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CSGO Pistol Guide P250 Overview

TIME :2022-07-03

These Pistol guides are meant to help you when you choosing and shooting your pistols in CS: GO from giving you damage and recoil. Your weapon skins might not look the same as mine but should give you similar damage

Weapon stats Information Pistol Name P250 Price  $300 Origin Switzerland (Germany) Magazine 13/26 Rate of fire 400 RPM Kill Award $300 (competitive) $150 (casual)


The USP-S is a silencer compatible weapon (removable), it is an semi-automatic weapon when was developed in Germany. Unlike the P2000 it as a smaller mag and reserve ammo but a higher accuracy and cheap if re-bought because it is the default Counter terrorist weapon

Hitbox Unarmoured Armorer Head 138 107 Chest and arm 34 26 Stomach 43 33 Leg 26 26


You can one hit kill to the head even with the Helmet equipped

Very cheap

Inflicts more damage against armoured enemies than the glock-18, p2000 and the USP-S

Low recoil


Bust shots become less accurate

Low reserve ammunition

Less effective at long range

Slightly worse accuracy than the glock and p2000


very good at killing a lot of enemies very quickly in terms of it rate of fire and damage but suffers at longer range

having a rifle should compensate for its short range

try not to pray and spray one taps to the head is more effective

make every shot count as it has very short reserve bullets  


P250 Expert

Kill 25 enemies with P250