The Guild Wars 2 Dungeon Guide .

TIME :2022-06-06

Dungeons in Guild Wars 2 can be some of the most enjoyable experiences offered in any MMORPG today. Completed in groups of 5 players and following mostly typical combat and boss mechanics, these dungeons are only truly completed after 4 successful, unique attempts.

Your first venture into any of the 8 dungeons is undertaken in Story Mode, an introductory version of the dungeon with heavy emphasis on story and character progression. This mode is generally quite short and relatively easy to complete. This can only be completed once you have attained the correct level; the first at level 30, then 40, 50, 60, 70, 76, 78 and 80.

Exploration Mode is unlocked when Story Mode has been completed (by all members of your group) and the next respective level tier has been attained; the first at 35, then 45, 55, 65, 75 and the final 3 at 80. Each dungeon in this mode offers players 3 path choices, each a continuation of the events that took place in Story Mode, and each entirely different from the next.

We’re currently working our way through every path in every dungeon, and will be updating this page regularly with new links to new dungeon guides; the title of each of the sections below will link you directly to that specific dungeon guide when it has been completed. If you have any feedback, suggestions or corrections, please comment in the comments section below.

Please Note: This guide is currently incomplete. There have been significant delays caused by an inordinate uprising of bugs and balance concerns, making it next to impossible to complete many of these scenarios. Please be patient; as soon as ArenaNet have made the necessary changes, we’ll have them covered.

Additionally, I’d like to give a special thanks to Wicked, Careless, Reamus, Bilz, Tobias Masters, Dr. Keez and The 101 Guild ( for their invaluable assistance in attempting to comple these dungeon paths, against all the odds. Cheers guys.

Ascalonian Catacombs

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Filled with traps, trickery and several difficult encounters, The Ascalonian Catacombs can be difficult for new adventurers. Boss fights require coordination, and several trash mob spawns make for some of the most challenging battles of any dungeon in the game.

Location: Plains of Ashford
Story Level: 30
Explorable Level: 35

Caudecus’ Manor

A short, bizarre dungeon, Caudecus’ Manor is perfect for multiple runs with an efficient group. Though some encounters may prove challenging, boss battles are straightforward and shouldn’t prove overly difficult.

Location: Queensdale
Story Level: 40
Explorable Level: 45

Twilight Arbor

Though mostly uneventful, Twilight Arbor can prove to be a challenging encounter for many groups due to the difficulty of the boss battles. Most require a specific strategy to easily overcome, and can prove frustrating for uncoordinated efforts.

Location: Caledon Forest
Story Level: 50
Explorable Level: 55

Sorrow’s Embrace

A dredge-filled dungeon comprised of several forgettable encounters and memorable story moments, that should prove less-than-complicated with few exceptions. Though the final boss encounter shouldn’t prove difficult, the previous boss encounter, in which 3 golems are summoned, is one to be feared. Be sure to keep moving at all times, and keep a close eye on animations to help predict incoming attacks and evade.

Location: Dredgehaunt Cliffs
Story Level: 60
Explorable Level: 65

Citadel of Flame

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A dungeon most commonly run for the acquisition of gear tokens, Citadel of Flame can be mortifyingly challenging for unprepared groups; however, as many of the explorable paths are wrought with balance concerns, this dungeon can prove challenging for even the most prepared warriors.

Location: Fireheart Rise
Story Level: 70
Explorable Level: 75

Honor of the Waves

A mostly uneventful Story Mode with several boss encounters that shouldn’t prove difficult to the well-prepared, with the exclusion of The Huntsman, who is downright frustrating and painful to defeat. It is advised that you pull his pet away and defeat it alone before attempting to take down The Huntsman. Avoid the water below, where Champion Sharks lurk.

Location: Frostgorge Sound
Story Level: 76
Explorable Level: 80

Crucible of Eternity

Possibly the most difficult Story Mode encounter in Guild Wars 2, the Crucible of Eternity is a long, perilous dungeon fraught with multiple difficult trash encounters – finishing with an almost impossible event followed by 3 consecutive boss battles. Come prepared, or don’t come at all.

Location: Mount Maelstrom
Story Level: 78
Explorable Level: 80


A dungeon clearly designed to be enjoyable more than challenging (in Story Mode, at least), Arah can be easily completed with a PUG; though, there are certain encounters that can prove challenging. Overall, Arah is an epic adventure, and should be enjoyed more than feared.

Location: Cursed Shore (Ruins of Orr)
Story Level: 80
Explorable Level: 80