Pockie Ninja II Original: Know Your Demons

In Pockie Ninja II Original, there are many dangerous demons out and about in the big scary world. A ninja – you – has to know what these mighty creatures are capable of and what weaknesses they have. This a quick summary of the demon bosses in the free-to-play online game to help you get that cutting edge.

Plague Demon

This fellow loves to hang out in the darkest of dark corners, only to spring out when a careless ninja passes by. However, the demon isn’t so big and scary once he has come out of hiding. After he has appeared, fighting him shouldn’t be a problem for a well-trained ninja.

Warfrenzy Demon

The trademark of this demon is that his movements are outlined by tracers – images of himself left behind. This gives the illusion that he is moving at incredible speeds… but in reality, he isn’t. Warfrenzy is no quicker or more difficult than any other average demon. Just make sure to hit the right target when going in for the kill.


This demon is the ninja of demons and by far the most deceptive. There are no real winning attributes that he has, giving this guy more bark than bite. When he first appears, there are grand illusions and distractions, but don’t be fooled – he is still just another monster to take down.

Bloodboil Demon

This demon’s name is quite intimidating, but unfortunately for him, he lacks the skill to back up such a powerful title. When he first appears, he is engulfed in flames which he eventually absorbs into his systems. Though these flames burn within, he cannot release them nor does have any defense against fiery attacks. Your best bet to beat him is by using fire.

Soulblade Demon

The soulblade demon is one you have to watch out for. This demon has the capability of bringing down the moon with him. When a thin moon crescent appears and fades, you can bet your lucky ninjastar that he isn’t far away. The best way to beat him is with well-executed ninja attacks.