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Counter Strike: GO - Learn How To Aim

TIME :2022-07-03

Learning how to shoot in CS: GO is like no other game like it, the games guns have high recoil which is different for each gun along with no aim assist where console players and COD player start to struggle. In this guide, I am to teach you how you can train yourself to become a better counter strike player.

The steam workshop is a tool you should really use. Its is completely community-based where players have made maps, skins and what you need training grounds  I will now teach you how to install and play steam workshop maps.

Installing Workshop Projects

First of all, you will need to open up steam and click on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It will be in your library and game list from there you will not have to look far to see an image saying steam workshop, next to that will have a browse workshop.




In this page, you will see everything to do with Counter Strike from skins to vote for and maps to download. If you scroll down the page, you will see most subscribed. Clicking on it brings up the most subscribed match and not to be too surprised they are mostly training maps You can click on as many as you want or search for other but for now we are going to use “Fast Aim/Reflex Training Map [SP vs Bot Map] / aimtraindriving”

If you cannot find the map for some reason, you can just search for it in the search bar. Once you have found it, you can click on subscribe and a short download will start. Now that you have finished you can open up CS: GO. Click on play, offline with bots then finally workshop. You will see the map that you subscribed too. Just double clicking on it will start up the map.

You will be able to do this for every map you subscribe to.

Learning to shoot

From the map that we downloaded you will be able to teach yourself how your weapons work here are a few tips on aiming:

  • Keep your crosshair around head height
  • Try using one click or short burst shots (3-4 bullets at a time)
  • Try not to pray and spray you, if you do try and move the mouse down to shoot at their feet as the recoil will move your bullets upwards.
  • You can still buy and try out different weapons by pressing the Buy button (B)
  • I would recommend that you warm up first before going to competitive matches.

Learning your gun recoil

For seeing how you gun reacts when you shoot we are going to subscribe to the gun recoil map, you can find that here.

In this map, you can test out how your guns bullets move while shooting (recoils)For now I will be using my AK, you can see at the moment that there are no bullets been fired.

Now lets see what happened is I hold down the first button.

I have put on bullets impacts so you can see my shot more clearly. As you notice the gun recoil drifted off his head and when way up in the air. This is why you want to make controlled burst shots. Pray and spray is a bad habit to kick so try not to do it. If you really want to pray and pray then move you mouse downwards towards his feet and you might be lucky enough to pull off a headshot like this.

Practice in non-competitive matches.

Playing against Bots or static targets isn’t really that realistic, though. Try going into deathmatch as these have a quick respawn so you can get back into action quickly without having to wait for the round to end. Once you get into the top 3 winners, then you are probably ready for your competitive matches. It is also a good way to take a break from long matches and try out different gun

Final note

It will take time for you to master all of the shooting mechanics for each weapon so keep practicing every day and you will eventually become a better player.