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CSGO Guide - Money Round or How to Manage your Money!

TIME :2022-07-03

• Killing a teammate costs $3300!!!

The game starts with $800 for each player in each team.

The winning team

The team receives $3250 for each victory won either in the time or if all the enemy players have been eliminated.

The team receives $3500 by winning the round with a diffused bomb or a bomb explosion.

The terrorists win $800 for planting the bomb even if the round is lost.


The losing team:

$1400 after losing the 1st round
$1900 after losing 2 rounds in a row
$2400 after losing 3 rounds in a row
$2900 after losing 4 rounds in a row
$3400 after losing 5 or more rounds in a row

Important to know

If a terrorist decides to save their weapon rather than play the round they get no money but their teammates do. If a CT finds you and kills you after the roundtime you will have lost your weapon and gained $0.

On the other hand, if a CT saves his weapon he gains $1400 for himself if he dies after the bomb hs exploded.

The bomb placed after round time grants the team $300.