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Lords of Darkness (iOS) Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, cheats and strategies

TIME :2022-07-03

Lords of Darkness is a new turn-based strategy game by KingNet for the iPhone and the iPad. It’s not to be confused with the game Lord of Darkness, which is a Korean game for the Android platform. Think of this game like a cross between Heroes of Might and Magic and Kingdoms of Camelot. You get to build a kingdom, collect wood, food, stone, iron, gold, and gems. Read on for some tips and tricks for Lords of Darkness!

At the beginning of the game, you start off in a beginner protection mode, which means that no other players will be able to attack you. Use this time to upgrade your resource buildings as quickly as possible. You have four farms, sawmills, mines and quarries. Upgrade every single one of them, and upgrade the cottages in order to increase your population. If you notice that one of your resources is getting spent faster than the other three, concentrate a larger chunk of your upgrades on the building that produces that resource.

Your battles can either be fought automatically, or manually. Tap the auto command button in the upper right corner of the battle screen in order to finish out the battle automatically. Otherwise, you can move and control your characters on your own. You have different types of troops, such as archers and gryphons. Each different troop type shows up as one troop, and depending on how many of each review sending to battle, this is how many hit points they will have. For example, if you send six archers into battle, they will show up as one archer with six hit points.

As soon as you have the troops to do so, occupy a wild. Start with one wild, and try to get as many wilds as you can. Decide on which wild you want by which resource you need the most.

There is nothing exotic that you have to do in order to unlock new types of troops. All that you have to do is increase your player level. Generally, if you attack players who are at the same or lower level than you, they will not have any more advanced troops than you do. In this situation, all it is is a numbers game. You need to send in more troops than they have defending their kingdom.

Look for players who have clearly abandoned their kingdoms. Either they will have no defenders at all but still be producing resources, or they will not have garrisoned any troops in the first place but making them very easy targets to constantly raid and attack over and over. Figure out who has abandoned their base by sending small numbers of troops to random player bases. Any battle that you win with a minimal number of trips is probably an abandoned base.