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CSGO Pistol Guide CZ75-Auto

TIME :2022-07-03

These Pistol guides are meant to help you when you choosing and shooting your pistols in CS: GO from giving you damage and recoil. Your weapon skins might not look the same as mine but should give you similar damage

Weapon stats Information Pistol Name Glock - 18 Price  $500 Origin Czech Republic Magazine 12/12 Rate of fire 500 RPM Kill Award $100 (competitive) $50 (casual)


The CZ75 can be equipped in the load out menu to replace the Five-SeveN for Counter-Terrorists andTec-9 for Terrorists. Like these two pistols, this pistol is very popular among snipers and is used by many players in pistol rounds.

Hitbox Unarmoured Armorer Head 131 101 Chest and arm 32 25 Stomach 40 31 Leg 24 24


  • Instant headshot kill
  • Respectable buy price $400
  • Goes well with snipers


  • High Recoil on spraying (full auto)
  • Long draw and reload time
  • Low kill award
  • Bad outside short range combat
  • Very low ammo


  • Aim for the head.
  • One taps go along way
  • Best in close quarters
  • Try and never spray unless extremely close


No Achievements for