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NBA Live Slider Settings

TIME :2022-07-03

NBA Live 08 is a mixed bag so far out of the box. It is a game that looks, sounds and feels good at times, but there are some gameplay issues that really make you scratch your head. However, you can not fault EASports for not at least giving you the user a chance to correct those problems. This year there are many different sliders that you can use to customize the gameplay in NBA Live.

Right now, after playing with the sliders some, they definitely do help the gameplay to a certain extent but there are also some issues such as loose ball logic that are probably just going to have to be dealt with for Live fans. Check out all of the slider options in our comprehensive list below:


Global Settings

Fatigue Effect

Charge/Blocking Foul Frequency

Shooting Foul Frequency

Reach-In Foul Frequency

In-Air Collision Foul-Frequency


User/Computer Settings

Steal Ability

Interception Ability

Shot Block Ability

Dunk/Lay-up Block Ability

Offensive Rebounding

Defensive Rebounding

Fake Out Discipline

Short Range Shooting

Medium Range Shooting

Long Range Shooting

Dunk Percentage

Lay-up Percentage

Pro Hop Effectiveness

Drop Step Effectiveness

Sink or Swim Effectiveness

Defensive Post Strength

Shot Alter Ability

Fight Through Screen Ability

Hands in Post

Hands on Perimeter