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CSGO: Dust 2 Tutorial Guide - Counter Terrorist by Chelxie

TIME :2022-07-03

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The Counter-Terrorist (CT) must prevent the opposing team from placing a bomb on one of the two Bombsites on the map. If this first mission is not successful then it is still possible to defuse the bomb before it explodes at 45 seconds. Equip yourself with a heavy weapon, a kevlar, a helmet, some different grenades and don't forget the kit for defusing the bomb faster!

What you should know before starting the game

It's better together...

Teamplay is essential in CSGO, whether you are playing as Terrorist or CT. It's best to stay in a pair in any type of game, for both attack and defence. This allows you to maintain a balance with the opposing team and your own. Revenge is only possible if you are not alone, after all, it will be very difficult to revenge yourself...

Leave the Flash for your teammates rather than Flashing yourself. It is a lot more efficient to use an Instant Flash on your ally, who will already have their weapon in hand and be ready to move as soon as it has exploded. Instant Flashes are inevitable for the enemy team so request them rather than trying to do them yourself.

Crossfire to get the most kills, know that you can drop weapons for your teammates, so no need to feed, the aim is to do rounds. The one who does all the frags isn't necessarily the one who has won the round, it will be thanks to the CT that helped him do all that.

Attack of the falcon, dodge of the pidgeon... When you are the first to attack, always jump! It will be more difficult for the player in front of you to kill you if you jump about like a monkey. This can help you break the enemy line and you teammates can move to make a kill. 

The DUST 2 map

Important Information

Time Bomb: 45 seconds
Defuse the bomb without kit: 10 seconds
Defuse the bomb with kit: 5 seconds
Kit: 200 dollars and 400 dollars in competitve mode 
Kevlar: 650 dollars
Helmet: 350 dollars (can only be purchased if you already have a kevlar 100/100)