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CS:GO Competitive Ranking Guide

TIME :2022-07-03

First of all the ranking system in CS: GO is not there for you to be able to play against the best of the best. It is there so that you have competitive matches against people of a similar rank as you. If you do, reach global Elite congratulation you properly won't be reading this.

Help I’m new and not able to play competitive matches

Hi, there new player of Counter Strike. With the operation, bloodhound update, you must now reach a profile rank of rank 3. From then on you will have to win 2 matches per day until you are set in a rank (10 wins). You might think that is unfair to a new player, but this is valves way to stop hackers and smurf from ruining your games. 

If you want to know how to level up you, profile rank in the quickest way possible then check out this guide here.

What are ranks and how do they work?

Ranks in CS: GO, are a way to prove how good you are at CS: GO the higher rank you are, the better players you will play against. The rank starts from Silver 1 to global Elite. Once you have been placed in a rank, you will be able to play as many competitive matches as you want. The average player will be placed in Silver Elite to Nova 4, but you can be placed higher or lower than that. Do not be dishearten if you have been placed in silver if you think you are better. The more games you play and win the higher rank you will become (I was placed in silver 4 and after 39 wins placed in Master Guardian).

Here is the list of ranks:


How does the ranking system work?

You will never know when you will rank up. It is rumored to be based on the ELO system which is used by chess players, (LoL, Dota2, Starcraft 2 also)  but I think it is more complicated than that. I believe the ranking system is similar to the following:

When you are placed in a rank, ranked up or been de-ranked, you are given a certain number of points(middle of what you need to level up or down). You need a certain number of points to level up and a loose them all to de-rank. The number of points you need rank depend on your rank, it's easier to get out of silver 1 than it is to get out of Master Guardian Elite. Gaining points are given by winning rounds, matches, how many kills to death you have and the amount of MVP you earned. Meaning if you get stuck with a bad team and lose your match 16 -2 but have a kills in the 20s you won't lose as many points as if you didn’t get a kill at all. See a little more complicated than winning and losing.

On average you will need at least a positive K/D and 6 – 10 wins to rank up and at the same time the complete opposite to de-rank. It is also impossible to rank up and get de-ranked straight after one another. If you end up seeing yourself carrying the team to victories then you also properly will be seeing yourself ranking up very soon.


As I said before this is not the official ranking system and properly cs: go algorithm gets constantly changed by the amount of people playing, so it harder to rank up when more people are playing than it is when fewer people are so that people in unpopular rank still is able to play against people.

If you want, know your rank level here is the best images I have found the presents CS: GO ranks:

The best option is to not even notice your rank. Play the game and if you see yourself dominate in matches then enjoy that because as you rank up you will see that decrease until you get better at the game.

I still want to rank up

If you really want to rank up the best way is to practice at the game constantly for me personally I warm up with a quick reflex workshop map then follow up with a couple of games of casual matches. Once I’m in the positive kill per death or I feel I have my aim back, I start my competitive matches.

Be in a party

Having communication is the key to winning. It quite hard if you're speaking Engish and the other people is speaking Russian. Also, the matchmaking takes into account of your rank even if you other teammates have a higher rank than you. Personally I don’t mind been in a team or SoloQ, I still try and communicate with my team through my mic or typing in chat.

Play your favorite Map

Knowing your map is the best way to gain easy wins. Knowing all of the hiding spots, peak spots or where to push up is vital in winning matches. If you think you already know your map why don’t you check out training maps in the workshop to learn all those smoke, flashes and fire grenades throws. It is also a good idea to play with bots on maps you don’t know so you can run around without much danger.

Final Note

There are no shortcuts to ranking up in CS:GO and if you did buy an account, that account could be VAC banned in the future. The best way is to learn your maps, make your shots count and communicate with your team. I hope this guide helps you understand more clearly on what competitive ranking is and how it is used.