kill 1,000 of these “special” zombies to unlock the “Having a Gas” Achievement.
  3. Get some amped weapons, or at least some Spiked Bats, and get ready to test your zombie-dodging skills. Those super-zoms are extremely annoying and very deadly. Grab food on your way out and only fight them as a last resort if you need to move quickly, because they will surround and murder you if you’re not very careful.
  4. Okay. Amply prepared? Talk to Vikki in the Safe House cafeteria and she’ll mention she wants a plant. It’s in Palisades.
  5. Head through Royal Flush and out to the strip. Be careful outside, it’s even worse than inside. Try to use high ground to minimize your exposure to zombies.
  6. Make a dash for the Atlantica. Be careful in there, too — the tight quarters leave you very exposed to attack. Head for Palisades Mall.
  7. When you get into Palisades, immediately head up to the second floor. It seems to be less populated with uber-zombies for some reason. Go down to the far end and find the art gallery.
  8. Inside the art gallery, snag a Peace Plant. Hang onto that. You’re ready to return to Royal Flush.
  9. Use the shortcut in Brand New U to cut down on your trip back to Royal Flush. Run back to the maintenance tunnel and be careful of the two super-zombies waiting for you down by the tunnel.
  10. Back in the Safe House, give Vikki the plant to receive a PP spike that doesn’t seem at all worth the effort.

Case 6-2

Psychopath Fight

  1. Time to go find Rebecca. Get lots of food and some weapons, then exit the Safe House and go to the maintenance tunnel your Guide Arrow leads you to. Close the door behind you to minimize annoyances from intruders. And you might want to bring the Driller. Just saying.
  2. You can access the underground from here. At the bottom of the ladder, you’ll see a cart you can drive. Snag that because it’s going to be terrible trying to walk all the way to Rebecca’s location.
  3. Drive that cart, but be careful — you actually want to avoid running over zombies because the more you hit, the faster the cart will break down. If you avoid collisions, you should be able to drive all the way to the loading dock you’re looking for.
  4. Get out, dodge past the zombies, and follow the arrow up to where Rebecca is located. She’s being held captive by the military commander, Sgt. Boykin. And he’s crazy.
  5. Boykin is a pain, as you might guess. He’s got that big gun of his, and he’ll occasionally throw grenades.
  6. However, the strategy here is the same as it always is — get in close, dodge the melee attacks, stab with the Driller. Boykin operates really similarly to the four snipers, and that’s how you’ll beat him.
  7. Be careful, though, as Boykin has a long reach and a melee attack that will knock you down. While you’re on the ground, he’ll punish you further by shooting your limp body, then throwing you across the loading dock. It all sucks.
  8. On the plus side, there is a lot of cover that you can duck behind, and Boykin will let you heal, unlike other psychos.
  9. When you’re far away, try to keep objects between you and the sergeant. He sprays around with that machine gun of his, which isn’t extremely deadly, but is definitely problematic. Close the gap and he’ll switch to smacking you in the head with the gun butt.
  10. Like always, however, a definitive group of stabbings and you’ll come out victorious over the sergeant. Congrats. Now you have to help the injured Rebecca get back to the Safe House.
  11. The bummer is that you have to carry Rebecca. On the plus side, however, you can just carry her around the corner, where the Guide Arrow leads, before you find a bunch of carts that you can drive.
  12. Hop in a cart and take it up the ramp and you’ll come out on Silver Strip. It’s a bit of a drive back to Royal Flush, so repeat the process of avoiding collisions to protect the cart. When you get to Royal Flush, try to plow a hole through the zombies so you’ll have time to get out and get through the door without being attacked.
  13. Now you’re back to carrying Rebecca. You can opt for a nearby wheelchair, but it’s probably more dangerous than just running for it. Get back to the Safe House to trigger another couple of cutscenes.

