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CSGO Pistol Guide P2000 overview

TIME :2022-07-03

These Pistol guides are meant to help you when you choosing and shooting your pistols in CS: GO from giving you damage and recoil. Your weapon skins might not look the same as mine but should give you similar damage

Weapon stats Information Pistol Name P2000 Price default ($200 If rebought) Origin (Germany) Magazine 13/52 Rate of fire 352 RPM Kill Award $300 (competitive) $150 (casual)


The P2000 is intended to replace the USP from previous Counter-Strike games. It was developed by Germany-based Heckler and Koch, designed for law enforcement and paramilitary services, and it is chambered in calibres like the 9mm. The P2000 in-game is modelled after the 9mm standard model.

Like the USP from previous games, the P2000 is designed to be the Counter-Terrorists' starting handgun. However, unlike other games, it does not feature a silencer and Terrorists cannot purchase the P2000—they can only obtain one from dead Counter-Terrorists.

Hitbox Unarmoured Armorer Head 140 70 Chest and arm 34 17 Stomach 43 22 Leg 26 26


  • High, damage for been a default pistol

  • Default pistol for Counter Terrorist

  • High accuracy

  • High reserve ammo


  • Low damage against Armorer

  • Slow rate of fire


  • When close range, bust shoot and Aim for the head

  • Try not to spray unless shooting at multiple enemies that are close to one another

  • Try not to run and shoot as the recoil is pretty high

  • Try not to rush as compared to the Glock it has quite a small mag


P2000/USP Tactical Expert

Kill 100 enemies with P2000 or USP