Attack of the Swag Giveaway .


Welcome to our month long giveaway of swag, in game items, and even complete games! Every day we’ll be giving away two items which you’ll be able to see below. If you want to win one of them leave a comment saying which one you want. Every morning (London time) we will announce the next day’s giveaway as well as the winners from the day before! You are welcome to try for both prizes in one day but know that we will only pick you for one each day. So we suggest you pick which one you want most and go for it.

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Some items will only be available in a limited area, when that’s the case we will make sure to announce it.

Enjoy Attack of the Swag and good luck!


Day 6: Relic of the Gods Mouse Mat and Dirty Bomb Kira Character Code

slyBoots – Relics of Gods Mouse Pad
Breddygud – Dirty Bomb Kira Character Code

Congratulations! We will be in touch in the week.

Large Relics of Gods mouse pad



Dirty Bomb Kira character code

dirty bomb kira


Day 5: Crossout Early Access Code and Starcraft II Razer Spectre Mouse

iamstillwater – Arclight Rider Mount
koohpairelic – Blade & Soul Shirt

Congratulations! We will be in touch in the week.

An in game Arclight Rider mount for Rift.


MMO Mounts


A Blade & Soul ‘Cerulean Order’ T-Shirt from NCSoft. Size 3XL.



Day 4: Crossout Early Access Code and Starcraft II Razer Spectre Mouse


Sarloch – Razer Spectre Mouse
Davydovitsh – Crossout Key

Congratulations! We will be in touch in the week.


A Starcraft 2 branded Razer Spectre Mouse

Starcraft 2 Razer Mouse


Early access code to Crossout, a post apocalyptic vehicle based MMO.


Day 3: Devilian T-Shirt and Paladins Early Access Code


ChickenFingersYT – Paladins Early Access
No winner for the shirt. It would seem no one wanted it.


One Large shirt from Trion’s upcoming game Devilian

Devilian T-Shirt MMOGames


Early Access Code to Paladins, the new game from the creators of Smite, Hi-Rez.


Day 2: R.A. Salvatore Novel and Trove


erfalion – Book
EternalTempest – Magic Carpet

The Night of the Hunter – Book 1 of the Companions Codex by R.A. Salvatore

Night of the Hunter Book


Win a hardback copy of R.A. Salvatore’s Night of the Hunter, the first book in the Companion’s Codex.


Magic Trove Carpet

Trove Magic Carpet


Win an in game Magic Trove Carpet for Trove!


Day 1: Heroes of the Storm and H1Z1


pinhoman – H1Z1
Kasike – Malfurion Skin

H1Z1 Logo

Win a full copy of H1Z1 on Steam! Survive in a zombie post-apocalyptic world created by Daybreak Studios, formerly known as SOE.



A Heroes of the Storm Malfurion Storm Mantle Skin