Secure the Safe House

  1. All of a sudden zombies are everywhere! Hope you have a decent weapon — you’re on a fetch mission.
  2. You need to go find three items: a generator, wire for the generator, and fuel for the generator. The first two are down the stairs to the left of the Security Room; the last is to the right, down and around the corner.
  3. Luckily, the Guide Arrows make it easy on you. You’ll see survivors around, fighting for their lives. You can dodge past them, but you’re better off lending a small hand to clear them off a little. If they die, they can’t help you by distracting the horde.
  4. Tear down the stairs and you’ll find the generator. Grab it, turn around, and take it to the control panel where you can “place” it with B.
  5. Next, go back down and find the spool. It’s in a corner, a little further down the hall. Bring it back and place it as well.
  6. Now go to the right of the hack panel, around the corner and down until you find the fuel barrel. It’s a bit of a walk, and you’ll encounter several survivors who could use a slight hand. Just help give them a fighting chance before you get back to the panel to hack it.
  7. Place the last item and hit B when prompted to “Hack.” Chuck will now be more or less ignored by zombies, which is convenient.
  8. To close the door, you have to rapidly tap A. Tap it fast to max out the pressure needle, then keep tapping it and the door will close in increments. It’ll take a few seconds, but eventually the thing will snap shut and trigger another cutscene, ending Case 6.

Case 7

  1. Time to go back to the Underground. You’re probably hurting for supplies, but you have some time to go pick up anything you need. A good place to stop is the BBQ Shack in Americana Casino, as it’s on the way.
  2. Follow the Guide Arrow through Americana to the Arena. Try to avoid taking damage as much as possible as you fight your way to South Plaza.
  3. Keep moving and follow the Arrow until you reach the door with the orange sign, which leads you to your destination.
  4. You’ll have to fight down some stairs, through the warehouses, until you get to the train tracks. Once there, grab the cart on the far left and take to the tracks. Drive in the direction of the Arrow. Try to save your car for the entire trip.
  5. Eventually, you’ll start to see zombies heading away from you instead of toward you. Before long, you’ll see where they’re all headed — a strange metal door with a keypad nearby.
  6. Hop out of the car when you arrive. You should be free from attack from these disinterested zombies. Check the keypad to initiate another cutscene.
  7. When you get control back, head left from your position — you’ll see stairs in the corner. Get up them and kill the two mercs who are waiting for you there. Then take their guns and shoot the two on the catwalk to the right.
  8. There’s food all over — eat what you need and take some. You may also want a Blast Frequency Gun, as it seems to eradicate zombies.
  9. The Guide Arrow takes you into a tunnel past all the machinery. Follow it to another keypad door (note the elevator down the short hallway to the left). Check the keypad and trigger another cutscene.
  10. The two scientists will pull guns on you, but that’s all they do. Run straight up to them with something like a bat and swing away until you kill both.
  11. Cutscene again. There’s another Blast Frequency Gun near the door that you can take if you like.
  12. Head to that elevator. Hit the button on the right and it’ll take you to Palisades.
  13. When you come out of the elevator, you’ll have a chance to test your Blast Frequency Gun on some super-zombies. Follow the Guide Arrow out into the mall, then take the escalator to the top floor rather than running through the casinos.
  14. We’re going to cheat the Guide Arrow and take the amazing shortcut in Brand New U. At the top of the escalator, go left to the other walkway, then turn right and you’ll see the shop on your left. Go to the back to the dressing room, go through and find yourself in Royal Flush.
  15. You’ve got a second. Wanna go find some Zombrex for TK? You can get one of the hidden vials or just head up to the pawn shop and buy some. It’s on the second floor, but it’s a lot more expensive than it used to be.
  16. Okay, done and done. Return to the Safe House. When you get there, you can go find TK in the medical room and shoot him up with Zombrex if you feel like. You’ll get an ominous cutscene for your trouble.
  17. Back to the Security Room when you’re ready. A cutscene triggers the last case.

