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CSGO - Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Glossary - Valve FPS

TIME :2022-07-03



"Away from keyboard".

• Airshot

Killing your opponent while you are in the air.

• BP

The bombsite, there are two BP on the map, A and B.

• Burst

Automatic fire

• Camper

A player who doesn't change position and waits for the opponent to be in their line of sight.

• Cfg

The configuration files of the game. Eg. autoexec.cfg.

• Clutch

A situation where one outnumbered player wins the round.

• Counter Eco

A situation where a team is in a buy round and the other in an 'eco' round where they are saving money. 

• Crossfire

Two allies players who take the same line of fire from two different posts.

• Eco

The act of not buying main weapons in a round due to a lack of money. This technique allows you to save and buy in the next round.

• Fast scope

Fire very quickly with a sniper rifle.

• Flash

A grenade that blinds and stuns enemies. Often used to take or recover a position.

• Instant Flash

A flash that blinds and stuns an opponent without him seeing it coming.

• Freezetime

Time at the start of the round when players are 'frozen'. This time is for buying weapons and exchanging information in the team.

• Frag

A kill. In short, when you frag you kill an enemy.

• Full

Firing without letting go of the trigger.

• Full team

When a player has killed the 5 members of the opposing team.

• Gun Round

The gun round or pistol round is the first round in the game, where players only have $800 and can't buy weapons so must make do with pistols.

• Headshot (HS)

Firing at an enemy and killing with a shot to the head.

• He grenade (He)

High explosive grenade.

• Kit

The defusal kit is used for dealing with bombs faster.

• Kevlar

The bulletproof vest. It can be combined with a helmet (Kevlar + Helmet).

• One shot (OS)

A kill made with a single bullet.

• Push

An action where one or more players attack a position.

• Rush

A quick attack.

• Smoke

A smoke grenade.

• Stuff

Secondary equipment, notably grenades (He, Flashbang, Smokes, etc.), as well as the Defusal Kit and the Kevlar.

• Team-Kill (TK)

When a player kills one of his/her teammates.

• Teamplay

Teamwork, playing as a team.

• Unscope

A kill with a sniper rifle when the player didn't use the scope.

• Warm-up

The rounds that come before the start of the game.