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CSGO Guide: The Weapon Skins by Chelxie

TIME :2022-07-03

How do you get these weapons?

You play on a server, whether it's a FFA, DM, Zombies or match making, as soon as the map is finished the winners are announced! I recommend the FFA modes Hostage or Payback which are the fastest game modes, otherwise you can always do a match making mode.

Sometimes it happens that no one wins in a game but that doesn't mean that the server is broken. The weapon drops and cases are random, anyone can win, even if you haven't been strong in this game you can also come across a good weapon.

There are three types of cases. CS:GO, CS:GO Bravo and eSport, you will need to buy a key to open it and get hold of one of the weapons available in the case.

It has been found that the number of drops are limited to two per day and per player (one case and one weapon) as well as four drops overall in one week. You can't have more so don't go at the game too much. And if you still haven't got anything, keep at it!

How do you use it?

When you get a new weapon, all you do is go to your inventory, right click on it and replace the old one. To open the cases you will have to buy the keys. You can find them on the homepage, when you start up the game, or on the market (community, market) for various prices. Once you have your key, go to your inventory, right click on the case and open it. At this moment a spinning roulette wheel appears showing all the weapons that you are likely to find in the case. The weapon the roulette stops on is the one you win. Enjoy!

You can see the value of your weapons on the market, the prices start at 3 cents and go up to 300 Euros. For those who discover a knife, this item is very rare and much coveted. Note that the weapons are classed by colour, the most common are light blue and grade up to dark blue, then there is pink then red for the rarest. The cases can be resold! And you can also buy them. They are found only on the market and for around 0.40 Euros, just under the keys sold by other players.

More weapons

You can exchange your weapons in a game, the weapon will still be yours but it's nice to give your new skin to another player so that they can test it and have fun with it. It's nice to share! Think of others who haven't been as lucky as you...



• If you don't want to pay for skins, some players are interested in the cases, so you can offer them a case in exchange for a skin from their inventory.

• If you don't want to spend money on keys, you can sell a case on the market, buy a key with the money from this case and open the next one with a key that has cost you nothing. And so on...

• If you are unhappy with the update, you can always sell your cases that you have obtained without wanting to and buy another game with this money.

Skins Categories

The Statracks

These weapons have a counter that keeps turning and shows you how many kills you have made with this weapon. They are rarer, even more so if it is a statrack knife. Yours alone, the counter of the weapon will only work when it is in the hands of its owner.

The skins range from common to rare, you will have more chance of stumbling across a mac-7 than a AWP for example, here is the list of the 7 categories, ranked in different colours:

• White - Common
Light blue - Uncommon
Darker blue - Rare
Purple - Mythical
Pinkish purple - Legendary
Red - Ancient
Gold - Exceedingly Rare

Each skin has a particular "quality", the wear of the weapon will change the price on the market:

1. Battle Scarred 
2. Well-Worn 
3. Field-Tested 
4. Minimal Wear 
5. Factory New 

  • The Assault Collection

  • The Aztec Collection

  • The Dust Collection

  • The Inferno Collection

  • The Militia Collection

  • The Office Collection

  • The Nuke Collection

  • The Vertigo Collection

  • The Arms Deal Collection

  • The Bravo Collection

  • The Arms Deal Two Collection

  • The Alpha Collection

  • The eSports 2013 Collection