The Facts

  1. This is your last destination, so whatever time you have left before the fire bombing, that’s what you have to prepare. When you’re done, head for Yucatan Casino.
  2. The run to Yucatan flat sucks. Try not to stop for anything if you can help it. Remember that your Blast Frequency Gun is an effective anti-superzombie cannon, and try to keep your head down.
  3. TIP: When you hit Yucatan, stop by Baron Von Brauthaus for some beer and a steak. You can heal up and take food with you.
  4. Continue to the elevator that takes you up to the top of the casino. It’s packed with zombies, so wade in with a bat or something similar. Hit the button when you’re ready.
  5. The top floor of Yucatan might be as packed a place as you’ve yet seen, but it’s mercifully devoid of superzombies. Continue through the tunnel and get up the stairs to the doors that lead to the roof.
  6. Been saving one of those sniper rifles for a rainy day? Guess what — it’s pouring. If you have the rifle, this fight goes way easily. All you have to do is sit back, pick your shots, and outlast this last psychopath.
  7. Here’s the strategy with the sniper rifle: First off, clear the stairs right before you get to the roof. You want that whole area clean of distractions, all the way down to the first landing. If you need food or anything, there’s some downstairs as well, but it’s hard to get to. Still, worth a shot if you’re in a bind.
  8. Now head back up to the top. You’ll want to run around the center scaffolding, not out in the open where you can get shot, but where you can taunt the psycho enough to get him to throw those flares at you. If he does, run straight away — the flare triggers an air strike rocket attack that actually leaves a hole in the roof.
  9. What you’re doing here is using the psycho to eliminate zombies. When they’ve thinned out some, you can start your actual attack.
  10. The psycho’s revolver fires fast and hurts about one square per hit. He only has seven rounds, however, and he fires most of those bullets in pairs. Count the shots or watch for him to reload — this is when he’s most vulnerable.
  11. If you have the sniper rifle, once you’re in good shape to avoid getting eaten, run back to the stairs that lead back down to the lower floor of Yucatan. Right in front of them is a lattice covered in vines. The boss can shoot through this, but only at the edges.
  12. Stand with the sniper rifle out near the edge of this lattice, but not where you can get shot. It’s a fine line. Swing the camera around and wait for the boss to reload or start to throw a flare. Step out and shoot him once.
  13. Now get back to safety. If the boss throws a flare, get down the stairs to avoid getting hurt by it. Then get back up, hide behind the lattice, and wait for your opening. Repeat this over and over until he dies, fairly easily.
  14. If you don’t have the rifle, your work is cut out for you. You don’t want to try to melee fight the boss, as this is generally suicide. However, you can throw stuff at him pretty effectively — especially Defilers.
  15. Get close to the center scaffold or behind one of the items scattered around the roof and try to draw fire. You want to be near the low scaffolding on the left side of the boss’s perch — there, you’ll find a pile of equipment you can climb up on.
  16. When the boss goes to reload or throw a flare, quickly climb up on this equipment, pull out a Defiler or similar heavy item, and just heave it at him. This doesn’t do a ton of damage, but it does hurt, and it’s a lot better than going toe-to-toe with the boss.
  17. After your attack, hop down, try to find your item, and avoid any rocket-based repercussions. Repeat the process until the boss goes down.
  18. ACHIEVEMENT: You’ll receive the “Clean Record” Achievement when you win the battle.

Overtime Mode

  1. So you gave TK Zombrex, and what did he do? Gave you a huge fetch mission. Thanks a lot.
  2. First up is the “Compromising Photo.” It’s located in Americana Casino.
  3. Go to Americana and bear right to the security room. The photo is inside, on the table.
  4. Next, the “Gift Basket.” The Guide Arrow will take you through the Arena and South Plaza all the way to the Fortune City Hotel. The basket is behind the check-in desk.
  5. Head outside next. You’ll want to save in the middle of Fortune Park so you don’t have to repeat this leg of the journey.
  6. The “Expensive Champaign” is on the Silver Strip in an establishment called Peephole. Check behind the bar on the back side.
  7. The “Case of Queens” you’ll have to go Underground for. The Guide Arrow will run you all the way back to Atlantica, if you want to do that outside.
  8. Go through Atlantica to Palisades. Right inside the entrance, you can run to the left to find a maintenance area, and at the end of that, an elevator down to the lab.
  9. The lab is deserted, which is kind of nice, and is a great place to resupply and heal. You’ll find the Case of Queens on top of some machinery down in the pit where all the zombies went. Climb up on the low machine to the left to get up on the green one, then jump across to the machine with the queens on it.
  10. Return to the elevator and go back up. You’re headed to Yucatan now. There’s a place to save on the Palisades second floor if you want to stop — if you think you can make it, there’s another save point right next to your objective, the “Mobile Headset.”
  11. I suggest playing it safe and saving. Next, dodge the zombies on the way to Yucatan and make for the back of the casino.
  12. The headset is right by the elevator you took up to fight the final psychopath. Grab it, then continue toward that bathroom. Save if you like and find the ladder down to the Underground.
  13. You need the “USB Drive.” Near where you enter the Underground, look for a push cart to the right. Grab it and you can use it more or less like one of those little cars — run all the way to the loading dock where you can get up again, on the left.
  14. The USB Drive is on the ground, right in front of a set of stairs that leads to the Food Court. The Guide Arrow suggests you stay Underground, but if you ask me, you should get the hell out of there.
  15. Head back to Royal Flush to get the “Lab Suit,” the final item. It’s in the very first place you ever checked — Roy’s Mart, where you found Katey’s Zombrex.
  16. Push through the Food Court to Slot Ranch, and be careful in the Food Court because the place is full of tables and chairs to get hung up on.
  17. Conveniently, right past Slot Ranch is Roy’s Mart. Get inside and find the Lab Suit behind the counter.
  18. You’ll get a call from TK telling you to head to the Arena. You have time to get food and weapons together for the trip. When you’re ready, head over to Americana. Also — save.

