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CSGO Pistol Guide – Glock-18

TIME :2022-07-03

These Pistol guides are meant to help you when you choosing and shooting your pistols in CS: GO from giving you damage and recoil. Your weapon skins might not look the same as mine but should give you similar damage

Weapon stats Information Pistol Name Glock - 18 Price  $200 ( Default T Gun) Origin Austria Magazine 20/120 Rate of fire 400 RPM 12000 RPM (Burst) Kill Award $300 (competitive) $150 (casual)


Compared to the more expensive pistols, the Glock-18 sports inferior firepower and poor accuracy. For many, it is overshadowed by other, more flexible, handguns. For medium to long ranges, the semi-automatic mode increases accuracy while reducing firepower. When firing in burst mode, damage-per-second increases but overall accuracy suffers tremendously.

Hitbox Unarmoured Armorer Head 111 52 Chest and arm 27 13 Stomach 34 16 Leg 21 21


  • Very Large Mag
  • High Rate of Fire
  • Default Terrorists weapon
  • Low recoil
  • Short reload time
  • Burst-fire Mode


  • Low Damage
  • Low accuracy at long range
  • Burst has high spread


  • Wait for your team mate to do damage first then pick them off in burst fire mode
  • If your enemies are at medium range switch to semi-auto mode as burst mode won’t hit them
  • Avoid using this gun if you can due to it been the worst of all of the guns
  • If you have to use it always aim for the head.


Glock - 18 Expert

Kill 100 enemies with the Glock - 18