Lineage 2: Become a Sponsor and Profit from Buffs

TIME :2022-07-03
There are quite a few dangers on the adventure-filled way to reaching the highest level in Lineage 2. Along with bandits, giant ants and gargoyles, you will also encounter other players during your journey in the fantasy MMORPG. Through the use of the Sponsor/Apprentice System, NCSoft gives you the opportunity to forge online friendships and take advantage of some great perks.
As long as certain pre-requisites are fulfilled, you can complete a contract and with a player of your choice, enter an alliance of sorts. As soon as all parties involved are online, there are certain buffs that will be activated for all members, which also increase your character’s attributes. That way, you have the chance to gain more experience, have improved defenses or even an improved attack power. Here we show you what you need to pay attention to when using the mentoring system.
Tips for Sponsor
  • In order to take a player under your wing, you have to have reached level 85.
  • The alliance or pact says that you have to have completed the Awakening Quests.
  • Even though you can have up to three players to mentor, some buffs only count once.
Tips for Apprentices
  • Your character cannot be higher than level 85.
  • At level 86, you can no longer be an apprentice and you receive a diploma.
  • You are not allowed to choose your mentor. The mentor must invite you to become his/her apprentice.