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Walkthrough Life is Strange – Episode 5: Polarized

TIME :2022-07-03

Watch the video. Read right leg to free it. Next, you can hover over the right side of the truck and move it closer to the Max. Take a look at photos lying on top. Look at them twice, so Max could move into the past. Focus, as before, or skip a mini-game, holding SPACE.

Watch the cut-scene and re-look at the surface of the cart. At this time, focus on other photos. When a maniac play music, then please read the diary on the table on the left. Rewind time ago. While Jefferson has not departed, ask him for a favor. Ask for Max blog. Maniac blog throw at his feet girls – take a look at him.


In class talk to Jefferson, first sit at a desk. As soon as the bell rings, then check the backpack on the floor at the right foot Max. Remove the magazine and look at the third page of the phone David. Use the phone lying on the desk. Then talk with Jefferson, which is near Victoria.

Look through the window in the plane and then talk to the black man.

The exhibition of paintings go up to the very end, where hangs a photo with Max, who stands with his back to you. Look at the picture until it will flow nosebleed. Again, go to the picture and after several attempts, finally focus on it.

Talk to Jefferson in a dark room. You will see how the stun David. Rewind time and ask Jefferson take a photo. Then, when he take a stand for camera, click on it (there is an inscription Warn – alarm, alert). It must be done not immediately, but when Jefferson close to the wall.

Further, when David is on his knees, click the camera on the chair beside him. Finally, to Jefferson did not have time for the gun, pull the cable from the left Max. Talk about everything to David and decide to tell him the truth or not with regards to Chloe. Take the key on the table on the right and leave from here, go to the pass and click the left mouse button.

You will find yourself on the street. Go ahead and pull the truck driver. Go on. When will fall post, rewind time. Again, pull the truck driver out of the dam. Go further to the right to see Alice. Help her, get up and take a board on the left.

Go to the store on the other side, climb in through the window. Turn on the left panel to extinguish the fire. Fisherman dies. Go to it and rewind time. While the fisherman alive, move it and choose HELP (help). After a walk up to the broken window and click again on the boards, to put out the fire. Select from the store through another window.

Go forward to the cafe, which explodes. Rewind time, find the sand and broken box around the cafe, and then click on it to prevent an explosion and cover the track of the fuel. Log in through a side door, double-talk to Warren, decide whether or not to kiss him, and then concentrate on photography.

Talk about everything with Chloe and convince her not to go to Jefferson. In the classroom exit into the hallway, after talking with Jefferson that appears after your first attempt the exit. Go forward and see Kate sitting on his haunches. Wait until she gets up and talk about everything. Go after her through the door into the room, but you will be taken back to the same corridor. Go forward down the hall and turn right. On the table, get a bunch of keys from the room 218. Go to this number. Max disguise. Go through several doors until Max turn into Victoria. Victoria go to the room 221. Again, in the body of Max go to her room. I think this is the last or the penultimate door down the hall on the right. There will still be a number of inscription.


Avoid Jefferson and others with flashlights. You can run, holding Shift. It is possible to make noise, the main thing – do not get caught in the light. When they reached the lighthouse, take the stairs. Watch the cut-scene. The toilet look at the bar, try to enter any four-digit code. Look back room and see a lot of numbers. The mirror reflects only one – 0311. Enter this code in the bar and walk through the door.

Talk to Max in a cafe, then walk around the mall, where apart memories of the friendship between Max and Chloe. Finally, make a choice – or to sacrifice Chloe to sacrifice all town.