Skyrama: Drink Up! What You Should Know About the Oktoberfest Event

TIME :2022-06-06
The time has come to celebrate Oktoberfest and the virtual world of Skyrama is certainly no exception to the rule. We have gathered all of the important info for the event in one easy-to-use tip – so if you have questions, we have your answer!

What is the event?

The Oktoberfest Event in Skyrama is the chance to celebrate all things Oktoberfest-y. That means special aircraft with unique themes that will let you show off your participation in the event. Naturally, there are fun prizes to be had as well. The event is already underway and will go until the beer runs dry (or in this case, until September 14th).

The Event Currency

The special event currency is some wonderful beer bottle caps. These caps will spawn at random when going about your daily work of servicing planes. However, if you are feeling saucy, you can purchase 50 event coins for 40 Aircash or 10 event coins for 10 Aircash.

The Aircraft

Below are the various Oktoberfest-themed aircraft that you can earn during the event…

Look at all of them pretty planes.

Decorations and Buildings

And here are all of the decorations and buildings that you can add to your airport terminal after earning them.

Who doesn't want a barrel at their airport?