Armor Guide: Kawachi - Menz Gaming | World of Warships

TIME :2022-07-03

The Japanese tier 3 Battleship Kawachi will be one of the first battleships players come across and will pose a challenge when it comes to sinking it due to its massive HP pool and armor protection compared to destroyers and cruisers.  Understanding the armor of any warship in World of Warships can be confusing at first, but once you learn a few guidelines to follow you will be well on your way to tearing apart any ship you come across.

This World of Warships Kawachi armor guide will break down its armor protection when it relates to thickness by dividing it into four different areas based on protection.  Green is the weakest armor on the ship’s hull, yellow/orange is moderate armor, and red are areas with the strongest armor protection.  White areas are poorly armored superstructure areas above the deck that have very poor armor compared to the rest of the ship.  The coning tower area above the deck however is heavily armored compared to the rest of the superstructure and is comparable to the strongest armor found protecting the citadel.

Not only is it important to know the armor thickness in World of Warship but it is also important to know where key modules are on the ship since the amount of damage you inflict depends upon it.  The citadel amidships(towards the center) on warships and is the most armored since it is vital to the ships operating.  Damaging the citadel will cause a massive amount of damage compared to damaging areas outside of it if you are able to penetrate its thick armor.  Inside the citadel on the Kawachi you will also find the powder magazines located under the main guns and the propulsion system under the funnels(smokestacks).  Knowing this you should try to not only hit citadel areas but also areas where you can damage the propulsion and powder magazine in one fell swoop.


Being a battleship the Kawachi has very good armor protection when compared to destroyers and cruisers around tier 3.  The Kawachi’s strongest armor is found just above the waterline in the citadel area and is an impressive 305mm thick inside the citadel.  The armor drops to 203mm-229mm just below the secondary guns and beneath the main gun turrets on the hull of the ship.  Above this yellow area is only 152mm of armor protecting the secondary guns between the additional armor you see underneath each main turret.  Outside of the citadel the ship is only protected by armor 127mm thick, however doing damage outside of citadel does minimal damage.

Above the main deck the turrets increase in armor thickness to 279mm on the barbettes (turret ring) and 305mm on the turret face.  The coning tower has 254mm armor which is slightly weaker than the strongest armored areas in the citadel area but still impressive compared to the non-existent armor found elsewhere on the superstructure.