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Resident Evil Revelations Walkthrough Part 11: No Exit

TIME :2022-07-03

At the start of this episode, after the cutscene, head down the stairs and go through the door at the bottom. Head through the next room and go to the right. You will find yourself at a staircase. Go down. Walking into the hallway will trigger a group of the Hunter B.O.Ws to attack you. After defeating them, leave the area through the door on the right. Go into the next room and open up the lockers to find some ammo. Look at the table to find even more ammo on one of the chairs. Get in the elevator.

After exiting the elevator, search the dumpster to your right to find a Green Herb. This area contains Rocket Launchers, a Magnum Python, and ammo, so be sure to grab all you can carry. Scanning next to Quint will reveal some more ammo. Go to the lower corner of the room and collect the Green Herb. Pull the lever and go to the opposite side of the room to find another lever. Pull this lever too, and you will initiate an enemy ambush. A group of enemies comprised of infected wolves, Hunters, and the invisible Cloaked Hunters will descend upon you. Pull the lever again and fend off the wave of enemies. Stick to a corner so that the Cloaked Hunters can’t sneak up behind you and pick them off as they come with your Shotgun.

After defeating the waves of attacking enemies, speak to Quint to initiate a cutscene.

You will begin the next phase of this episode in the laboratory area of the ship. Move to the right to grab a Green Herb. Go left to scan your fingerprint and proceed through the door. Scanning the corner in front of you will reveal hidden ammo. Pick up the file, read it, and pick up the Machine Gun Ammo Case nearby. Scan the desk to find some more ammunition. You may now leave this room; proceed through the next two sets of doors. In the next room you will find more ammo and a file lying on a table. Take out your scanner and look at the wall over the computer to reveal another handprint. Turn around and scan the chair for ammo.

Put away your scanner and read the file sitting on the computer. Leave through the other door and move forward down the path. Pick up the Green Herb that will be sitting along the way. You will see two ladders. Climb each of them, as they each have ammo at their top. A customization box sits near Chris, so tweak your weapons if you feel the need. After this, go left and let Chris open the elevator. Go inside and ride it up. You will find a Green Herb and ammo as you leave the elevator.

This area may not look too dangerous, but using your scanner will reveal otherwise. Lasers dot the area. Look through the scanner to decipher the correct path and avoid the lasers. Leave through the right. Go left and grab another Green Herb, then go right and press the button sitting here. Turn around and retrace your steps, pausing to turn right where you found the Green Herb. Follow the path to the left first, then to the right, and jump down at the ladder. Walk through the door and you will find a group of enemies. Take them out and go up the ladder to another ladder. Pick up some ammo, a Pulse Grenade, and some Illegal Custom Parts.

Jump down here to find another fingerprint scanner. Use it to unlock the door. Walk through the next door too and scan the floor in three places ahead of you to your left and right to reveal ammo. Head to the wall and examine to map to obtain the Laboratory Map item. Hit the button by the door to get out. You will find yourself back in the room with the lasers. Use the scanner to get through unscathed and you will find yourself at a corpse. Examine the corpse to pick up a file and the Prototype Vaccine. Now it is time to backtrack to the room where you needed an ID. Using the Prototype Vaccine on the machine in the corner will allow you to use the computer in the middle and obtain the Authentication Code.

You will have to swim through the previous rooms as the area begins to flood. Be especially careful when swimming through the room with the lasers, as they still work even in water. Try to stay as high as you can so that you can easily reach the broken window at the top. Swim through here and dive down to the bottom to grab some Illegal Custom Parts towards the top of the map. Go to the ladder and climb out to meet up with Chris again. Using the Authentication Code on the computer will trigger enemies to attack. This battle shouldn’t be too hard; simply take the enemies out with your pistol to trigger a cutscene and finish out the episode.