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CSGO Rifle Guide Galil AR

TIME :2022-07-03

Rifles are the most popular type of guns CS:GO and should be your number one choice above any over type of gun, so here is now our Rifle guide so you know which gun is most powerful gun to choose over how much money you have

Weapon stats Information Rifle Name Galil AR Price $2000 Origin Israel Magazine 35/90 Rate of fire 666 RPM Kill Award $300 (competitive) $150 (casual)


“A less expensive option among the terrorist-exclusive assault rifles, the Galil AR is a serviceable weapon in medium to long-range combat.” 

Hitbox Unarmoured Armorer Head 210 92 Chest and arm 30 23 Stomach 37 29 Leg 22 22


High Rate of Fire

Cheap for an assault rifle

Large Magazine size

Good penetration

Ok recoil


Head shots don’t have an instant kill on armoured enemies

Low accuracy


Burst shot from chest to head will get kills

Try not to move while shooting

Use only for eco rounds following a loss on Pistol Rounds


Galil AR Expert

Kill 250 enemies with the Galil AR