The Arena Showdown

  1. Get into the Arena stairs and head to the back to enter the event area. A cutscene starts up when you get there.
  2. You’ll face TK without any of your weapons, which is awful. To make matters worse, there’s a timer running — the winch is lowering and you have to kill TK before your family is eaten.
  3. First off, you need to get supplies. You start out on the catwalk to the left of TK. Incidentally, this is the safer location, but you wouldn’t know it from the next few seconds.
  4. TK does a move that sets the pyrotechnic fountains set in the floor to explode in sequence. You must run from them as they light behind you. Wait till they stop, grab some weapons, then start running when they start again.
  5. First and foremost, you need the Orange Juice and the Donut. There’s also another carton of Orange Juice near TK that you’ll need, but wait for now.
  6. The essential weapon for this fight is the Lead Pipe. Look for it on the ground on the walkway with as you run from the pyrotechnics. Pick it up, as well as a Saw Blade or two — they’re good for throwing at TK and do a lot of damage. And you can take the Cement Saw as well, which is the absolute fastest weapon but the hardest to manage, since you drop it as you get hit.
  7. Okay. Dodge the fire until you’ve made preparations, then go to the spot where you can transition between the catwalk and TK’s area. Watch out for the pyrotechnic gate between you and him — when it goes down, jump through.
  8. By now you should be a practiced melee fighter. TK’s style is almost exactly the same as everyone else’s — wide swings that leave him vulnerable. Play keep-away and smack him with either the lead pipe or the cement saw.
  9. Every once in a while, TK will jump over the side railing of the area and come up somewhere new. This is your opportunity to do two things: 1. grab more supplies from the corners of the combat area, namely food, and 2. grab the winch handle and ratchet the hostages up a little higher.
  10. You have only a few seconds to do this, and when you grab the winch handle, you’ll be prompted to tap A. Doing so raises the line, but you can’t see TK sneaking up on you, which he undoubtedly is doing. So winch them up for a second, then stop pressing A to drop the handle and get clear of it before you get walloped.
  11. Keep using hit-and-run tactics against TK, circling the center section to use it as a means to block him. He has a running attack where he tackles you and then beats the hell out of you. You can counter it by shaking the Left Stick, then following the button prompts.
  12. Dodge that running move by keeping objects between you when you can. TK’s not very smart and will run against the wall for a few seconds and lose a lot of steam. For the most part, fight him as usual, and make good use of the pipe. The saw blades are pretty good for when he comes at you from a distance.
  13. If you need to heal, you’ll have to risk the pyrotechnics again. Leave the fight, dodge the fire, and heal yourself in the seconds you have before another set of pyros starts up. Then get back to TK and keep fighting.
  14. You’ll want to do this fast. Connect as many good hits with TK as you can, use the winch as soon as you’re able, and try to anticipate his moves like when he comes up behind you at the crank handle. TK’s not especially hard if you’re careful.
  15. ACHIEVEMENT: With TK’s death, you’re awarded the ”Justice Served” Achievement for completing Overtime Mode.

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